your phone is liberal

at a farmers market here in Puerto

Vallarta and this farmers market is not

very much different than most farmers

markets I've been to in Canada or the US

mainly because it's full of tourists and

expats that live here so I'm not going

to get about I'm not going to talk about

that whole thing I'm just going to talk

about some basic things five things in

particular that I think are super

important if you want to sell out and

crush it at the farmers market every

time you do one so the first thing

that's super important is you've got to

stand up you have to be engaged stand up

stay engaged and make your customers

feel like you're meeting them on their


the problem with sitting down is for one

it doesn't really personify an image of

you care it's kind of like I'm just

sitting here I don't really want to be

here it it kind of shows apathy and you

don't want that in sales this is kind of

rudimentary to sales but another thing

that's super important about standing up

is that when customers approach your

booth you're already at eye level with

them and this has a lot to do with body

language and I'll talk more about that

in this list of five but when they come

to you you're already standing if you

sit down and you kind of wait for

customers and then when the customer

shows up you stand up you immediately

change the vibe and there's a

subconscious reaction that people will

have to that is it kind of puts them off

and this might be different in other

countries but I found in North America

North Americans in particular they like

to kind of meet you in the middle you

don't want to be too overbearing but you

don't want to be passive you kind of

want to meet them in the middle and kind

of remain neutral when they come to your

stand the second thing that is totally

rudimentary to set it up out of farmers

market it's an old saying with farmers

pilot hi watch it fly create the

illusion of abundance you might not have

a lot of stuff but the way you stack

your stuff the way you put it all

together you can create vertical piles

you can hang things from the sides you

can create the illusion of abundance

because people like abundance people


the idea of a pile you have a pile you

know human beings are often attracted to

piles of bull but that's a whole

other story but in the in the instance

of stuff we like piles of stuff this is

why conventional grocery stores make

mountains of coke cans or in the liquor

store mountains of beer six packs of PBR

you know people like the people like a

pile and they're drawn to that we you

know human beings aren't that much

different then crows you know we like

shiny things and we like piles of things

and so we're drawn to the piles so

create the pile pile at high watch it

fly create the illusion of abundance if

you don't have an absolute abundance

another thing that I see this is the

number three that people make a mistake

on all the time is they don't they don't

monitor their customer flow and if you

show up at a farmers market you'll know

what I'm talking about when you go into

a booth and it's often and I don't want

to know how cares it's going to say it

there's often a line of old ladies in

the front that are asking to sample

every single thing and it takes forever

to get in there you as the vendor have a

responsibility to make sure that you

monitor how your customers Flo moves and

when you see that and you're selling you

have to be thinking and talking at the

same time but also want it monitor the

flow so when you see that you have to

say politely excuse me ladies would you

mind if I just let these people in they

want to make a quick purchase and you

know do that you have to kind of

multitask when you're doing these things

but if you can keep your flow of

customers smooth people will keep coming

back and I've seen this happen many

times work out negatively for vendors

where you get a reputation of being

somebody who takes forever and then a

lot of people at farmers markets uh it's

a waste of time you got to stand in line

for half an hour you have to be

cognizant of people's time and

accommodate the people that want to just

come in and give you money because at

the end of the day they just want to

come in and give you cash and they want

to be out of there

get a fourth thing that's pretty tied to

that last one is you have to learn to

talk and sell at the same time you know

one of the things that people love

coming to a farmers market for is they

want to talk to the producer they want

to get to know you they

to know your story they want to know

about your product they want to get to

know you and that's a great thing so you

kind of have to learn to be a talking

head when you're at a farmers market but

what you have to do is you have to be

able to sell and talk at the same time

so you need to be able to be engaged in

a conversation with somebody telling

them about your foreign tilling but what

you do but then also have somebody who

just wants to be that person who wants

to just give you some money and leave

and then take their money make their

change and say thank you very much see

you later you have people to do that so

you really have to be able to multitask

and do one thing while having a

conversation at the same time and that's

not easy to do it takes time to do that

but with some practice and if you're

really aware of it you'll do it and you

can you know Viva Mexico you learn to do

it at the same time basically and it's

super important it ties right into

customer flow and keeping people coming

into your stand and not getting

frustrated by you okay the fifth thing

and there could be many more but this is

the fifth one I learned this from my

girlfriend and this is mirroring body

language so super important it's

something that people at high levels of

business do something that Tony Robbins

talks about but be able to mirror

somebody's body language so how that

plays out in a farmers market is when

people come to your booth you kind of

give them a once-over and kind of figure

out where they're at there's some people

that come up to your stand and they're

super Keener's they're high energy and

they're like they want to talk and they

want it they want to get into it they

want to see what you've got and those

are opportunities where you can launch

into it give them your spiel sell them

the stuff they walk away happy but

there's other kinds of people who are

maybe more timid who come up and they

don't really want to have a conversation

they kind of want to just look at your

stuff and if they feel like it they'll

buy something if you if you're with too

pushy with those people they'll leave

and I see it here in Mexico all the time

and I think it has a lot to do with the

fact that there's kind of six months of

tourism here all the Americans and

Canadians come down is especially

specifically portable yata for six

and a lot of the people that have been

you know living here and they make the

money through tourism they've had

downtime for a period of time and

they're a little eager so you walk by

and they go hey Nico can I sit and they

try to just like aggressively trying to

sell you something honestly there's no

bigger turn-off in my opinion than

somebody who is an eager beaver and just

trying to hustle you because that's what

it seems like it seems like to hustle

you they might not be

they might not very well be trying to

hustle you but that's what it seems like

so you want to kind of meet people in

the middle of where they're at if

they're kind of chill you want to be

kind of chill if they're high energy you

might try to mirror that a little bit I

mean you have to do without being

pretentious obviously but you want to

kind of meet people in the middle and

don't feel like you're going to alienate

them too much you want to feel connected

they want to feel connected to you and a

lot of the stuff is subconscious but

it's really important so those are my

five things the five ways you can crush

it at a farmers market every time I hope

that helps for you guys if you want to

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