How To Sell A Product - Sell Anything To Anyone With This Unusual Method

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- Go ahead.

Sell me this (vacuum whirs) vacuum cleaner.

What would you say to me?

How would you explain the features and benefits?

What do you have to do to cause me to want to buy from you?

Go ahead, comment below.


There's an ancient Chinese proverb that said,

"Hearing something 1,000 times is not as convincing

"as seeing it once."

You see, most entrepreneurs and salespeople,

when they want to sell a product,

when they want to sell something to someone,

they always focus on, "What do I need to say?"

They want to focus on using smarter words,

fancier words, or better scripts.

That's good.

That's Closing 101.

But today, I'm gonna teach you an advanced strategy

so you can sell anything to anyone, anytime.

And it is not what you think.

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