GTA V Online: Best Way To Sell Your Product From Your Business

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what's up everyone back again with

another update video with the cocaine

lockup so if you've been following along

we have started this business from

scratch and we're gonna continue to

progress it's actually going a little

bit slower than I would have thought

it'd go but I mean we're already

committed now with over two million

invested and we're gonna keep on pushing

forward but in this video first out of

the gate what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna

buy an upgrade I have saved and fought

and scrimped and we're gonna go ahead

and get the staff upgrade because the

the stock level isn't rising as quick as

I thought it would it actually takes a

while to get up the little bit of stock

that we do have so right now I'm gonna

go ahead and purchase the staff upgrade

that way I can do a video later on