How to Sell on Amazon FBA as a Beginner Step by Step. How to start selling on Amazon.

in this video you're going to learn

exactly how to start selling on Amazon

and what you need to do to succeed in

the span of just a few minutes you're

going to be given a full picture of what

a successful seller goes through we'll

go through what these sellers think

about and how they launch successful

products while also minimizing the risk

of failure how's it going I'm Stuart

from amz scout in this video I'm going

to be discussing how to sell on Amazon

FBA as a beginner in 2018 and 2019

here's what you'll learn how to conduct

product research to identify a product

with high probability of success how to

private-label this product how to find a

supplier for that product how to ship

your product from the suppliers factory

straight to Amazon FBA warehouse and

finally how to successfully launch your

product now you might be wondering who

am I to tell you all this here at amz

scout we've helped thousands of sellers

become successful at launching awesome

products so we have enough data to

highlight the best practices that the

vast majority of successful sellers use

here in this video I'm going to share

those insights with you so let's dive

right into it

part 1 product research successful

Amazon sellers start with product

research considered the most important

part of the whole process

they don't just guess if a certain

product will be successful if they make

a calculated decision based on accurate

data with Amazon it's possible to

reverse engineer the history of each

product and niche which reveals key

indicators and determines whether a

product or niche is worth pursuing to do

so you need a special software like a MZ

scout let me show you an example let's

imagine you want to sell dog toys when

you search for dog toys on Amazon a

search results page is generated with

all the products Amazon believes matches

this search query it's possible to

roughly estimate key metrics to identify

products that allow you to make money

for example a MZ scout has a complex and

advanced algorithm which calculates the

number of sales revenue commission feed

number of reviews competition level and

many other useful indicators for every

single product you see this allows you

to figure out which niche and which

specific products within the niche have

a great margin

high demand and low competition let's

consider a real-life example

Roy was an already successful Amazon

seller he noticed his nephew was playing

with a weird toy sellers develop a habit

of checking every single product

opportunity so he went straight to

Amazon and started searching for the


he used a MZ scout to calculate the data

for him he noticed it showed up on

Amazon only about two months ago there

were relatively few sellers and together

those sellers had achieved a sales

volume of $500,000 it seemed to be a

unicorn that other successful Amazon

sellers hadn't found yet

Roy ended up selling his product and

made eighty six thousand dollars in the

first two months eventually other Amazon

sellers discovered this product and

started replicating it products this

successful are very difficult to find

but it's relatively easy to find a

product with a potential profit of three

to ten thousand dollars a month

my point is check and verify your

products to make sure there's enough

demand margin is at least 30% and the

competition's not too strong finding the

right product is 80% of the success on

Amazon product research usually takes

about two to four weeks once you find a

product with very high chances of

success you want to start selling it

right here's part 2 private label your

product the best way to start selling an

already successful product is to create

a copy of the product with slight

improvements and private label it if

possible buy the product you want to

improve look at it try it inspect it use

it think about what you could do better

maybe try to improve the design or

decrease dimensions it's almost always

possible to make a slight improvement on

a product that's already in the market

at a minimum create a custom logo that

your supplier will put on your private

label product let's estimate you're

going to need one week for this in the

meantime you need to start looking for a

supplier part three finding a supplier

there are a number of options for

finding a supplier but most sellers end

up with which is the biggest

online factory marketplace in China it

might be hard to find a product you want

to be manufactured via texts on Alibaba

so I suggest you try amz scouts find at

Alibaba feature

that captures the product picture on

Amazon and then discovers similar items

on Alibaba it's that easy you need to

get in touch with at least 10 different

suppliers and then shortlist them based

on their willingness to communicate and

responsiveness ask them about the cost

of production and the possibility of

making necessary adjustments for your

private label product you should also

ask each supplier to provide samples

testing the product you want to sell is

crucial for making sure the quality

design functionality packaging etc etc

are up to your standards and

expectations on average it takes about

three to four weeks to find a few

suppliers contact them receive samples

and then decide on the one you want to

do business with cart for creating an

Amazon seller central account

technically the next step you want to

take is to ship your product from the

suppliers factory to the designated

Amazon FBA warehouse where Amazon's

gonna pick it up and deliver it to your

customers but first you need to figure

out the physical address of that

warehouse to do so you must first sign

up with Amazon seller central seller

central is where you'll run your Amazon

business it's where you track sales


shipments etcetera its famous for not

being user friendly but we're gonna

create a series of tutorials to help you

master it creating and setting up the

seller central account usually takes

about two to three days once you've

signed up with it and created a shipment

you'll have a physical address of the

warehouse now it's time to think about

shipping your product from the suppliers

factory to Amazon part 5 shipping to the

US in most cases shipping your product

to Amazon is quite easy you can either

ask your supplier to quote you for

arranging everything or you can take

more control and use a freight

forwarding service in the second case I

recommend using fredo it allows you to

instantly compare air ocean and trucking

Freight quotes from 50-plus suppliers to

find a perfect balance of price and

transit time directly to the Amazon

Fulfillment locations on average it

takes two to four weeks to deliver your

product to the Amazon warehouse part six

launching your product once your product

gets delivered to the Amazon warehouse

you can finally start selling it most of

the time you

have some competition only to beat in

order to sell enough products to make a

reasonable profit Amazon works kind of

like Google if you want to buy something

and you search it on Amazon it's gonna

show you a page that has a list of

products that match your query in most

cases the first product on the list has

the highest chance of being sold the

second product has slightly less and so

on number 20 on the list has almost no

chance you want your product to be

number one or at least in the top five

let's figure out how to achieve that

Amazon's algorithm consists of three

parts your listing quality number of

sales during the last few weeks and

number of reviews let's talk about your

product listing first to make it search

friendly you need to optimize your title

and description using the keywords

people are going to use to find your

product next we need sales well how does

one get a lot of sales at the very

beginning there are a few tactics the

one that almost always works is to

create a huge discount about 50% and

then promote your product with this

discount once your product receives its

first kick you won't need that discount

anymore and you can start selling it for

a regular price another tactic is to set

up an Amazon sponsored ads pay-per-click

campaign that allows you to put your

product on the top of the search results

and each time someone clicks on it

you'll pay Amazon a small fee usually

about $0.50 once your product

organically reaches the top five of the

search results you can turn off the ads

finally we need reviews the most

efficient technique for getting reviews

is asking your customers to leave them

Amazon allows you to contact your

customer so successful sellers use this

opportunity to write some compelling

copy and persuade their new customers to

leave a review we're gonna publish a

dedicated tutorial about launching

Amazon products and that's going to

include a comprehensive guide about

getting first reviews so stay tuned so

when closing let's put it all together

here's what you need to start selling on

Amazon conduct product research to find

a profitable product this will take

about two to four weeks come up with

product adjustments to figure out how to

private label an existing product

schedule three to four days for this

find a supplier plan three to four weeks

for this create and set up an Amazon

seller central account

you need two to three days to do this

ship your product from your supplier to

Amazon plan two to four weeks for this

launch your product and boost your sales

under views in the first two weeks this

gives you about 12 to 14 weeks before

your hard work starts paying off if you

did everything properly you've maximized

your chances to succeed with your

product but there are still no

guarantees your product might fail and

you should be ready for this when you're

a beginner it's easy to make a mistake

at any step and you'll obviously avoid

making that mistake next time which will

significantly increase your likelihood

of success so that wraps up the video

but before I go I have a question for

you guys what tutorial do you want us to

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giveaways or how to create a great

listing let us know which one you want

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