QVC Sprouts - How to Sell Your Product to QVC with the QVC Sprouts Program

hey everyone this is Karen Waxman

founder of retail MBA and today I want

to talk about a question that comes up

all the time in my workshops in classes

people always ask me Karen I want to get

my product on QVC I want to get my

product on TV I think would be fantastic

there how do I make money and get my

product on QVC I'm new to this business

can you support me and so I hear this

all the time from people and so I wanted

to give you a quick tip and a suggestion

to support you in getting your product

on QVC so here is something that a lot

of inventors and product creators don't

know about QVC we can spend lots of time

and energy explaining how to get on TV

there's a lot of nuances to getting your

product on TV but one quick way one

quick suggestion to help you get started

is to go to google and type in QVC

sprouts SPR oh you TS sprouts

it's the QVC sprouts program basically

what QVC has done is they've been

reached out to buy so many inventors

over the years who want to get products

in the stores and QVC's always worry

about you know getting that new product

and descend to on their site and on TV

and stuff because they're not sure it's

gonna sell or maybe there's the company

doesn't have a lot of branding behind it

or they're a new product or so forth so

what they came up with was the sprouts

program what they essentially did was

created a website specifically for our

new products new inventions and so forth

and the idea is it's essentially a

contest so if you if your product is

approved to be part of this contest what

you get to do is you put an awesome

picture of your product or a few awesome

pictures of your product and some

information about your product itself

and basically it goes on a site and

there's a contest there and so then the

best products are the ones that get the

most votes so you get all your friends

and you get all your family to support

you and to vote it's free to vote but

they go to QVC sprouts and and they pick

out your product and they vote for it so

why would I say to consider that well

the idea is a few fold so first of all

QVC is looking at the products that are

doing the best and so if you do have a

product that you think it's going to do

well I you know why not

your product on there has been being

part of that contest and because QVC

will probably choose you if you get a

lot of votes right makes sense that

gives the buyer more relief that the

products gonna sell and so forth the

other reason why you want to consider it

is because there's so much branding

behind putting your product on a website

like that because if you think about it

everybody else is getting their products

voted on as well right so there's lots

of products on the site and they're all

getting voted on and the idea is is that

all their friends and family are going

there to vote so they might be potential

customers for you so if you don't get on

QVC at least you get lots of potential

clients there and I think there's a way

to redirect your site or there's some

way where they they can find out where

to buy your product and so forth so the

idea is QVC get to see what people think

about your product and you potentially

you get to sell more product and it's a

great first start of getting your

product on QVC now obviously there's so

much more to it and there's so many

other ways to make money with a product

that doesn't require getting on TV and

so forth and so but I just wanted to

give you a quick tip and suggestion

because I know how much you guys want to

know about QVC so it's a really great

start so check out QVC sprouts program

and that should get you started this is

karen Waxman with retail MBA please be

on the additional lookout for the other

videos that I create thanks so much