How to give effective sales presentations?

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hi I'm Michael and today I'm going to

talk about how to give really effective

sales presentation that lead to revenue

so not just stalking everybody feeling

good but real money how do you do it the

most important part to remember is that

you always have a curve in the attention

span people will remember the first few

seconds the first minutes let's say as

really critical and then their attention

span will go down and then it will go

back up at the end so what do you do you

put your most valuable content in the

beginning if that is a demo if you know

that they will buy when you show the

demo you show that demo in the beginning

not in here so what do most companies do

they start by saying hi where this

company I'm this guy I'm really

important I've done bla bla bla bla bla

bla that means you're already here so