Target Stores Vendor - How to Sell to Target Stores and Become a Target Stores Vendor

so let's talk about selling your product

to target stores target is one of the

most massive discount stores on the

planet they have over eighteen hundred

and fifty stores they're responsible for

currently and their stores are huge they

have over 135 square feet per store on

average sometimes larger if they have

super targets and so forth and basically

the reason why people love working with

Target is because they buy so many

different products right and they sell

so many different types of products they

sell bedding they say to sell toys they

sell food and some of the stores they

sell everything from accessories and

jewelry you name it they sell that

product so one of the things that I can

tell you about Target working with them

is that because they are have a large

space and they have a lot of room to put

products in that means they actually

have the ability to test a lot more

products because of the fact that they

have these large spaces when you're

dealing with retailers like G and C they

have very very small stores so their

stores are limited so they can't put

that many products in there and so

they're really really difficult to you

know get your product in there and so

forth because someone really has to go

to bring another product in and so forth

but what Target they have larger stores

they have more opportunities and their

varietal and the types of products that

they have so one reason you want to sell

to them and one thing to think about is

the fact that you know even if you're

selling a consumer electronics product

definitely want to consider a retailers

like Target because they have room for

growth and expansion and so forth

another thing I can say about Target is

that they are kind of finicky in that

they basically just changed their way of

working before you actually had a phone

number that you call a buyer and so

forth and it was not that difficult to

reach out to them like most other

retailers you know if you wanted to

reach out to them one way you can do it

is you could send them an email or you

can call them and so forth and say very

specific things and get them interested

in your product but Target they actually

shut it down so you can't call them


and so like they literally just send

used to some voicemail so it's a little

trickier to work with Target

and they probably did that on purpose

they're probably getting inundated with

lots of people reaching out to them and

so forth doesn't mean that you can't get

into that stores it just means it's very

unique to Target in that they're not

actually being easily presentable and so

forth to suppliers that does not mean

that I think you should go and pitch

your product to them through their

vendor websites I have other ways of

teaching how to get into stores and so

forth but please note you know targets a

little bit trickier to sell to only

because they cut out a lot of the

communication that other retailers have

available to you now one good thing

about Target or there's very many things

is that they don't usually typically

just buy one product they give you a

little section of the store something

for all product types and categories but

a lot of times like say you want to sell

jewelry to them they wouldn't just give

you buy a few pieces from you they

typically give you a nice little section

and so they put that product into a

store so the cool thing about Target is

that they ultimately enable you to sell

several products of them and if you can

think about the math you know if they

buy ten twenty thirty pieces of your

product per store at you know something

that's pretty small amount but just

imagine they just buy that much and they

have eighteen hundred and fifty stores

currently that's tremendous buying power

so that's really really exciting for you

if you do ever get a deal with Target

please note that they'll probably test

your product and their top-selling

stores and so if you do actually work

with them just note that they'll always

test your product out they're not gonna

buy massive massive products on day one

but they will eventually buy large

aren't larger quantities from you once

they know that product converts and so

forth so all retailers basically will

usually start with a smaller test to

make sure the product converts in their

smaller stores and then they ultimately

move into getting reorders from you and

that's where the big money's are at and

that's when they buy the larger quantity

so they're never they usually don't

typically buy products for all eighteen

hundred stores on day one but you know

it depends on the product and how much

they believe it and so forth but most

the time they'll start a little bit

smaller so you don't need to panic there

anyways those are some reasons and

things to think about selling to Target

stores it's a tremendous opportunity for

you in your business if you want to


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be on the lookout for the next video we

create on selling to retailers karen

watzmann retail MBA we would love your

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