Part 1: How to Sell in Lazada Tutorial


hello everyone welcome to my channel in

today's video I'm going to show you how

to open a lazada seller account for free

yes you heard it right in the Delina

pump of opening a found similar

Bustamonte banthas a lazada so stay

tuned forum element company know to give

you a little bit of background i've been

selling in lazada since 2012 that time

we are required to submit documents like

DTI and vir and of course that includes

paying taxes and we all know a Hindi

lejana go online a guy in Barranca make

fun to get those permits so lozada in

the last two years found a way para o

Mita Platinum on a stay-at-home moms

without having to go through the process

of getting government permits pero does

that means in new zealand ago biden

taxes they still do and i think seven

london attenti gossip anujan young

details so are you all ready to learn in

the how to's let us all pay attention to

the screen so what i'm going to show you

it's a desktop version meddled in a

mobile app version where you can sign up

through your mobile phones but i prefer

using a desktop okay so you open the

google chrome and then little sub tab

type to nothing and decided that contact

eh okay so I think page number I get an

app in and then Safari right Marin sign

up click on it and I think that its

market and a page new pugmill asada

around Ohio so we have to make sure in a

NASA seller page tire where we can sign

up as a new seller so type it in let's

add the seller or sign up let's add the

seller sign up and then Maggie key a new

search modem pinochle owner which is

sell on Lozada

just click on it or put it in nothing is

search Janice L on lazada it will bring

you to the same link so this will be the

page see leap in I'm gonna and let's

take a quick look how it looks like

let's scroll it down yeah so human are

commonly asked questions and how to open

a lazada but I'm gonna bubble open so

let's add that by the magenta seller

sedan so we have that information here

is a page metal okay then let's go up

let's scroll up and and then let's

select become a celery now okay

let's select that and maritime peplum

option Jan last small seller

local seller last global sander so worth

noting a coefficients are really nothing

let's go for a local seller agent oto

now belong unless corporate account car

so you can select last masala

incorporate cos Shekhar last mobile

seller pugs abroad

I am so uncle type to select individual

okay and then just fill in temporary we

are based in the Philippines your mobile

number it should be a working mobile

number and slide to verify okay so

lazada will send you a six digit code

it's a phone and a registered one so

making paint a long coat I mean some

name on a balloon we have to make sure

that the phone is with use and as soon

as you receive the six digits type it in

so you've been again a six digit code

set in and then right now we are going

to create the password so my requirement

in boolean for the password

the but strong your password nap in



yeah and so at least eight characters

including one letter one number in one

symbol so let's confirm the password I

okay so looks like my Coulomb tile so we

have to make sure in a match

you know password not there let's put

the symbol like an @ sign up in okay so

by the way before we sign up saw seller

Center in English Anna you have to make

sure in a mattifying existing email

address okay gonna see is masseur and so

for this tutorial I created an email

address paradigm delegate veto again so

I created 99 story pH at so it

will tell you nah man come verified

email shot and then the shop name

depending upon Union go and open boost

own shop named na illallah Daniel so in

our case let's just follow the same name

say say email 99 store pH and so very

very facially okay so as you can see

made of 999 stores a Lozada

so Ibrahim a 10 and then just click on

the box agreements and sign up yeah and

your name page non-salary Center in an


okay so here we are okay yeah and so

many options for papaya mango Godwin so

we're not done yet because Lozada will

still verify it only register Mona

address or in your register in the shop

so again

nee Baga and then on my shaman have died

so again like you address book Momo

valincia fell upon especially in women a

red asterisk importantly an initial

optional Misha and then a daemon a

different tabs and so business address

warehouse address and then at William

shop Nemo 99 store th and then profile

so when you go to profile you will see

different tabs then I think a long until

up and then this is information more

like you know address bank account

important accrue young human residential

address small where else address and

return address can be the same coolness

Abba aluminum amplify unity benta online

okay and then the bank account

information important take a sip origin

pooping apart opening decide that you

wanna pay out okay so cool mechanic in

Akita mo - the the fees nominal Lozada

fees again okay to be Moffatt a Noonan

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and the bank information so that will be

another tutorial very soon okay thank

you for your watching again so remain

three-time tail you can always go back

to these tabs para making familiar to

tiny demon Kayla and Megan techie para

pagar window okay so as long as an

entire maintained a Maryland time and

bossa Maddalena

Madelene among four in a packet of page

okay so a diamond ided information in

and put ein idee national ID so picture

on your lamp oh using your phone and

then you can upload it here in my case

driver's license Wilson as a miracle

okay just fill it in and then a

representative from lazada will get back

at you or maybe also receive an email

but verified name

I don't know information and that's it

there you go guys thank you so much for

watching I do hope that I was able to

impart a little of my knowledge in

opening a lasagna seller account by the

way I'm not paid to do this this is not

an endorsement by those by lazada but

I'm doing this that are somehow Makkah

to Long John London s I'm gonna stay at

home mom's Humana Tata and goose to

Mankato and passive income and a student

singular mckernon young income there I

will see you soon in my next vlog if you

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