How To Successfully Sell On Shopify From AliExpress (7-Figure BREAKDOWN)

how do you successfully take a product

off of Aliexpress and sell it on Shopify

yo what's going on everyone Hayden here

coming back at you with a brand new

video and in this one we're gonna be

going through talking about a little bit

of some bigger picture stand points so

for those of you who might already be

watching a lot of videos maybe it's my

videos maybe you're in some courses

whatever you're starting a store a lot

of people still have not taken a step

back and this is something I do all the

time right now with actually more than

just ecommerce I like to take a step

back it's usually on Sunday which is the

damn film in this video hence the whole

thought process behind the topic and

just take a step back to look at things

from a bigger picture that's what we're

gonna be going through inside of here

before we do that and break it down on

the whiteboard with this brand new

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so if you guys want to learn more about

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that but other than that let's get

started with this first of all what do

you need in place to simply do this

there's literally only two things you

need you need a live account you have to

go create an account on both of these

okay Aliexpress and Shopify and this is

not a very new marker anyway so I

thought I'd grabbed a new one so these

are the two things you actually need

accounts under so there's subcategories

under this one that you need for example

you need an application called obear low

to link these two so you're basically

linking the products you can

automatically sync it from how the

Express that makes it easier when you're

actually ordering the product it's a

simple one-click process you fill

everything in and you're done so or if

you're having a

assistant do that which is obviously

what happens once you get a lot of

orders coming in that's how you do that

so Lincoln products with their first of

all how do you sell products on Shopify

you need a source of traffic and now

there's two sources will just put

traffic here there's two sources of

traffic that you can attempt to get the

one that everybody talks about whatever

it's what I do it's all this and that

pain this is where you aren't paying to

acquire a customer this is where you

want to be here's where everybody thinks

they want to be free you do not want to

necessarily only be having to get free

traffic what's the problem with this let

me explain first of all for those you

don't know my background about

two-and-a-half years ago I was mastering

a specific skill that skill was building

Instagram influencer pages so very

commonly to all the pages you see today

with hundreds of thousands of followers

millions of followers mean pages luxury

pages fashion pages funny videos any of

that stuff that's what I was doing and

so theoretically if you own one of those

pages well it's yours you can post on it

whenever you want so you could post a

product from Aliexpress it's on your

Shopify store advertising it and it

costs you nothing to do that where most

people have to pay and most people view

that is like the sexiest topic ever but

the problem is almost nobody actually

has a traffic resource like that which

is totally fine you don't need one so if

you're attempting to try and get free

traffic this is the bubble you're trying

to get in and you don't have any one of

those resources forget it you're not

gonna have it you need money to do this

you need it's a business okay as for how

much money I've made a video talking

about that you guys can go check it out

it's really not all that much

considering that you are starting a

business now you want to avoid this very

simple because at least what I've seen

with people who don't own a traffic

source yet they're still trying to

acquire customers for free the problem

is let's say you can successfully do it

okay you're not whatever that is maybe

you found an influencer who's willing to

do a profit share like they'll post it

on their page and you pay nothing except

you give them a percentage of the

profits from what they're you know what

traffic they brought in what sales

occurred from that the problem with that

is you don't control it so you never

want to be in a position with your

business like does this make sense do

you want to be in a

where you don't control how much money

you're gonna make today this week this

month you don't control who's coming in

what's happening can they be closed why

would you want to be in a situation

where you cannot control that right I

mean the whole point of running a

business is to make money and control

what you want to do correct so maybe you

have a vision you know there's different

variations of it but I want to be able

to make the decision I want to be in

control if it fails it's my fault if it

succeeds it's my success so that's where

I want to be that's why I stick with pay

traffic through this there's a lot of

different ways we do it

there's Instagram and then there's also

another one which is what I primarily

focus on Facebook Ads

okay so this is a back-end part of

Facebook that most people actually don't

know exists running Facebook Ads which

is where if you've ever been scrolling

on Instagram which by the way Facebook

owns Instagram they bought it for a

billion dollars a few years back if you

ever seen a sponsored post down there

whether it's on your feed your story

your on Facebook in the right hand

column or the marketplace that's someone

paying to get that in front of you

so they're actually targeting you for a

specific reason so if you let's say this

is a bigger picture advertising thing

let's say you were just looking at

watches on Amazon a week ago and now

suddenly you've seen more ads for

watches it's not random people are doing

that because you've showed interest and

they want to follow up with you because

oftentimes your customer will not buy

they won't purchase from your store

wherever you're selling a product a

service or anything they're not going to

purchase until they've seen it multiple

times they've been exposed they feel

comfortable and see it's a good deal so

that's called following up that's often

called retargeting where people are

targeting you again they're following up

with you you've seen the same thing over

and over that's basically I don't to say

tricking you but mentally it's putting

you in buyer psychology mode to that buy

the product so it's getting you familiar

with it its warming you up so this is

typically what you want to focus on this

one I focus on is just Facebook ads for

those who are going to be in the live

stream that's what we're going to talk

about I took a brand new store from zero

to three thousand dollars a day in just

18 days with Facebook Ads

now people like how much of that is

profit because you have two different

expenses aside from the little expenses

in the Shopify store which we're not

going to account because that's like

nothing you have your traffic source so

if it's free that's zero if it's paid

you've got to pay for that we're gonna

talk about that and then Aliexpress pain


the product so you have to write so if

you're selling a necklace for $10 just a

simple example and you have to buy it

for two that's 20% just towards the

product cost so now you have an 80%

margin - essentially you have to acquire

a customer for them that 80% difference

so with that specific store that I'm

going to talk about on there that has

about 65 percent profit margin which is

very good

usually the industry standard for

e-commerce which is viewed as good is

30% so I just kind of rent that off here

on the bottom just to get all our

thoughts on this piece of paper which

you guys should totally buy what it is

if you don't have one very helpful to

visualize all this I hope you guys enjoy

it but um this is what we focus on

Facebook Ads and the reason it works so

well is because how targeted we can get

if we're running anything on Instagram

where we're just paying someone for an

influence or shout-out or they're even

doing it for free for us you can't

directly control exactly who's seen your

product so like I just mentioned with

the retargeting and following up on the

watches you can't do that with an

Instagram page with an influencer or any

sort of page because the thing with that

is with Facebook I can target you based

on how much money you make if you're in

a relationship what kind of car you

drive what you're interested in where

you shop where you live your state your

zip code anywhere you went to school

literally anything that's how in-depth

it gets that's why sometimes people feel

like they're being followed around the

internet with these ads like even my

phone sometimes there's this theory

going on that there's something called

microphone advertising so if you're

talking about needing to get a haircut

for example okay if you're talking about

that then you're gonna get ads for

haircut places or barbers that'll come

to you that's literally happen to people

I don't know if that's true or not but

you know it's crazy the level of

in-depth stuff that really goes into the

paid market and if things that's why you

want to be there that's where you

directly control everything that happens

if you want to make a thousand if you're

making a thousand dollars a day and you

want to go to $2,000 a day or two three

thousand with paid ads you can do that

that's realistic that's within sight

that's what the envision that's within

your reach so that's why we really focus

on that and yes you do have to spend

money you do have to learn this you will

spend money doing that but I would

rather do that then sit around and wait

and hope for this to happen which even

when it does or if it does it's not

gonna be that good you're gonna realize

that very quickly and it's not going to

last this is where you're gonna get

consistency not only on a monthly

not only on a weekly basis but on a

daily basis so with Facebook guides it's

very consistent I'm never gonna have a

day where I make no money once the store

is already running pretty well you know

it's not gonna go from making three

thousand dollars a day to making no

money and then the next day a thousand

it's very consistent so it's not that

volatile so this is why we focus on them

there's obviously a lot of different

subcategories inside of here I've made

almost 400 videos on this channel

talking about you know things with

Aliexpress finding products setting up a

Shopify store what plan you need writing

descriptions for your products creating

the ad how to do Instagram influencers a

little bit on how to get free traffic

which avoid that please Facebook Ads

literally everything that revolves

around that so if you guys really want

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