Advice for Selling At Farmers Markets

hey this is Johnson scope which with

farm marketing solutions and there's two

things I want to discuss the date about

selling at farmer's markets advice for

selling at farmer's markets and this is

definitely something I've done extensive

research on visiting farms across the

country farmers markets across the

country and selling at them myself as a

farmer now the first thing I want to

talk about is visualizations people buy

with their eyes first they eat with

their eyes first food is a very visual

thing especially this day and age where

stuff are you know food network and

everything else is trending up where

I've no I don't know how to explain it

other than food porn is that you know

food photography beautiful dishes why

chefs have made such an emphasis on

presentation it should be no different

for your farm marketers Farm Market

stand you know have clean set up really

good flow present the best product you

can make a beautiful stack of whatever

it is you're selling use burlap on the

table to make it a little more homey or

have a tablecloth don't just have a bare

table make it visually appealing that

goes for yourself as well I know you

might want to present the the image of

the country bumpkin farmer that you know

dirty sure you know I just came out of

the fields and that works for some

people but to an extent the more popular

farmers I found have this kind of like

farmer chic look I'm attempting at my

farmer chic look with my mind my

collared shirt here not me wearing

collared shirts at my farmers market but

whether you wear a collared shirt or

something else just make sure it's clean

you know your appearance is clean your

trimmed your hair is not all crazy

people are buying you and your product

so have a beautiful looking booth with a

good-looking person on it it really

doesn't hurt it sounds a little shallow

but that's the general you know and I'll

psychosis of people and that's the

psychology of people one of the other

things is signage

if you are under the assumption that if

you know you have a product and it's

beautiful it'll sell itself yeah maybe

to an extent but having better looking

signs clear signs that say this is what

it is this is what you can do with it

this is how much it costs clear labels

and if your costs change from week to


make out a label on a piece of paper

write what it is and leave a blank area

laminate it and use dry erase markers

and do it that way or have no cards one

of my favorites are but you buy paint

that's chalk paint and cut out little

pieces of masonite paint the chalk paint

right what it is and what the price is

and you can change that on the fly on

the go all you need is you know a wet

rag for an eraser and a piece of chalk

and there's your signage for you but

make them clear one of the other really

successful things that I've seen across

the country is people who do recipe

ideas even just as simple as this is

cilantro it's good in salsa and you know

put it right next to the tomatoes if

they're both in season at the same time

but give people an idea of what you can

do with it you know butternut squash cut

it in half and roast it with some olive

oil and butter and some butter and salt

and pepper really simple directions it

doesn't have to say cut in half

lengthwise oven to 350 degrees it can be

really simple and if they want more

details that's where you come in and

talk about it but having clear beautiful

signage and if you're not an artist find

somebody who is because you know

exchange for some produce or whatever

farm products you have and find somebody

to make you beautiful science because

that you know one exchange of some

produce some extra vegetables for clear

signs can last you for a really long

time and be very helpful and you'll see

an increase in sales for sure the second

thing that I wanted to talk about was

creating a system and now people when

they you know they're buying with their

eyes they also love you know a system

things to be the same every time they

come there they want to see that's

that's why our food system is the way it

is right now there's a consistency our

meat is always on a Styrofoam tray

neatly racked on the racks at you know

whatever supermarket it is or if you go

into a certain restaurant they

really the same way they're wearing the

same clothes you can go there because

you're getting consistent service and

that's something you should strive for

at a farmers market as well and

developing those systems will help you

get people through the lines a lot

quicker which will make people more apt

to come to you you know if you got a

line and you could have the best product

in the world but as people know they

have to wait for a long time every time

they'll start to skip over you which

then you'll see a decline in number so

you want a way to get people in and out

and if they want to talk to you that's

great but you should have a way of

dealing with customers while you're

carrying that conversation on and so

what I suggest and something I've done

with an you know many project projects

that I've done with business with my own

farming start from beginning to end and

create a operations manual now it sounds

like a dry terrible name but you really

work out what steps you know from the

you know you have the trays harvested

and you're packing the truck how you

pack the truck take pictures put it in

your operations manual what routes you

take driving how you set up what do you

do from first to last to make it the

most efficient as possible really break

down the steps how do you greet

customers what are you wearing what do

you say to them how do you go from you

know somebody being interested in

something and saying you know they're

there take the money out hand it to you

you take the money and break down those

steps on what exactly is going to happen

memorize that entire process so that

become automatic and because you've

written it down and taking pictures and

catalogued it if you have new interns

every year or if you have fired our fire

hired farm help or volunteers you can

say this is exactly what we do and

whether you hand them the manual which I

suggest or you just articulated itself

you have a system worked out that is

working for you instead of you working

on it you know you're not spending time

figuring it out every single time and

adjusting your spending time you know

building your business growing and that

system is already set up and because

it's a system and it's the same way

every time people are going to flock to

that they're going to love it it's going

to be very successful it's going to be a

very useful tool for you now

for managing apprentices and interns and

hired help button growing your business

and increasing sales at the farmers

market because they'll see you as clean

visually appealing and you have a system

that makes you very efficient and you

have the same thing every time you know

always have consistent product

consistent service and you'll have

consistent success the word I'm looking

for so I hope this video helps you out a

lot I know you know it's based on stuff

that I've done in the past and come you

know countless conversations I've had

with farmers about marketing at the farm

and I hope it really helps so if you'd

like any more useful information if you

want to hear the weekly podcast or if

you want to just stop by and say hi

website is farm marketing solutions com

thank you so much