How To Sell on Amazon | Seller Registration Complete Step By Step Process

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Hello friends my self Arjun Rajpurohit

As we are going to talk about amazon

Amazon is very good platform

For selling your product online

Amazon has maintained a very good brand value between their costumer


mostly You may have seen that

If a person wants to a buy a product

first he surely try to check it on amazon

That weather it is available on amazon or not

And if u also wants to sell your products online

Then you can generate very good sales through amazon

As we talked in our last videos

That to sell on these market place

You have to register as seller there

For which you require some documents

So in this video we will talk in details that

For selling on amazon which documents you will be required

And step by step how you can register on amazon

So first of all we will see

Document and requirement for registration on amazon

First of all your individual pan card if it is proprietorship firm

if its PVT LTD. company then companies pan card

Then your GST number

Your bank account current or saving

Your email id

And mobile number

First of all visit on

If you scroll down you will get an option

Sell on amazon