The Best Way To Sell Your House is Privately

the best way to sell your house hi this

is Bob Morrill from email home CA

talking to sellers today about the best

way to sell your house now I'm a real

estate agent so the first thing you need

to do is say hey this guy is just gonna

be biased

well I'll surprise you the best way to

sell your house today is privately and

here's how you do it you need to have a

sign on the lawn

you need to advertise in the local paper

you need to put it on a website that's

seen by at least a few thousand people

and you need to be on the MLS

the latter thing the MLS is like without

being on the MLS you're doing what every

other private company and private seller

does is you're hoping that somebody will

drive by and see your house take the

time to come and ask you how much it

costs and have a look around and to make

you an offer or they're going to go on a

website one of Hamilton there's at least

12 of them now different private sale

companies so you're hoping that they'll

see that one listing on one of those

sites and come and see your house none

of that works most of the time the way

it does work is on the MLS because

organized real estate so that's real

estate agents anybody the public to go

onto the MLS system whatever organized

real estate make sure that your house is

instantly seen overnight when it's on

the MLS but how do you get on there you

need a real estate agent to get on the

MLS that's the law however there are

some private companies out there that

will put you on the MLS through an

association they have with a real estate

company for a fee usually around 500 to

a thousand dollars they'll put you on

the MLS now that sounds like a lot of

money but it is critical to be on the

MLS because the world will see your

houses for sale once you're on the MLS

now the public is seeing it but more

importantly is all the agents in the

area are seeing that listing right away

you say well I don't want to pay an

agent well let's think about that for a

minute mister agent here has been

cultivating these buyers and they've

been looking at houses for a couple of

months he's been spending time with them

he's got them pre-approved so there's no

financing issues he's explained to them

all the different types of houses so

that now there are educated buyers

they're not going to look and nickel and

dime you they're not going to look for a

little silly little things to fix

because the agent is cultivated and

that's taking them a couple of months

but they haven't found the house they

like yet suddenly he sees your house and

he calls up mister mister buyer says hey

think I found the perfect house and he

brings that buyer to you they love the

house and they make an offer you say to

me why should I pay the agent because

the agent has been working to get that

buyer ready to buy your house the person

you don't need to pay is me because I'm

listing your house or the private

company whoever you use to get on the

MLS all you did was pay to get on the

MLS you didn't want any other other

services so the most that should cost is

about a thousand dollars some will even

do it cheaper than that the most

important part about what we're talking

about here is paying the buyer's agent

to bring that buyer to you and what that

person expects is 2 to 2.5 percent of

the sale of your home on a $200,000 home

that's about 4,500 bucks now if you

think that's too much money

step back for a minute if you sell your

house without this guy you have to do

all the cultivating of the buyers how do

you do that when you're not an agent

well you have to put ads in the paper to

attract people to come to your house you

have to put it on in many web sites as

you possibly can that usually costs a

few bucks and adds up plus the time it

takes to cultivate all these people

because you're gonna have to get as many

people through your house as possible

in order to find that one person that's

ready to buy of course then you're going

to have to make sure that person was

financed properly that that person is

not going to look a nickel and diming to

desk that that person is not going to

pick on things in your house and try and

bring the price down you've got the

agent stopping all that from happening

because that's their job so for 4,500

bucks you have a no headache sale of

your house privately what are you saving

while you're saving on the listing side

which is another two 22.5% this is why

when you're asking agencies what does it

cost to sell a house you're hearing a

five and six percent mark that's because

two ages get paid when you sell

privately I'm suggesting that you only

pay the one agent you get on the MLS

anyway you can either through an agent

or through a private company pay

whatever it takes but you're only going

to pay the buyer's agent when your house

sells only then for more tips like this

or if you're not quite sure what I'm

talking about

feel free to email man we at Robert at

email homes CA I'd be happy to answer

any of your questions free of charge of

course and no obligation whatsoever you

can text me - if you like it five three

six four six four four this is not a

complicated issue but it is a great

for you to save money without

disinheriting the most important group

of people who will likely bring in a

buyer for your home