Sell on groupon

hey guys welcome to his presentation I'm

gonna be straight to the point I'm gonna

tell you about myself what I've done how

much money you've generated no BS

straight to the point

if you ever thought about setting up an

online business and not sure where to

begin if you ever did set up an online

business struggled with marketing

digital marketing struggled with getting

your business out there not sure where

to begin

they see the presentation that you need

to be watching and I'll get straight to

the point

and Groupon is a huge platform you don't

need you don't need experience in

digital marketing selling nothing they

do everything for you let's look at

sells for example in the market we

specialize in its online courses okay so

for example if you just type in courses

in and you just look at International

Open Academy for example they've sold

twenty five thousand courses at fifteen

dollars which is three hundred and

seventy five thousand dollars this is

how much money they've generated just

from one course without doing any

marketing anything at all you can

actually do the same and actually

advertise on on platforms like this and

we can actually supply all the online

learning courses in and this one I'll

get into in a bit more information or

bit more details a bit later this is

just one provider let's look at another

provider for example these guys for

25,000 plus courses at $34 this is huge

we're not very absolutely insane no

marketing nothing over nine hundred and

fifty view today reason being is it's

Groupon they are a powerful machine and

this is part of the project that we you

can be involved in basically let's look

at a different course provider okay

you've got international open Academy

again up four dollars center of

excellence at seventeen dollars again

they've sold over twenty five thousand

courses at seventeen dollars um and this

is the research that you guys can do

yourself so you've got various different

languages barrister calls for example

they're selling for four dollars they've

sold 100,000 Plus this is life-changing

money that you guys can get involved in

absolutely life-changing money what I'll

do now is I will actually show you our

platform and when we started our selling

at Groupon and how much money that we've

made so you guys gonna pause believe me

um so if we're going to sell click on


just let you log into okay it's what

happens when you have a Groupon merchant

account which means you logged in to the

backend system basically so if I click

on payment um and this is just one of

their counsel we currently have one

currently one Corydon run various

different accounts that I'm gonna take

you guys through and just kinda explain

it to you a bit more as well so we

started selling a group in October 2014

and the first payment that we've made

was for 1565 and this is us just

literally advertising of course on

Groupon and Groupon doing all the work

for us online simple accounts and costs

from aim rates and consultancy and these

are some of the course that we've

actually sold on there okay him then

you've got five hundred and sixty three

thousand five thousand two thousand four

thousand two thousand two thousand eight

hundred December 14th him and as you go

up there you see that January 19th 2015

made fifty two thousand sixty three

thousand fifteen thousand one thousand

five hundred and forty-three so as you

see numbers are going up ten thousand

and what I'll do is I'll refresh the

page so you guys can see that I'm not

actually bullshitting you guys I'll just

do it any kind of scam on if you like

that at all hey go so guys now what I'll

do is actually log in to our merchant

account and show you guys how much money

that we've made and who our partners are

and how you can actually get involved to

make money on Groupon and not just

Groupon and this one we're actually

gonna be discussing there's a thousands

of other websites similar to Groupon

that you can actually get involved with

so for example in to get startled group

ones actually very very simple and this

is what we're gonna be discussing and

what you're gonna be selling and how we

can actually providing you with the

content basically okay I'm just looking

to our account now as we speak

okay now that we've logged in this is

what our Groupon merchant account looks

like okay so we're gonna go straight to

payments straight to payments and

okay so we started syllable group on

October 3rd 2014 and we've made 1565 and

if you're just looking at what kind of

content that we're selling on there in

online simple accounting course as you

guys can see there the numbers on here

as well and so on

so as you go up there five hundred and

sixty three thousand three hundred and

four 4985 remember guys this is after

Groupon keeps their Commission

Groupon keeps their commission after

this so what you see is it in here is

what we've actually been paid and this

has been processed in the wire

transaction everything else as well as

you go up there two thousand seven seven

hundred and sixty-five fifty two

thousand sixty three thousand fifteen

thousand M ten thousand twenty two

thousand huge amount of money and this

is just one account so for example if I

change account and go into M T fo

anywhere for example and go into

payments let's can see here again 2015

four thousand seven thousand five

hundred and twenty two two thousand so

there's a huge amount of money to be

made so we currently run over twelve

brands with Groupon and we've got normal

partners people just like you who are

looking to kind of get involved in it

and find out how you can actually make

money working or Groupon that

opportunity is huge absolutely huge guys

what I'll do now is actually log into

another merchant account and another

place where we actually currently sell

him we literally have over twelve

accounts so we're making money while

we're asleep while we wait while we're

traveling while we're doing whatever

that we want to do and we're looking for

some more partners to come and join us

on board okay fine if I click on sign

out now and log in completely to a

different account which I'll show you

guys now as well okay fantastic now that

we're logged into skills on project here

K M if I can calm payments and then

we'll destroy spa all the way from

scratch okay okay you guys can see here

March 8th 2016 1527 and for this we were

selling an online medical billing

certification course in 94

$8,000 2274 1653 one thousand one

thousand twelve thousand four thousand

three thousand as you guys can see the

money is just coming in for something

that's rarely been produced and for you

guys sub course up opportunity to resew

as well so it's a huge market it's an

absolutely huge market what I'll do now

I'll login or logout from this and look

into completely a different brand that

we're currently working with as well so

you guys can of course see it and let's

see how it works and everything else as

well and take it from there okay so what

I'll do now is actually log in to

another account then we actually run

hurry we're logged in we are nurse and

logged in okay fantastic

them so this is love to think it's a

side project the rules are doing as well

so as you guys can see I'm gonna change

to our main account which is Mary Kay

okay we're gonna go into payments gonna

scroll down so you guys can see the

revenue okay

in May 5th 2016 $2,000 $3,000 $3,000

$4,000 $4,000

5,000 5,000 3000 3000 4000 6000 and of

course if I just click on here you guys

can see a bit more it works and so on so

online pharmacy technician assistant

course and these are the course that we

are being paid for em from from group

and these are all process and the funds

are directly deposited into our bank

account and it it's a fantastic

opportunity for anyone who's looking to

get into the market find out how you can

actually make money and use a platform

like like him like Groupon and various

different platforms as well making money

as you guys can see the ribbon is

consistent we've got fifteen different

projects we've currently helped and over

twelve people actually launched their

brands and making money off Groupon it's

so simple

all you need to have is the learning

content which I'm gonna show you guys is

why they're learning content that we

have that all you need to do is actually

get onto Groupon and make money and to

get into group one's actually not

difficult at all so for example if we go

back into Groupon all you need to do is

click on sell of course and we'll show

you the processes how you can log in how

to set up we also give you access to all

the courses to resell so you just need

to be proactive we're looking for some

really dedicated partners people that's

really onto it you'd go through a

training method and once you actually

understand how it all works as well it's

an opportunity for you to resell and

make thousands of pounds and you don't

need to do anything

Groupon doesn't work for you guys so I'm

very straightforward now the reason

you're even getting this information

from us is most likely you've actually


a cost from us in the past and we've

sold millions of courses worldwide and

we are looking for some planets to come

on board and with this presentation that

you're actually gonna be watching we're

gonna be offering training so you can

find out how you can do it yourself and

if you decide yes this is something that

you want to pursue and you want to

become a partner then you can contact us

after getting involved with the training

completing it and deciding when there's

something that's suitable for you so

this is a huge opportunity to make money

don't stay on the fence don't think

about it and we're offering online

training how to actually set up a group

on how to actually make money with them

and this is from real numbers you can

actually go into Groupon yourself right


and see the numbers that people are

making it's really it's happening people

are making shitloads of money what other

people are buying the content you're

buying the content someone's making the

money group was making the money their

merchants are making the money you can

be in that position where you're making

the money and what I'll do now is

actually login to that online course

that we have available so you guys can

see the courses the quality of course

that we actually have available that you

can potentially resell or how you can

set up your own courses and advertise on

Groupon to make money okay so guys

welcome to learning management system

that we developed for one of our new

members essentially what I'll do now is

actually talk about the different

content of course that we have available

or what you guys can potentially of

course in its resale and gets into

Groupon so these all courses are

available they're all available every

single one of them is available this is

for someone that would have just

literally developed and they've come on

board recently okay

introduction medical law international

criminal law in animal biology this

nexus therapist in criminology Microsoft

Excel detox specialist business

consultant management accountant so it

is hundred of courses of you guys to

actually become a partner Marie so so in

this training that you guys gonna get

access to you will learn how to ask to

get into group on how to make in two

different daily deal websites how to

actually make your first 10,000 pound no

marketing no sales no nothing everything

fully developed for you all the way from

having a website ready all the way

telecourses all you need to do is being

proactive in terms of getting it into

various different places which will

explain to you in details and how to do

that once you decide to come a partner

so it's actually very very simple very

straightforward how to actually make

money from from the

and market the courses are pre developed

for you so you don't need to develop

nothing at all you just need to make

sure that you can get them into various

different platforms it requires hard

work it's not easy but I guarantee one

thing it will give you the freedom that

you're looking for this is no

digital marketing concept where you have

to sell to a client this is the world's

largest daily deal website how you can

make money I want you guys to go into

Groupon com do your own research see

what these guys are selling see what

other online providers are doing we

currently have over 14 live brand and a

brand on Groupon right now that's making

revenue on average we make anything

between hundred to three hundred

thousand a month and this is a remedy

that you guys can actually take part of

make a bit of money for yourself so if

you're something that you're interested

in click the link below sign up to the

course and it's only 27 pounds which is

roughly around $35 this allows you to

actually get access to everything that

we spoken about in more detail on how

you can do it and it will allow you to

obviously get an in contact if wanted to

become a partner as well and so on so

guys I'm glad you've enjoyed everything

so far see you on the other side