🟢 Home Depot Supplier - How to Become Home Depot Supplier

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hey everyone this is Karen Waxman

founder of retail MBA and today I want

to talk about getting your products sold

at the Home Depot now the reason I

decided to create this particular

segment is because I teach thousands of

product companies across the country on

the subject of selling to retailers and

one of the questions that comes up all

the time is how do I get my products

into a retailer such as Home Depot and

so I really wanted to take a minute to

give you some value and to support you

and your quest of getting your products

in the stores so let's talk about the

Home Depot well first of all you know

the reason people are interested in that

store is because you know they have over

2,000 stores that they're responsible

for so this is a retailer that has

tremendous buying power and you

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