How to Drop Ship Sell on ebay Using Amazon as a Supplier

all righty everybody welcome to the

training my name is Trevor and I'm going

to be your host let me tell you what

we're going to do today we're going to

train you guys on using Amazon as a

dropshipping supplier to sell on eBay

ok so you're going to take products off

of Amazon you're going to put them up

for sale on eBay and you're going to

make money doing it let me just do an

example with you ok

now there's there's ways to find what's

most popular on Amazon and maybe I'll

show that to you first if you're trying

to figure out we'll you know there's a

there's a million products on Amazon how

do I choose what to sell do a search for

the Amazon best seller list like I just

did right there and you're going to get

this website that will come up at the

very very top it's Amazon's best seller

list slash best - sellers /zg BS

it's this address right here and I know

that's kind of small but you can find it

easily by just googling Amazon best

seller list

and it will take you to the site we're

going to click on it and I'll show you

it's what it's about

now once here Amazon is going to show

you according to their different

departments and you see their

departments here on the left-hand side

of the screen they're going to tell you

what's most popular within those

departments ok so if I'm interested in

selling something in the baby department

I can click on baby and if I'm

interested in selling a piece of say

baby furniture I'm going to click on

furniture and I can see here what are

most popular here in the baby furniture

section ok see that I can kind of scroll

down and look so and this is all real

time stuff this is legit data here so if

these things are showing up here on the

best seller list they are going to be

decent sellers on Amazon well I'm going

to take this item and I'm just picking

this at random I haven't pre planned any

of this this is number 11 on that list

of baby best sellers let me click on

this crib and I'm going to look at it

for just a sec here this is called a

pack and play for those you guys that

don't know much about kids right

you can sort of close this thing up and

take it with you I've got a couple of

kids and so we have one of these that

will take around with us in case we're

going to be gone on a trip it's

somewhere I can put my little 18 month

old girl while we're sleeping and say a

hotel room or something so she doesn't

have to sleep on the floor in a bed you

put her in one of these pack and plays

right well according to Amazon this is


it's got really good reviews right here

so this is good be it be a good product

list there's a product description

you've got a really good picture here

this would be a product that I could

take markup and list on eBay okay so the

theory is here if I'm getting it for

$49.99 here on Amazon I could take this

and simply mark it up enough to where

I'd make a profit if I sold it on eBay

now a lot of you guys are going to stop

me and say Trevor now wait a minute

that's not going to work because why

wouldn't somebody just go buy go buy it

from Amazon directly instead of buy it

from you well there's lots of reasons

why they wouldn't go to Amazon directly

a they don't know I'm getting it from

Amazon right B you have a lot of people

that are loyal shoppers to eBay they

don't shop other places see you have a

lot of people that aren't priced

shoppers right not everybody who goes

and buys groceries at the grocery store

takes five minutes to check out as they

shuffle through all the coupons that

they're going to use to make their

grocery shopping sho trip a little bit

cheaper right not everybody's a couponer

not everybody's a huge time price shop

or a lot of people find what they want

to get and they buy it give or take a

few dollars and so I'm not going to mark

this up grossly I'm not going to try to

sell it for a hundred and fifty dollars

but I may try to sell it for 75 and try

to make a profit that way right that

actually works

and and most of the time I tell people

about this there their immediate

skeptics they're like no there's no way

that's going to work I wouldn't shop

like that right I would go find it where

its cheapest they'd say and I'd say you

know what that is great for you guess

what you're not my customer right my

customer is the person that I just

described to a minute ago maybe a bit

more impulsive not a price shopper maybe

has more money than they have time right

so they're not interested in shopping

around the internet I can I can talk to

you about why I think this works until

I'm blue in the face here but I'm not

going to be able to convince you until

you get in here and you do it yourself

so I'm going to show you a good example

of how to do it off of Amazon and then

you're welcome to get in there and try

it on your own okay all right so if this

is going to be our example

first things first number of step 1 I'm

going to save this picture so I'm going

to click on it right click on top of the

the picture see how I did that I just

zoomed in on it right here I right-click

hit save image as and I'm going to save

the picture to my computer okay that's

step one another way to get a picture is

I can open up a tab here on my screen I

can go to slash images okay

and I can search for the product I just

copied and pasted that product name

right there in the search bar I'm going

to click search and I'm going to see if

I can find it here there's a few

different views of it here the rule on

eBay is it needs to be 500 pixels at

least so I'm going to grab this really

big one right here this is a nice view

of it I'm going to right click on top of

it and I'm going to hit save image as

I'm going to save it okay I've got two

images of them now now if I want to

learn more about these images I could go

here to a site called Pixlr calm P IX l

are calm Pixlr and I could scroll down

here to the Pixlr editor in case I

wanted to learn more about these

pictures and see just exactly what size

they are I can load them up here into

this free program called Pixlr and I'm

going to hit open image from computer

right here and I'm going to open up my

two pictures I just saved okay these two

right here I'm going to open them and


pop up right here in Pixlr what size are

these pictures well I know this is kind

of small but you can look right down

here at the bottom where my mouse is you

see where I'm sort of circling down here

at the bottom left see houses 2,000 by

2,000 that's the size of the picture and

then right here this is 1500 by 1500

both of which qualify and would work if

I uploaded them in the eBay if if they

were smaller than 500 by 500 if it was

like 450 by 450 that wouldn't work I

would have to increase the size each of

these their sizes are just fine so I'm

going to use them and load them up into

eBay okay if I needed to increase the

size I can easily come here and go image

image size and I could change the height

and the width right here to fit

something that works okay so that's how

I fix the size image is good so step one

is complete guys I've got an image of

the item I don't need all the images I

just at least need one really nice

product image okay step two I'm going to

go to eBay now I'm going to assume if

you're here you've got an eBay account

if you've got a PayPal account if you

don't you can register and we've got

some trainings for that for those you

guys who are new you'll see those posted

online there but I'm going to assume

you've got an account so I'm going to

come up here and I'm going to click the

sell button right here at the very top

if you can see that okay and first of

all they want to know what I'm selling

I'm just going to paste in my title and

hit get started and I'm going to need to

pick a I need to pick a category this is

fine for baby playpens

you don't want to pick more than one

category categories actually don't

really matter anyway pick one that's

relevant and move forward okay alright

so takes me to my listing within eBay

now this might look a little bit

different for you on your computer but

this should look about the same if

you're going to put in a title which I

already have a condition I'm going to

put as new I'm going to add a photo

right here which is very very easy I'm

just going to click on this box I'm

going to go select photos and I'm going

to find one of those photos I saved on

my computer incidentally the first one

right here I'm going to double-click on

that and it should load it into eBay yep

there goes and then I'm going to hit

finish upload is complete and then the

photo goes in okay just like that I've

gotten the image now under this section

this add item specifics you're going to

see these green asterisks by the ones

that they require they require a UPC

code if you don't know the UPC code just

select does not apply if you can find

the UPC code code it might be somewhere

here in the Amazon description although

I don't see it listed I'm looking

through the description here's the

Amazon product description

oh here's the UPC code right here just

kidding it was it was listed here on the

Amazon page so I'm going to highlight

that I'm going to copy it and I'm going

to paste it in if you can't find it just

select does not apply the brand is Graco

we know that the MPM okay we need to

find the npn if the manufacturers part

number I don't know if I can find that

or not I'll certainly look for it I had

a model number maybe we'll say that's it

I'm not sure if that's it or not but

we'll put it in I think that should work

just fine so on and so forth you don't

have to fill out the other things just

as long as the ones with the green

asterisks are filled out now you come

down to a product description section

which really easy guys you're just going

to copy and paste here's my product

description I'm just going to highlight

it copy it and then I'm going to paste

it right here that was easy right now

I'm done now here's where it gets a

little more interesting price I wanted I

don't want to do an auction okay we're

not going to try to auction this thing

off we're going to put a fixed price in

so I'm going to click on click on the

fixed price tab and it's going to take a

minute to load there we go now

before I pick a price we got to go over

our costs first right so as I look at

this item I've got some costs involved

don't I let's scroll up here our costs

on this product is 49.99 I'm going to

round up and we'll just say it's $50

okay now I'm going to add this to my

cart and I'm going to see about what

this is going to cost me I'm going to

proceed to checkout here log in to my


um you should have an Amazon account by

the way guys okay so right here you're

going to see I've got some shipping

options looks like this is going to

qualify for free shipping so the

shipping is not going to cost me

anything okay let me go back because I'm

not going to actually check out I only

did that guys just because I wanted to

see what shipping was going to cost me

those you guys that are familiar with

Amazon you know that if you've got

Amazon Prime you qualify for free

shipping if you don't sometimes you got

to check and see what the shipping

actually cost but it looks like this

shipping is going to be free on this so

it's really just going to cost me $50 to

check out here sometimes there's going

to be some sales tax involved which

usually round about 10% that's on the

high side so I'm going to add another $5

to this which would make my total cost

on this product $55 okay that's how much

it'll cost me to ship it anywhere well

where should I ship it I don't know

right I don't know who's going to buy it

I could be shipping this to organ I

could be shipping it to Maine or Florida

or Texas or Illinois or who knows right

but I know the shipping is going to be

free so that doesn't matter so it's

going to cost me $55 now I'm going to

try to sell this for say I don't know I

usually tell my clients to take that

number that $55 and I would multiply it

by about 1.4 or 1.5 so I'm going to do

that 55 times 1.5 I'm going to try to

sell this for

eighty to ninety nine it's a good way to

to price a product so let's go over here

let's type in eighty to ninety nine okay

by sold it for eighty to ninety nine I

would be profitable on this because I'm

only getting in for fifty five the thing

that you've got to remember is if I sell

it for eighty to ninety nine eBay and

PayPal take a fee off of that they take

about thirteen percent as a fee so I

would oh ma and PayPal eleven dollars if

I sold it for eighty to ninety nine

which would be fine because initially

fifty five would be my cost from Amazon

eleven for eBay and PayPal sixty-six

total would be my cost so eighty three

minus sixty six I'd make seventeen

dollars on the sale right if it sells so

I'm going to go through the rest of this

duration is going to be seven days I'm

going to put in my PayPal account right

here for select how you'll be paid

shipping is going to be free so we're

going to select flat shipping we're

going to select the free box and we're

going to do standard one to six days

with a three day handling time I won't

go into all the details as to why we do

it like that I'm just going to tell you

to do it like that for now

the rest of the shipping information you

don't need to worry about if you come

down here to buy requirements you can

put in a return policy you don't have to

that's optional and then you can hit

continue right here if I hit continue

it's going to ask me just to look over

my listing one more time in fact I can

preview my listing right here if I hit

preview I can see what it will look like

and I'll show you guys it's going to

look pretty official right there it is

that's what it will look like on eBay

looks pretty legitimate you got a nice

picture here you've got a title you've

got a description you're ready to rock

and roll on this thing okay now the one

caveat I will put out there is our title

could be better

you don't usually want to just take the

stock title from Amazon usually want to

adjust it change it add more keywords to

it eBay gives you 80 characters so if

you can use all 80 of those characters

and you know make make a better title

you'll want to do that so you get more


on ebay just for the sake of our example

today using Amazon I wasn't going to

show you that okay alright so that

should work okay and when I'm ready I

just hit list your item and that would

put it officially onto eBay this is how

you do it with Amazon and you know there

really are just millions of products you

could choose from on Amazon right this

is a numbers game Valerie mentioned

earlier she has twenty items that she's

doing this with I'm obviously just doing

it with this one right now but I would

encourage you guys to list as many items

as you possibly can our best clients

that are doing this are in the

neighborhood of hundreds and hundreds

and hundreds of clients sometimes up in

the thousands okay

thousands of products listed at any one

time you're going to make sales on a

regular basis and you can turn this into

you know from something that makes you a

little bit of money here and there to an

actual an actual business income that

you can count on and then that's the

whole goal behind this okay so that's

Amazon questions about that guy's is

I've been going through that does that

make sense I know I went kind of fast

but I wanted to get it all in before I

let you go so you guys could try this

for yourself I'll give you a minute for

questions and then we'll finish up


okay we're going to turn off the

recording I'll leave it open for

for another minute but if you guys are

watching this recorded thanks for coming