How to Write Emails to Sell a Product! Email Marketing Strategy in 3 Easy Steps!

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hey what's up it's Scott and in today's

brand building tip I'm gonna cover with

you three steps to write emails that

sell but in a non sleazy scammy way

that's going to be delivering value to

people and they will look forward to

your emails and guess what here's a

little secret if we can get people to

open our email there's a much greater

chance that they could eventually buy

something from us right so if this

sounds interesting stick around because

that's what we're we covering here on

the whiteboard all right so here's what

I want to say before we even get into

these three steps all right when we are

showing up in someone's inbox they are

immediately going to look at our name

and they are going to say sales message

or helpful message or a friend right

that's what they're gonna instantly as