Top 10 Tips for Door to Door Sales Reps

hey what's up guys it's Sam Taggart with

Dedede experts in DD decon and I'm gonna

go for the 10 tips for anybody getting

into door-to-door and the first one is

realized door-to-door is awesome it is

one of the best vehicles you could ever

get into and has changed hundreds and

thousands of people's lives and they

wouldn't be where they're at today

without door to door I mean this goes

back two generations ago and people such

as Sara Blakely Paul DiGiorgio and Mark

Cuban and all these guys that have

really gone on to do some successful

things all started here indoor lower

sales because you learned the grit and

the grind and the sales skills it takes

to really be successful in life the

second tip is really simple it's become

a hunter versus a scavenger now a lot of

society jobs they're actually very

scavenger esque what I mean by that is

the hunters are out there you know going

out creating things creating business

creating opportunities and the

scavengers are kind of there to pick it

up they're kind of there to put it in

places they're kind of they're picking

up the scraps door-to-door gives you the

prime opportunity to become a hunter the

third tip it simply accept the challenge

of door-to-door like you have to be able

to say this is gonna be hard this is

gonna not this is gonna test me in all

elements physically mentally emotionally

you're gonna have to travel maybe you're

gonna have to deal with rejection

there's so many things you deal with in

this job except is it a challenge say I

like doing hard things I want to be

uncomfortable the fourth tip is welcome

rejection if you welcome rejection as if

it's going to happen there's a quote by

Bernie Brown that in order to create you

got to be vulnerable in order to go be

vulnerable you got to be willing to fail

you've got to be willing to accept this

rejection number five this is a sport

not a job now a lot of people obviously

do this to make money but the reality is

you're gonna just make enough to survive

and door to door just like any other job

because that's what your training your

brain to do but if you want to compete

and actually thrive and make more money

than you probably ever made in your life

you got to treat it like a sport go out

to compete every day

stop looking at the paychecks because if

you're competing and throwing in numbers

you're gonna have healthy paychecks

number six you have to have an hourly

mindset versus just a commission mindset

the common problem that people get into

when they get into a commission based

job or toward a door is they tend to

live paycheck to paycheck which means

deal to deal they buy things like oh

that's just like one sale I'll buy that

they will sell a lot and then they won't

work for a week and then they'll be

broke again they'll sell a lot they

won't work for a week they'll be broke

again and they go through this

salesmanship rollercoaster is what we

call it so the reality is if you can

treat this even though you're paid by

the Commission if you can treat it like

an hourly job meaning no matter what I

work these desired hours no matter what

whether I sold zero that day or I sold

fifty that day it doesn't matter I stick

to the schedule even though I'm paid

based on the deal so if you have the

mindset if I work the hours no matter

what it promised would be a lot more

successful than those that go on the

salesmanship rollercoaster number seven

excuses don't make you money now I hear

every excuse in the book it's hot it's

cold I'm hungry I need to a bad area out

on the car I don't have this deal

cancelled whatever I hear every excuse

I've heard it all it doesn't make you

any money therefore if you don't take

extreme ownership you're always going to

be broke in this job take ownership of

your results because the reality as long

as you have a product to be delivered

you could go make money now I've seen

people sell in every type of

neighborhood and every type of product

and every type of situation and those

that have the hunter mentality say screw

the excuses I'm gonna figure it out but

so many people just want to make some

excuse of why they're failing and why

they can't make money in this job but

the reality is I could give you a

hundred examples right now of people

making money in your industry in your

market in this job so stop making


number eight have a five-year vision a

five-year plan and what I mean by this

is so many people do this job as a

temporary thing I'm gonna do this job

through college and then get a real a

job I'm gonna do this for like a couple

until I'm trying to figure out in my

life don't do that you're you're gonna

piss poor results you're gonna you're

gonna get a subpar outcome plan is if

you're gonna do this for at least five

years and you're like jeez Sam that

might be a long time like I know that's

like I don't to commit that long maybe

you don't commit that long but I promise

the decisions you'll be making today

will be different if you're knowing

you're gonna do this for five years

versus just temporary you're gonna treat

it like a profession you're gonna grow

as a leader take it a lot more serious

find a way to contribute and add value

to the company you're in treat as if

this is a career not just a temporary

thing because I take pride in knocking

doors and I'm proud to say I'm a


door knocker number nine integrity so

many people think you have to be sleazy

to sell a lot of accounts I've been a

top individual and I feel like I've done

it very honorably now you don't have to

follow maybe your managers teaching your

saying something that you're like wow I

don't really agree with that first seek

to say like why the heck do you say that

instead can't be like if you don't align

don't say it there's a lot of ways to

sell a deal you don't have to do it

exactly the way that everybody else does

it you can find ways to actually be a

very effective salesperson and do it

with integrity integrity also means when

you say you're gonna do something do it

that means if I'm like my goal this year

is to do a hundred I'm going to do a

hundred I commit to doing this do it if

you're like hey I commit to this company

for six months I sign a contract I'm

going out with you do it don't be the

guy that just because of like his weak

mindset doesn't live up to his word if

you say you're gonna do something do it

and lastly number ten enjoy the journey

this job doesn't just have insta-results

so many people because of our millennial

mindset in our instant phone you can

google it instead of encyclopedia so

many people because you have a microwave

and fast food and all this stuff we

think we can zap things and just be good

the reality is is this is no new like

this is a new this is a muscle this is

like something like a profession

violinist athlete anything else they

didn't just overnight be amazing at this

some people practice their craft and

that's why they're so good at this

is because they put in the 10,000 hour

rule they found that they have to go

through the grind and you can't

accelerate that there's no substitute

for journey practice longevity training

focus on your craft and become the

professional that's why we've created

door to door University we have an

entire platform to help people master

this specific job and your specific

industry because we found that a lot of

people are missing tools that's why

we've built the podcast the events this

the content we found that if people had

something to latch on to and enjoy the

journey that they will last a lot longer

because this is one of the most

profitable businesses that I've seen in

any industry this is the right vehicle

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