the very first tip you need to know to

selling your products solo is that you

gotta have yourself a solo public lobby

and there's plenty of methods on how to

do that online

so once you got yourself one make sure

you like and subscribe and turn on the

post notification bill so we can get

started first we're gonna take a look at

the MC businesses and in this case the

cocaine and each of the MC businesses

will operate under the same rule of

thumb that I'm gonna show you you simply

got to do a little bit of math you're

gonna need another maximum amount your

business could sell for divide that

number by four and that's the number

you're gonna need to stay closest to to

keep your product level when you sell

add two vehicles or less because just

not to get too close to the 50% the

total value because that could spring on

an extra vehicle and that does go for

the meth weed and counterfeit and on the

bunker you definitely absolutely want to

stay under 25% because in this case that

could possibly spring on an extra

dunebuggy which could be trouble now if

you have to have one vehicle again stay

on the 25% you absolutely will get just

one vehicle one helicopter one van one

truck one motorcycle etc now let's head

on over to CEO well briefly we'll touch

on vehicle car go where they're simple

but I do not recommend selling those in

a solo public Lobby because if you do

they do sin NPCs after you and they

destroyed cars so playing stuff a nice

chill lobby and say your car is there

now a medium or a large warehouse those

are kind of the same they operate the

same so I'll show you those in just a

second but if you got a small keep that

number that you're gonna sell them at

keep that under a third and in this case

I'm only gonna sell them at three

because I got my specials in there and

if you do that you're gonna give you the

one truck a boat or a plane and once you

head on over to your medium a large

warehouse if you have an amount in there

to sell that's gonna require more

associates the game will tell you

there's gonna need more associates I was

gonna require more vehicles potentially

so you have an option of backing on out

and taking a lesser amount so you can

have one plane as you see here now as

for these planes this is important as

you the planes are the worst on the game

is far as CEO to sell only because

there's a bad glister

happen as you listen here I fly over the

spot it says that you hear the click the

drop but it doesn't drop no matter how

many times you go back by it still won't

drop so if this happens to you don't

freak out start your record button

contact rockstar let him know you got

evidence they will reimburse you no

problem now back to your warehouse let's

say you do want to sell even though it's

telling you it may require up to three

vehicles in my opinion because you're in

a solo public lobby it's not a problem

especially if you got the trucks that's

the easiest the tugboat that's the

second easiest you do face some

resistance there but still you can

handle it some of the plains missions

can't be the more challenging ones but

you're in a solo public lobby so just

make sure you got plenty of snacks and

that won't be a problem by the way even

the max value in your nightclub can be

so so low so there you go so like and

subscribe and check out more videos like

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