How to Start Selling on Etsy in 5 Simple Steps (Etsy Shop for Beginners Step by Step Walk-Through)

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how do you start an Etsy Shop really

though chances are if you've been

researching how to start an Etsy Shop

you've probably gathered about 30 steps

that you need to take and are probably

feeling pretty intimidated by all the

advanced Etsy strategy everything from

SEO to niching down to mock-ups am I

right well if you want to sell on Etsy

but feel totally overwhelmed not knowing

where to start I got you friend because

today I'm breaking it down into five

super simple steps to get you going on

Etsy let's get it


welcome back to the channel friends if

this is our first time meeting I'm Kate

I'm a wife mom Etsy seller and business

coach and I'm so excited you're here I'm

so excited to go over these five simple

steps to get started on Etsy today like