The BEST Way to Sell Your Idea to BIG COMPANIES!

hi I'm Evan Carmichael welcome another

edition of ask Evan today I'm going to

answer a question from one of our forum

readers about how to sell ideas the big

company so I wrote in saying how I have

two questions related to two different

ideas number one how do I approach an

existing company with an existing

product and with a market idea for the

product which open up a huge in a way

for them to sell and reach more

customers number two how do I put your

company with an existing product with an

idea to modify the existing product and

give them a whole new range of exciting

spin-off products with of course

recognition and payment for thanks for

the help so this is a really tough one

I'm going to be honest approaching a big

company so I don't know what you know

the company is or who you're trying to

go after but an example say I have a

great idea for Google to expand their

business or Microsoft to expand their

business the idea the value is not so

much in the idea it's in the execution

so for me to go to Google and say hey

I've got this great idea if you do

expand your business chances are a

couple things one they've probably

already thought of it somebody on their

team have thought of it and they're you

know they've either decided to do it or

not do it for whatever reason but - even

if you gave them a new idea the value

that you're going to be able to bring is

not the idea but helping them actually

implement it so you got to think about

what value you're bringing to the

process here so really you got to think

about the execution side of things and

can you bring anything extra that's

value add beyond just an idea now there

are some strategy consulting companies

who just go in and give ideas and don't

do a lot of the execution and so you

know partner up with one of them is a

potential Avenue but really I think

you're going to have a hard time with

this one because the value of bringing

in just an idea going after a big

company it's going to be really hard

what I try to do is see is there

anything else you can add to the process

so if it's just an idea and then they

have to do all the work that's going to

be hard to get paid for but if there's

an idea that then

you can then add something on to and

provide a partnership or part of the

execution then that's something that

potentially you can get paid for so

example I work with big companies I work

with Microsoft I work with Google we

work with huge huge brands and I give

them ideas and they're the ideas you

come to me looking for is how do I reach

more entrepreneurs and they're not just

coming to me for the idea I help them

with a plan and help them execute it and

I can help them reach more entrepreneurs

because that's what I do right so I'm

seen as an expert in that field and

they're willing to pay me to do it so

for you are you an expert in your field

do you have any kind of support system

under you that they don't have

themselves the more you can build that

up the greater the chances are of them

being able to say yes you know I'm going

to do this and I'm going to pay you to

do it it was just here's an idea I want

you to pay me a lot of money for it but

then you have to go do all the work it's

honestly going to be really really tough

to get any money out of it so try to

think about the value either you can

bring and maybe it's not going after the

big company but a slightly smaller

company in the same field who wants to

become the big company this was one of

the biggest challenges I faced early on

in my career with one of my businesses

we were trying to sell the company and

we thought let's go after the number one

player because they're huge and they

have a lot of money and we actually the

biggest acquisition that happened in

their field was not the number one guy

was a number four guy because he wanted

to become number one so the answer may

not be going after the huge guy but

going after a smaller guy who's in the

same field who wants to try to become

the big guy try to become number one and

if you deal with a smaller business you

may have a greater chance to be able to

help them and also sell your idea so

hopefully that helps maybe not the news

that you wanted to hear but it's my

honest opinion so for those of you

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