The Easiest Product To Sell Online (Internet Business)

hey guys this is John the rania from the

ghost university so I don't know how

long you've been following me but it's

been a while you probably heard about me

or some of my work which I coach and

mentor people on how to create and sell

digital products over the web so

presumably nothing digital products

these are ebooks audiobooks video

courses online courses so that's what I

do that's what I I you Anton internet

business masterclass or your IBMC that's

what we do now the common question that

I'm getting from people is Sir John a

new Papa glassing online product I'm

gonna be benta right so or for say an

e-book or a topic the best way to

illustrate this is this elites Olympus

our opinion in your opinion you know a

mass model in a beta K vitamins or pain

reliever right vitamins or pain reliever

you mangling sockets a pain sakta one

right so the answer to that is a pain

reliever in fact ECP nua you know

vitamins for some of you the Lily Mouton

per means and vino vino vitamins right

pero in the Quran cabal enchants and a

moment Metallica Misaka Misaka to deepen

note that you have to wake up like you

know in the middle of the night go to

mercury drug by a medicine or some kit

in general as in turn again really

disturb guy in become a couple trabajo

in become a participant Amma right

telegin literally McGahan up car now in

that cool San Marin and it happened to

my wife when I made it was a sappy GC

area we went to this mall we we watch a

movie P but prior to that my psychic you

marina and because of that in be my

enjoy young young young Aero nail and so

I immediately asked around sang Papa

bill enum commode veto and throw enough

at the parent the last floor there is a

Watson so there you go so in other words

mas modeling Macbeth an information

product and advice product right now

knowledge product to my own ebook

audiobook video courses if it solves a

problem if it helps people get rid of

the pain frustration the challenges

subbu in a lab so it's not really what

I'm trying to say is this it's not

really about the product format Kasumi

bottle and the album s wagon down Banta

ebook video courses audio books right or

online courses well they are primarily

talking about product format right think

about it ebook which is reading video

watching all your book is just listening

that's product format they're missing

the point that the point is you must

create a product that solves a problem

and the bigger problem in Iran and the

more it's like irritating for for people

what guess what that's much easier to

sell so I hope this helps come a-knockin

idea think about this is this kind of

information solves a certain problem

okay and you can easily tell that maybe

Co miss one excuse me problem they own

or you see a lot of people having those

kind of challenges so that is the answer

to the question that I know Papa and

magadhan product or topic now but not be

bent over the internet so I hope this

helps guys if you find this really

helpful please do not hesitate to to

share this video to your friends that's

it for today again this is John Rania

peace out Baboosh