How to Make Money With Your Garden - Produce Stand vs. Farmers Market

well hello everyone and welcome to the

Emma Gardner produce stand for those of

you that have not seen this I do have a

produce stand that whatever I can't eat

give to my friends and family or donate

to the soup kitchen we have to do

something with and that usually ends up

either preserved in the freezer or sold

fresh and things like you know squash

zucchini beets stuff like that we do

preserve a lot of it but we also want to

sell a little bit of it to to cover the

overhead on the garden so a lot of you

are have been asking me Luke how do me

how do I make money from my garden and

so I decided I would start off this

series on how to make money with your

garden by discussing the differences

between basically a produce stand at

home versus a farmers market stand

because I have done both and so I know I

know the ins and outs of both and kind

of what made me decide to do one at home

so the first thing we're going to talk

about is prices when it comes to prices

at a produce stand you want to be able

to set your own prices and for me that's

really crucial because I find that my

time and my effort and also just the

connection that you have with the

produce you want you don't want to just

be giving it away and that's one of the

things that I found out through the the

farmers market is that the farmer's

market manager basically the overseer of

the farmers market will set not really

set prices but make sure your prices are

within a certain guideline because a lot

of times people will maybe set them too

low and will take all the business

predatory pricing or maybe sometimes

people will have like a similar product

but but have it marked really high for

no reason at all and and they might be

in a really good spot of the farmers

market and the people walking in or say

oh well you know hey you got this I need

this I'm going to buy it and then they

get further into the farmers market

finding out that someone else has it set

same exact item for just less price and

and so they just kind of monitor the

prices so that there's fairness across

the board for everyone now the next

thing is when it comes to location

location is something that is

really crucial to having a produce in

here we are on Main Street which is why

it's very hard to film without having a

car go by because we're right on Main

Street which makes it great for us

however if you're someone that lives out

from the country a produce stand might

not be your type of thing because you

don't have the type of volume so that's

where the volume comes in and that's

where it's really crucial at a farmers

market because a farmers market

everybody knows about it and you have

just a grouping of people just to kind

of a little community and that community

attracts all those people to come in and

and shop and that's where you're going

to have a lot more people coming in at

the same time and you're going to move a

lot more produce as well now that the

next thing ties in the community which

is a benefit for those of you that like

farmer's markets and that is community a

lot of times at a produce stand like at

the house it's just yourself and you

might get a couple friends and have some

produce that one of the you know that

want to join in together and have a

produce stand but at a farmers market

you have so many people that are

bringing their wares and doing their

things and oftentimes you can actually

trade with them for instance when we did

the when we did the farmers market we

would have tomatoes and zucchini and

cucumbers and we would walk down there

and we would ask people if they wanted

to trade and oftentimes we'd find out

that oh you know so-and-so has a bottle

of honey and he's willing to trade for

uh you know three or four zucchini sure

let's do it because that's that's

actually how bartering works and that's

what's really nice is it doesn't

actually cost you any money to get

something else that you need and that's

very able to be done at a farmers market

but not able to be done at a produce

stand and the next thing we're going to

talk about is the table size when it

comes to a table size you can have as

much table space as you want when it

comes to a home produce stand but when

it comes to a farmers market the table

size is actually limited because you

actually have to buy that space and so

when it comes to just making your money

back on your produce you obviously want

to make sure that you're not spending

more money than you're making and

oftentimes I find depending on the the

farmers market the table that the cost

per table can be very expensive and

you'll find that you'll spend more just

on the table

or the tablespace then you do in the

produce that you're selling so that's

one crucial thing that you have to make

sure of and that's that's one of the

things that I that actually deter me

from farmers markets is that the one we

went to the biggest one it was $35 a day

for your for your table space you could

have a 10 by 10 10 anything you could

fit underneath a 10 by 10 10

it was just $35 but $35 I didn't have

enough produce to sell that equalled $35

so I would be even if I sold out I would

just be breaking even and for me that

was not cost-effective because I might

as well have given it to the soup

kitchen or donated to the local homeless

shelter and actually you know made some

people happy which we also do by the way

we do give food to the homeless shelters

and we do give food to the food pantries

um but you know like I said if you're

not making your money on it you might as

well be changing even more lives than

just giving it away basically and the

last thing we're talking about is

organizations often times you find with

the larger the larger farmers market

they're actually a traveling

organization people that make it a job

it's their living to sell produce so

when it comes to a small guy like me

that just is selling produce when he had

some extra it's not really suitable for

me because I can't travel and it has to

be one of those things we really do have

to sign on because they need a certain

amount of people to kind of travel so

that they have the the awareness and the

hype around the size of their farmers

markets so here in Michigan we have the

Michigan farm farmers market Association

and that is one that literally travels

all the way from Ohio up the up to the

the U P on the Upper Peninsula and they

travel all around and it's something

that I just can't do because it's not a

living for me to sell produce like that

so it's not suitable for me to do that

so I had to go to the smaller ones where

it was just kind of come as you are and

whatever you have and and I like that

but again it was the table fee and I

just found that it was really

counterproductive to be giving a table

fee only to you know just sell as much

just to cover the table fees so

well hey everyone we actually had to

come indoors and it actually turned out

to be a blessing in disguise because it

reminded me of some other things I want

to talk about really briefly and that

was whether if you have weather that is

you know kind of poor raining or windy

or you know whatever stormy you can

actually come indoors just throw a tarp

over the stuff you don't wanna get wet

and walk indoors where is at a farmers

market you really can't do that because

at a farmers market you've already

driven there and you've already packed

up the car put the tent in put the

tables in put the produce in put any

chairs in or whatever and as you really

got a commitment to just stay there and

just hold it out and you can't throw in

the towel and say okay you know what

today I'm not going to open up because

you're Hardy there so you might as well

and so that's kind of one of those

things it kind of can give you a little

bit miserable and I've definitely had my

fair share of miserable days at the

farmers market so it's one of those

things where over time you really do get

spoiled having a home market because you

can just set up a produce stand outside

and if it rains walk inside or we live

in a really good neighborhood so we can

just leave the produce stand out there

even overnight so where is that a

farmers market you only have a produce

stand open maybe once once a week twice

a week with a produce tent at your house

you can actually just have it all week

long there's no limit to how often you

can have your produce stand open so it

can truly be just an honor system or you

leave a bucket with a slit and they just

drop in money and take produce or you

can man it when you're there and um and

or you can do a little bit of both where

is that a farmers market there is no

such thing as honor system there you

have to pretty much man it all the time

so there's a lot of benefits to having

it at your house but there's also a lot

of benefits to having it at a farmers

market as well but the last thing we're

talking about is why I chose obviously

to have it at my house because I did I

chose it for the main reasons of price

selection that was a big one because I

find that my produce um it warrants a

higher price and I don't I'm not so

confident that I say well my produce is

better than everybody else's it's just

I've actually I've actually physically

tasted other people's produce and

trying their stuff versus my stuff and

the way I grow mine and what I grow them

in they have a lot more sweetness a lot

more condensed sugars a lot higher water

content and it's just a very much higher

quality vegetable and so why would you

not have a higher price for that but

again you can't have a higher price at a

farmers market because the prices are

are pretty tightly regulated now another

thing that I like to have is is space I

like to have lots of table space and if

I'm spending $10 per table that's not

really cost-effective for me because I

found that I would spend just as much as

I made and if I'm barely breaking even

it's not worth my time and it's also not

worth the fact that I'm basically giving

produce away that I could actually give

away to someone that actually really

really needs it so you know there's

another thing and so the and the very

last reason why I chose it is just

because it's efficient

I have the Main Street right outside my

window RS on my door and and so I have

the volume that you'd get with a farmers

market but it's also at my house where

if I don't want to open up that day I

just walk indoors and leave a bucket out

there for people to put money in or if I

want to man it I walk out there in mana

you know it's it's really based on my

own personal preference for that day but

the next thing and the very last thing

that we're going to talk about is what

you should do and the best way to make

money using your garden whether it's a

produce stand or farmers market is to go

off your personal preference it is

really based on your variables and what

you want to do make a pros and cons list

based on what I told you and simply see

if that's what fits you if you live out

the country a farmers markets going to

be your type of thing but also make sure

if you run to a farmers market make sure

you have enough to cover the table costs

and also make sure that you're willing

to give the prices that they're that

they are asking because you do have to

match those prices there typically I

have found something really they're

pretty loose on it but all the ones

around me that are that you're going to

do well at you have to set your prices

and then the very last thing is do you

want to maybe barter you want to trade

for for goods and or do you want to just

just sell your produce and so if you

want to trade for other people's maybe


or honey or bread or whatever you're

going to want a farmer's market that's

me something for you and those are all

cool things that I did enjoy but once I

laid out the pros and cons list the home

the home produce stand was my type of

thing and it best suited me so there you

go there's the pros and cons for farmers

market versus home produce stand

hopefully you all enjoyed and hopefully

you learned something new and if you do

sell produce let me know I really would

like to know who sells stuff out there

at a farmers market or a produce stand

and kind of what your opinions are on

that because it's a really cool subject

to talk about so let's get some

discussion going in the comments box

below or head over to the Facebook page

and I'm actually going to make a post

where you can actually discuss back and

forth with other people the pros and

cons of a produce stand vs. farmers

market so until next episode this is my

garden reminding you to grow big or go

home I'll talk to y'all later

see you guys bye