Make $250,000 Using Alibaba To Find Products To Sell On Amazon FBA

in this video I'll be showing all of you

guys how to use Alibaba to do your

product research so let's get into the

video okay guys so we are on the Alibaba

website and if you don't know what this

is this is the number one place to find

your suppliers when you find a good

product we're going to be coming back

here later I'm gonna be showing you how

to use this website a little bit more to

find the supplier but right now I'll be

showing you kind of how to use Alibaba

to our advantage for product research so

don't worry about the supplier thing

we'll get into that later we're just

using this for product research right

now so make sure you go to Alibaba comm

once again and the resources I'm gonna

have it linked for you so it's easy and

now we're gonna come to the home page so

we are on the home page and you're gonna

see it's gonna show on the left-hand

side all these different categories so


office and school supplies make sure

that the category you're clicking on

right now is unguided unless it was

gated and you qualified for the uncaging

by amazon so now we're gonna click on a

category that is unguided so we're gonna

go home and garden because it's first

and then on the left hand side we're

gonna see more detailed things in this

category so you could either do home

decor and we're gonna go garden supplies

all right so this is gonna show you all

the top suppliers for garden supplies

and they're all selling very well for

these items so just like jungle scale

think of it in the same way jungle

scalloped this is gonna show you all the

suppliers who are selling a certain item

and it's selling very well so that

doesn't necessarily mean it's gonna be

good for us to sell but we're gonna look

more into it and this could possibly

find you a lot of good items not as good

as jungle scale but it could be all

right so we can see right off the bat a

few things aren't going to work like

this a car parking shade this looks way

too big there's no way we could do that

with the shipping costs so make sure

you're using the same criteria to make

sure that it's going to be even worth

looking into we can look this up garden

hose one-inch garden hose so once again

we're going to take a

Radha's keyword which i think is gonna

be this whole title and we're gonna go

over to we're gonna go type

it in so one-inch garden how it was

right here and then we're gonna see make

sure they're all about the same kind of

thing and they kind of are a little bit

so we're gonna use the jungle Scout

Chrome extension we're gonna run it and

we're gonna do exactly the same thing as

basically doing the product research on

the jungle Scout web app so we're gonna

look at the first 12 we're gonna look at

the sales the reviews and already I

could see that this keyword is probably

not very good I'm gonna get rid of the

one-inch because I'm not getting that

many sales so all right so now it's just

garden hose this is gonna be way too

competitive I'm already going to know

that but whatever I'm just kind of

showing you how it works so sales we

could see sales are amazing they're in

the thousands a lot of them were in the

thousands and then reviews they're also

in the thousands so you could see the

average is 942 the average shells is a

thousand there's no way you can compete

with 942 as the average reviews and then

these sales are great but we just can't

compete with this so that is not a good

item to sell but that's basically how it

works it's the same thing as jungle

scout so I'll just go through and try to

find one more just to make sure you guys

know how to do this once again my shovel

is gonna be way too big there's no way

we can afford the shipping costs camping

hammock well just like the garden hose

probably too competitive definitely too

competitive actually shovel don't know

about that probably too big and you're

just gonna go through and type in

whatever you see that could work what is

this I don't know what that is okay what

is this stainless steel handle kitchen I

don't know about that either and you're

just gonna click through and just look

and if anything pops out to you or looks

like it meets the criteria then look it

up so this looks like it could work its

small looks like

pressure sprayer 1.5 litre pressure

sprayer how about we just type that in

and see what happens so

okay so we're gonna scroll through make

sure they all look the same they all do

so that's good we're gonna go run our

Chrome extension like always and it's

gonna be the same exact concept of what

I taught you guys before so we're gonna

look at the first twelve listings we're

gonna look at the first twelve listing

sales and reviews so once again I can

already tell you the average monthly

sales are ninety one remember we're

looking for about 300 to 350 or more so

this is not gonna work but the reviews

look good they're all about on average

25 so that's good but it just definitely

does not have these sales and only the

first guys making a decent amount of

money which isn't even that much and the

rest are just not selling anything so

clearly this is not a very good title

it's not very broad or these items just

aren't selling very well at all so how

about we just put pressure sprayer and

see how that goes this could work so

let's check the Chrome extension again

once again I think this isn't the very

not the best title but whatever just

show you guys how it works

okay so 3,000 that's good okay way too

many reviews way too many reviews

thousand thousand four thousand so once

again the average reviews is way too

high and then the sales are above what

we want but the reviews just cancel all

of this out so this is not a good

product either you're just gonna have to

keep going back and forth just like

jungle Scout and seeing if anything

works so this could be something to

trigger sprayer for a bottle or

something so basically that's how the

whole concept works it's not hard at all

just like jungle Scout but a different

website so that's the end of this video

this is just another thing to add to

your belt like I keep saying and if you

are having trouble with the jungle Scout

product research this could be a good

alternative and I'm also going to show

you a few more alternatives that can

keep you busy if you're having a hard

time so I will see you guys in the next