How to sell a product to Walmart What is the Process Step by Step Tutorial

hey guys it's Damian from marketing food

online I've got a video that I have been

asked about quite often lately

aside from doing business on the

Internet of course there's a lot of

people who are looking to get their food

products in retail stores and that's not

a bad idea it's a great way to get

national exposure for your business and

in particular I've been asked a lot

about how do you get a product into

Walmart because Walmart is obviously the

largest brick and mortar retailer in the

US as well as I think it's one of the

largest if not the largest in the world

so if you go to I'm gonna run it do a

real quick run through I want to show

you what they will require you

I've actually inquired this myself right

now as far as the way our business is

doing online Walmart was not a right fit

for us just yet but it is something

that's in the back of my mind and it is

something we will pursue later but I

have been I've talked to local managers

at Walmart's where we are at as well as

buyers and such and I have been in

contact with some Walmart management as

well as regional directors so I have

tried to get our product in some of the

requirements that there are going to

require you to have set up and in place

are as follows okay so if you're looking

for where to get this portal from how do

you get to this page here if you go to

Walmart com simply scroll all the way

down to the bottom there is a little

icon that says suppliers you can click

on that and suppliers will take you to

this page now you can also Google that

just put Walmart suppliers or how to

become a vendor at Walmart and it will

take you to this page now this page is

set up in six different sections okay

see this little cursor is moving around

so if you want to roll a product out

nationally this will be the information

right here that you would need to read

and learn a little bit more about and it

is in the section on the national

product rollout this is a very big

endeavor so if you're not in a position

to supply a company like Walmart

nationwide this will not apply to you

mainly I want to do this video about

this area right here see this local I'm

gonna click on that bring us all the way

down to here now this is the part of the

supplier chain website that I went to

when I spoke with the directors I'm

sorry we spoke with the local management

as well as the regional director that I

ran into at the local store here they

told me to go to this section because

there are different types of

requirements when you want to just roll

out locally now what does that mean

local that means what they'll do is

they'll give you a few stores a handful

of stores within a specific region it

might actually be a zip code there might

be within a certain couple of zip codes

within your state and that could

actually end up being about 20 you know

Walmart's everywhere so it could be

anywhere from 20 to 30 stores or it

could just be half a dozen okay now the

good thing something that's really

important that I'm going to show you

guys because you guys are into the food

business or you're looking to obviously

start a food business this section right

here and I'll highlight it all of this

is good news actually these are

categories that are not allowed to be

rolled out on a local level and you

obviously do not see anything in here

about food okay so that's a good thing

most of actually most of the vendors who

end up rolling out nationally with

Walmart start off locally and they start

off in a few stores but they are food

products okay so here's step one you got

to contact your local store manager if

you're really really excited you really

want to do this and you're in a position

to supply a few stores in a region go to

your local store manager introduce

yourself I would recommend when I went

spoke with our our store manager I

actually brought in a handful of these

samples of the product have the product

with you show them explain to them what

you're doing and what you want to do

because what happens is you will get in

touch with a market manager and regional

manager right here okay and they will

actually have to approve your product


so most of the time for instance there's

right where I live here in Georgia we

actually have a bunch of local honey

producers in the northern part of the

state and their local honey is in a lot

of Walmart's in this area and they

actually are on a local level because

what they did is they met with the store

manager and they refer them to these two

gentlemen or ladies and they rolled out

locally okay and they produce enough

honey that they can they can supply

about a dozen or so stores

okay so scroll down

little bit here so there is a local

supplier qualification process okay and

this is the process here okay and what

we'd have to do is basically register

your business you have to gain access to

what they have what they call their

global supplier management so this is

basically part of Walmart's online

presence and also within their company

it's basically a way to categorize and

keep all of your information about your

company and products so that's easily

accessible for Walmart now certification

there are some requirements and I can

tell you firsthand what some of those

are going to be you're going to need to

provide them with obviously

documentation about being incorporated

if you have a website you obviously have

your insurance you do have to have

liability insurance of course for your

products and a handful of other things

ok I'm not just gonna go down the whole

list because there is a ton and I don't

want to take up much of your time and as

well as the acceptance of the terms of

the supplier agreement so I'm gonna hop

over here I'm going to show you this

really quick you scroll down and here's

a great example by the way guys example

store numbers provided by the store

manager include the product and

description what this is is actually

going to be the store numbers when you

get accepted and the general manager the

regional managers are going to give you

their name and they need to have store

numbers that are going to give you and

say look you know what you got this

great product it's fantastic we're gonna

give you store number seven forty eight

twenty nine eighty etc etc and then from

there you will begin to supply those

stores now once you're signed up and

you're accepted and you pass all of the

checklists and I'm gonna click on the

supplier checklist here is a supplier

checklist and like I said it is quite

extensive but remember guys you are

setting yourselves up to supply the

largest retailer in the planet okay now

that's a good thing starting locally

because it's just going to give you a

basic understanding of how it works okay

so don't get afraid it don't get you

know overwhelm thinking that you're

gonna have to supply as house as a

source if it does great locally that's

fantastic so then you're going to get

you're gonna be given maybe as several

states and then they're gonna say hey

look you have the capacity can you can

you scale your product and supply us

nationally so this is some great

one super important thing right here and

I'm gonna show you what this is the Duns

number this is done in Bradstreet okay

they have been around forever and here

is their website dun & bradstreet is a

company that you register your company

with and they keep track of your

reputation I guess would be the easiest

way to explain how what they do so as

you are in a business they keep track of

for instance the vendors that you do

business with if you've had any

complaints it's basically going to be

kind of like a credit score in a sense

it's gonna keep your reputation on file

because walmart is going to go to dun &

bradstreet and they're going to say hey

this guy's got a salsa company but is he

registered with you is there any

problems any issues do you know of and

how long has he been in business etc etc

so this does cost money they cost a few

hundred dollars a year to register and

I'll double check on that to see if it's

annual or if it's just an initial

registration but it does cost a few

hundred dollars so you register with

them then you would get back all the

information and this is the form you

would fill out so you can fill out the

supplier registration and basically jot

down all of this information here and

then again here is your dun & bradstreet

number and you're good to go and that's

the application process so again it's

gonna start off very small guys keep

your mind focused on the big picture

that you obviously want to be in mini

stores but remember to start locally

okay and of course the rest of these are

if you were doing direct importing

marketplace and e-commerce business

that's selling on I will do

a video this is actually a fantastic

idea I just got accepted into jet comm

which I'm super excited about

I should literally found out yesterday

so we'll be on Chet comm which by the

way Walmart just bought jet comm for I

think five hundred million or something

to that effect so they are looking to

compete with Amazon and some of the big

players online so you can actually

register by the way to sell on and I will do a separate

video explaining that process it is a

different process and it has nothing to

do with rolling out product nationally

or low

so guys I hope this is really

informative and helps you guys out

understand if you're looking to get into

Walmart do it locally start small but

think big ok it's a great opportunity

there are some hoops you need to jump

through there's some things you have to

do but you can definitely do it it's not

impossible so good luck to you guys and

if this video was helpful at all please

do give me a thumbs up and do let me

know and thank you guys for watching I

appreciate it