Everything you need to know about Private Reg Plates

welcome to is it fast we're today we are

talking about private registration

plates that's right if you've ever

fancied buying yourself a private plate

or maybe you've got a private plate at

the moment and you want to try and sell

it but you don't know where to begin

then this is the episode for you today

I'm going to be talking to grahame from

red switch what he doesn't know about

private number plates isn't worth

knowing and he's going to talk us

through with very exciting and very

personal world of personalised number

plates in your in your experience what's

the split between people that are

getting a plate do you think for their

own purposes so essentially they want to

do something with Lambo Ferrari Astro GC

GSI and people that are looking at it as

an investment

do you see quite a bit differential in

there apparently the vehicles probably

in a fast and foremost I think I think

investment-wise I think people even if

you go back to the dealers plate I'm so

whether it's shell Nationals in their

number one number two these tapes are

plates for really quite cheap back ten

twenty years ago you could pack them up

for a few grand to paint in the day I

mean for instance we get one just last

night I just posted up that was the mph

one so when you look at the price at in

obviously the guy he misses with it you

think valuation wise and it's really

hard to put a price on plates like that

because build know there's a market stop

stop for that so you have a b-train a

look at what so previously what sort of

auction they 68000 i says 'hey you can

look back and see plates like him as a

VIP one it went for 285,000 some of that

back in 2006 so I mean that was back

then was that plate loss note and then

you can I thank

VIP one mph it's like there's a bhp it's

like it's a Nationals that mean

something actually not not just a

Nationals like even my own gjh then

kinda hard to move on mph bhp these

things are

a huge variety so since the investment

side is what you were asking

I think was 10 or 20 years ago when you

were buying a plate to hopefully one day

would be wash the bag of money I think

though these plates are already came out

seven the the top end so to buy a plate

note for investment unless you're

getting something will achieve a bargain

price or you can I see something auction

he won he get then potentially they did

they'll be an investment at some point

those cheap plates earlier that you can

buy like that Nationals where one or two

know they're already came to sell you

and further then I'll keep moving up to

you and with the hundreds of thousands I

don't know the rule if that would stand

up I don't really know if people are

well on your period they can on money

set to the eight hundred thousand so

investment-wise a lot of stole

investments earlier and especially if

you can I call these auctions and or

faint bargains or things like that's

when people were maybe strapped for cash

and what kept trying to move on I said

some stuff with that and I played that

the ball for six or seven can I know

what they're you're 14 you think could

do we some money here but rather than

the 40 Grandal

I would even copy for 24 then you can

maybe start buying as an investment now

so I always think that adding a

personalized registration plate does

something a little bit different to to a

car but I just wondered in your position

what what you think of the red plate

world and and how you got into it as a

teenager I was always one of the things

that I would see that I looked at cars

and remembered them for a even grown up

and before he even cleaner drive him and

stuff with up whether it was parents

cars range range parents cars are well

those look at the karna is the plate

watch such-and-such job that type of

thing so even even if it wasn't a nice

plate even at that time the last three

digits of the plate over with King and

make it standard and then as I became

older I get my license car I am I was

one of these people at the time that was

a escort Argo

Vegeta's or best a percent and I would

spend a lot of money doing the cows up

so alloys exhaust suspension cost

intelligent intelligent suppose probably

some things actually be more than the

car was lost itself and then it got to

the stage where once she had done all

that stuff it was like working a window

or next and then at that can attain for

me I was gonna get many play dates and

I'm gonna be alert and seeing what was

what and even by the end things beyond

this expensive but then Clete wisest

there can be no and so a few hundred

quid can I got you that extra

personalization on your car that would

make obtain a stand out some things we

didn't cost as much as I said I've

always were at the time but even if you

have to leave your tires for me that's

kind of what got me out yet and then not

only was a by myself I played when it

was car families often survived a family

member to play it friends it was just

one of those cannot hear some touches as

well as I guessed again back there new

well too expensive so even as I guessed

it was a hundred and that that's kind of

what got me and it from that point of

view an injustice is cannot he went on I

and I got the kids so when the kids were

born I gotta catch pleats just back then

and I would just keep them on retention

and totally the kids are old enough to

get a plate again the advantage to do it

not as well as when I was buying the

plates back then they're a bit cheaper

where does his team goes on to get that

same plate and when Adam conjugate team

for instance costing a lot more money

and so that's gonna they can't play it's

an N even map my van and stuff without

of getting decimal plates one guy so it

was just for me it's just always

something I've done know something of

love to the passion boat I mean when it

came time to think about as a business

means becomes something but that's

something I love a passion something

that I've always cleaner b92 anyway just

on your business it's almost one of

those things that are I guess


or or kind of impact crew for a wee bit


when you're buying in sales and ever

since Cana Donovan Layne anyway and so

paperwork it's all dvla or it can all be

done via the computer so is it doesn't

affect us in the sense that we need the

premises for people to come in and visit

it you know as a business or we do need

to deliver things that we're doing so

it's that's one of those things and even

at I mean people like I say you can stop

me cheaper not plates for instance just

last year I D VLE a Christmas thing

thanks for Kanan slowing down by

destroyed even in the cardboard Kennedy

in the 2019 I am but the plates were

stoked you know we were kind of looking

at it and thinking we really can I

sailor not much to know javi and when

you look at the car world like I say the

place is what is cleaner top supercars

are okay and I think but then we looked

at the DVLA statistics or even just

December of 2019 I think this old

something like forty thousand number

place in December alone it's crazy

over ten thousand and then sold on

Christmas morning so it's like when you

look at it people even though things may

be real I'm doing great at that time

people were still buying number plates

even if it was just from DVLA we're

obviously can I think the cheapest

plates if you like you're buying from

source and such a volume of people that

were stock punches and played show the

rest other market therefore they restore

stop and people's mains or stop buying

them that'll start personalizing their

cars towed and all that sort of stuff

even though things were you know moving

towards their okay now that's a thing

where things are taking aha

so Stefan Ibaka áfourá and some it's a

massive market I mean some of these

saves some of your cannot talk names ok

eat Million number plates minutes

maximum market I think if you're truly

into into cars into the automotive world

regardless of what your taste is whether

it's you know a Moorish from the 50s or

whether it's a seven 20s or you know

which incidentally I saw the other day

you can now pick up for a hundred twenty

five grand someone is someone's reeling

over that one I think

and it's interesting to see what lengths

people will go to and what costs people

will accrue in order to add what I and

III think individual registration plates

registeel the you know in a way the holy

grail of I've I've now completely

personalized that motor people

personally the Spain 1560 key when the

speck of a car to base place 100k but it

aims of spec 250 key that 50 kids going

you know it never grind back when you go

sell that car aha this paint will help

sell because somebody will say well I

want I want high spec that yet for my

money and even if you went now all W you

sell used probably before the others on

the market but not for they know for the

money you get base price back whereas

when you're looking at them for the key

for these people who have put knocking

ass bacon at the top you spend down in a

plea then investment keep it for 20 or

30 years move it from car to car with

you so always the herbs always yours

will always be no.1 always such and such

using your car because access play honor

everyone see it and an F not if you

don't make 10 or 20 or 30 grand and not

played 20 years time you still get your

money back for winners cars just know

you're losing as you say it there with

my car in the stock so there you've got

a car

there's no dropped to these Cana I mean

beautiful cars nice house I'm so for

your money

you're thanking or you're giving 720s

for that kind of money even though it's

it that attractive place I don't I don't

think we'd avoid it why no I think a

number plate with big you talk about and

kind of getting yourself into a decent

motor of getting yourself a good plate

be it from an investment perspective or

more likely personalization I think for

me one of the things that has

put me off in the past is isn't is not

being massively comfortable with the

process so what does the process entails

basically if it's what everyone please

we've evolved in certificate seven ready

and it can be done in 24-48 hours

basically dependent for Diaz in dpla's

open times and Huggy so it's a very very

easy process for us one should purchase

one up a lot place emphasis on customer

plea then a couple of different options

maybe the customers table has it in a

car they then have to put under tension

before we can scratch on it you ruin

vehicle maybe they've already got it

under tension which makes the process by

easier again you can stretch it straight

on D your vehicle if that's the case and

really it's all my certificate in Euro

because of two things really required to

sweat to over so it's not so no I can't

agree process and anything hey one thing

at witzy as if you're buying a plate

and you know what you're trying to

penetrate on your vehicle so you you

then 101 your certificate because maybe

you have constant going to be ready for

three months you can spent in your car

or whatever an incident but you want the

plates with one cup if you do it that

way there's kind of more risks so really

you want to be pretty extreme on the car

so the best process is to get on our

vehicle as soon as you possibly can

and especially within the first year of

boxes now I wouldn't even wait any

longer than six months to go honest I

would just want to try and get a water

car as soon as possible and our wheels

no issues the plates no euros but the

last thing but because you must see

before God knows how many reg numbers

and plates kind of go past you in every

and every kind of sense other than the

ones you already owe yourself personally

what's been your favorite or the one

that you thought that is a winner that

one completed before just no and

abundantly definitely I mean from

everything from you know where they can

unlock the chance the every number that

plea the team I mean everything it we

went Cana

to get please know this definitely one

of my favorites I mean Purcell one of my

favorites I think it up by know for

seven and a half thousand somewhat up

and the top bed the top bed on top bed

or net was seen a half gram and it

doesn't meet it doesn't actually reaches

Brazil and I had you do it too much and

Chester I'd seen it deeply honey but

what you framed was some of these option

times as detained by no Cana bypassed me

I don't realize that by now is over the

seven and a half thousand I wouldn't

know what I thought a million years that

would be by no place so I assumed that

it was the they came at top right at

that moment in time and we speak to my

business partner and he says to me

listen I've just ordered a hoodie can

careful mighty few weeks time of any

system you look for a plate for me and I

was like that lamb burger and an offer

or forget accepted record and that was

just talk Chinese how nobody else seen

up how everybody else invested because

for that Kingdom money able to get

snapped up in a minute go back to our

chart about investment if you had to

come across something like that and you

get it for that Kingdom money then by

all means it's it's an investment not

plea for what we paid for that plea you

never lose my lady lady lady lamb

bollock was the circumstances that kena

took us to that point it was just kinda

meant to be or the place that we would

not call it a best one

thank you very much for sharing your

knowledge so that's it if you want to

get yourself into the private

registration plate game you want to get

yourself a private plate to personalize

your car stand out from the crowd or

even as an investment hopefully you've

learned a little bit about what you need

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