How to Sell on Amazon in 2020 Step by Step (Late 2019 Private Label for Beginners Tutorial)

what's going on guys welcome back to the

channel hope you're all having a great

day in this video we're gonna be

breaking down the entire Amazon FBA

private label business model from start

to finish so if you're a beginner or

you're contemplating getting started

with Amazon FBA private label you've

come to the right place because a lot of

things have changed with Amazon FBA

private label in the last little while

I'm a posted a ton because I haven't had

much to say but things are really

changing it is a lot more competitive

now and I do want to explain to you how

you can still succeed with private label

in 2020 and moving forward so without

any further ado it let's get right into

the video so first of all I'll just talk

briefly about what Amazon FBA private

label is for those of you who are very

new and don't really know too much about

it basically what we're doing is we find

products that sell well on Amazon

meaning they have a high demand but they

have low competition so high demand

means there are a lot of sellers doing

well there's a lot of proving sales in

the market so you know that if you were

to sell this product that people

actually want the product then on the

other hand we want these products to

have low competition so by that I mean

we don't want to see anyone just

dominating the market for example if

you're looking at tissue paper

the brown Kleenex might be dominating

and everyone goes to Kleenex to buy

their products because they know them

and they trust them you don't want to go

into a market like that that's being

completely dominated you want to find an

opportunity where there are a bunch of

different sellers all succeeding and

there's not too many well-established

players in the market so they don't even

have to be big household names but as

long as they're or you don't even have

to be worrying about just big household

names but you also have to be worried

about you know if there's just some

random seller you've never heard of

that's getting all the sales of that

product in the market then you'd

probably want to avoid that market we're

gonna break that down a little bit more

later so once you find a product that's

proven to sell well that has high demand

low competition what you want to do is

you want to source that product so one

of the most common places to source

products is Alibaba comm so Alibaba is a

Chinese wholesale website where you can

buy custom products in bulk so you could

just buy a generic same product that

everyone else is selling so for example

stainless steel water bottles if I

wanted to buy stainless steel water

bottles I could do that on Alibaba but I

could also make my own custom design if

I wanted to I could get my

predominant product they're kind of

endless possibilities because you're

speaking directly with manufacturers so

the people who are actually making the

product and then on top of that you're

ordering in bulk so you get a good price

on the product so for example right here

I see on Amazon calm water bottles are

selling anywhere from 15 to looks like

around $30 for stainless steel water


you cannot you're not gonna buy these

for 15 or $30 you're gonna want to buy

them in bulk maybe you're paying $5 or

$6 to get a bunch of water bottles maybe

you're buying a hundred or two hundred

or a thousand units that way you can

afford to price them at this competitive

pricing so once you've found a product

you like on Alibaba you're gonna get

that supplier to send you a sample so

what you're gonna do with that sample

now is you're gonna look at it and make

sure it's exactly what you'd expect and

that you actually like the product

because you wouldn't want to order a

hundred units or even 500 plus units of

a product not knowing what it actually

looks like in person right so you're

gonna have that product that sample

shipped to your house once you found the

supplier that you like you're gonna

approve that sample and then once you

approve to that sample you're gonna

place your bulk order with the supplier

now what the supplier is then gonna do

is they're gonna ship that inventory

directly to an Amazon warehouse so if

you're selling on they're

gonna send it to one of amazon's many

warehouses located in the US and from

there Amazon takes care of the rest so

all you have to do is you have to put up

a listing on Amazon so all these

products right here what we're looking

at these are called listings if you

actually click through we can see

there's different variations on this

listing that has a title has nice

pictures sometimes I'll have a video and

have text right this is sales coffee

kind of like the features of the product

of the benefits that they're selling to

you so you're gonna want to make a

listing and put your product up for sale

now once your products is up for sale

people can buy it and once they buy it

instead of you shipping out the product

yourself because you shifted to an

Amazon warehouse Amazon's team is gonna

be the one who ships out the product so

they're gonna go into your inventory

staff they're gonna take one of the

bottles they're gonna put it in the

Amazon box and they're gonna ship it

directly to that customer so you don't

have to worry about handling any of the

inventory now that's the beauty of the

FBA business model so FBA stands for

fulfillment by Amazon meaning they're

fulfilling your orders

so that means with this business you

don't need to have a huge team of people

you don't need to have your own

warehouse all you need is a computer and

you're pretty much good to go

so yeah we're gonna break this down a

little bit more you know in just a

minute because there's a lot more to it

than that you have to increase your

sales volume and rank your product on

the first page for specific keywords so

people can actually find your product

you have to make sure that your listing

is well optimized so people will see

your product and can actually buy it so

we're gonna break all that down in just

a second so in this video we're gonna be

talking about five main steps so number

one finding your product and setting up

your business so how do you use Amazon

to find products with potential for

sales and how to set up your seller

account we're just gonna briefly go over

some of this keep in mind I'm not gonna

keep you guys here for like ten hours so

I'm covering as much as I can in the

time that I'm with you but I can't cover

every single thing I'm in this business

I'm gonna try to cover the major points

and most of the stuff you need to know

to get started but some of the minor

details might be missed because this is

a full business right it's not a you

know three-step concepts there's a lot

that goes into this it's just like any

other business number two we're gonna

talk about sourcing your product and

shipping it to Amazon so you'll find a

supplier order a product sample place

the order for the bulk inventory and

then how to ship to Amazon and then

you're going to create your listing so

that's step number three so we're gonna

talk about how to actually write a

listing that can help you sell your

products number four you're gonna launch

your product so this basically just

means that when you start selling your

product you're trying to rank for a

keyword so let's say again back to the

stainless steel water bottle example if

you were selling stainless steel water

bottles you ideally want to be ranked on

the first page you want to be placed on

this first page for this particular

keyword because if you're not let's say

your keyword or your product is a

stainless steel water bottle but you're

showing up on page 20

chances are no one's gonna see your

product when was the last time you went

to Amazon and purchase something from a

page other than the first page of

results so usually most shoppers are

going to just look at the first page and

make a decision here so in order to get

on this first page you need to show

Amazon the customers want to buy your


Amazon displays the products that they

think customers are most likely to buy

on the first page because you have to

remember that when you're selling on

Amazon Amazon gets a cut of all of your

sales and they want to make more money

they want to make more sales so they're

gonna show customers the products they

think they're most likely to buy it so

in order to rank on the first page what

you need to do is you have to show

Amazon that you have high sales volume

and that you're out selling some of this

competition so all the first page

sellers here you want to elite match or

outsell some of these sellers and then

another thing that really is important

for ranking which we're gonna break down

later as well is getting product reviews

if you have product positive product

reviews like these guys do here that's

really gonna help customers convert and

buy your products because a lot of

people feel a lot more comfortable in

making a purchase

when there are reviews so that helps

with your rank but it also helps with

your conversions and making customers

feel confident when buying your product

and then number five is marketing and

scaling your product so whether it's

scaling your brand or diversifying your

products we're gonna talk about that as

well because really once you launch the

product successfully and you're selling

it consistently you want to reach a

larger audience till you don't want to

just be a stagnant and stuck at that one

spot you want to grow your business or

some people might be happy at that one

spot but I think it's always great to be

growing your business if you have a good

opportunity to make more money why not

do so okay so number one finding your

product and setting up your business

we're gonna go over how to find products

using Amazon and how to set up your

seller account on seller central which

is the stellar platform for Framm some

sellers but before we go into too much I

want to talk about who can sell in

Amazon just because I get a lot of

questions about this and I want to make

this very clear that anyone can sell on

Amazon from anywhere in the world but

that doesn't mean anyone should I

personally sell on and I'm

from Canada so if you are aware there

are multiple different Amazon markets

there's which is the u.s.

dossier which is Canada there's Germany

UK Japan Australia I'm sure I'm missing

some other ones as well but there are a

ton of different Amazon marketplaces and

you can sell on any of them I choose to

sell on because that's where

a majority of Amazon sales happen the

sales volume on website is just

so much more than

the other Amazon websites because Amazon

has been around in the States so much

longer and the customers in the US are

just much more used to buying on Amazon

so it's the biggest marketplace that's

where you're gonna see the most money

but it doesn't necessarily mean it's the

best place if you're in Germany or

you're in Canada and you want to sell on

those marketplaces that can definitely

still work for you just know that you're

probably not gonna see products doing as

high of sales volume as they are on Comm

now along with that if you're in a first

world country you can sell on

it should be very simple the money will

go directly into your bank account if

you want to set it up that way if you're

in something like a third world country

you might need a product like hyper

wallet or Payoneer to help kind of

bridge the gap between Amazon paying you

directly into your bank account because

they won't pay directly they don't go

into a pay ability or hyper wallet

account and then that will be

transferred to you but you can't sell

from anywhere on the world on any Amazon

Marketplace so don't worry about that if

that was a concern you had another

question is do you need an LLC or

corporation to sell on Amazon and the

answer is no so if you're just looking

to get started selling on Amazon don't

worry about setting up a corporate

structure you don't need to do that

right away so what I personally did

starting out was I actually started as

an individual so just selling under my

own name and that's completely okay

eventually if you are making a lot of

sales and you're making a lot of money I

would highly recommend setting up a

corporation or LLC some type of company

for me I set up a company in British

Columbia in Canada that's my local

province right but I sell uncom that was

just the advice that I receive from my

accountant I'm not an accountant or a

lawyer so I'm not gonna give you legal

or financial advice but if you want some

advice from someone I definitely

recommend speaking to someone in your

local area to see what they recommend

for us are as far as your business

structure goes but for a lot of us I


signing up for a corporation or type of

business in your local country is

usually the way to go but some people do

set up an LLC in the States even if

they're not from the state the state's

we're not gonna go into what LLC's and

corporations are right now but just know

that you you don't necessarily need one

to get

selling I also do want to mention that

this isn't all for everyone just because

there's a lot of hype around these

online business models I know Amazon FBA

private label has kind of I mean I guess

the hype has died down a little bit but

is still it's still a completely viable

business model and there's still a ton

of people making a lot of money a lot of

new sellers joining every day I'm in the

middle of launching seven products right

now so it definitely still is alive and

well but I want you to know that this

business is not for everyone yes anyone

probably can make money on Amazon if

they really work hard and they really

tried but this is not idarich quick

scheme so if you're here to try to

become a millionaire overnight it's not

gonna happen you're not gonna become

super rich doing this right away it's

gonna take you take a lot of time and a

lot of effort so this business does

require work it's not completely passive

I do think once you actually get things

running you know if you have if you're

not adding new products and actually

focused on marketing and growing your

brand that it can be relatively passive

yes but all good things do come to an

end if you're not willing to

consistently put in the work and grow

your business and then just on top of

that not everyone is meant to own a

business whether it's Amazon or Shopify

or just a brick-and-mortar store not

everyone is gonna be a great business

owner so if you're happy working 9 to 5

that might be the path for you there's a

lot of benefits to selling on Amazon

right you get time freedom location

freedom you can pretty much there's no

limit time with some money you can make

but it's just not for everyone sometimes

there are gonna be challenges that come

up when you're when you're running your

own business there's gonna be problems

that you have to deal with 24/7 I'm not

trying to say that Amazon FBA is bad

it's changed my life it allowed me to

quit my job and kind of have the life I

always wanted freedom to go wherever I

want whenever I want I don't have to

worry about money but yeah just know

it's not meant for everyone so lastly

before we actually get into the real

content this business is hard but it's

not dead if you're a gentleman join this

business know that the business model is

always changing slightly Amazon is

always making changes to what they allow

what they don't allow so you have to

stay on top of that sort of stuff right

now tariffs are increasing a lot so

importing goods from China to the US is

starting to cost a lot more because of

the Trump tariffs depending on in

on who's in office when you're watching

this video things might change but just

know there are external factors that you

can't control that you're gonna have to

adapt to consistently on top of that

competition is growing there's a lot of

Chinese sellers that are making it a lot

harder to compete there's a lot of new

Amazon sellers from the US or from

wherever else in the world who are doing

a really good job bringing new products

to market as well so it's not like

you're gonna throw a product up on

Amazon with your logo on it and you're

just gonna dominate those days did exist

but they're not here anymore

I'm not saying you have to go build the

next high smile teeth or the next Jim

shark like a huge brown like that but

you do have to take some extra steps to

make sure that you can actually beat out

the competition so we'll talk about that

a little bit more later but yeah it's

just not what it used to be you can't

just throw a logo on a random garbage

product and expect to make a million

dollars it's not gonna happen

so what do you need to sell on Amazon

you need an amazon seller account so I

recommend a professional account because

it's $40 a month for a professional

account but if you are selling on a

regular account the free account as soon

as you hit $40 or 40 product sales it

converts you to a professional account

anyways so the main difference is when

you're selling less than four units per

month you're paying extra fees on top of

your sales with every product sold

whereas with a pro account you're just

paying an Amazon referral fee so they

take 15% of every sale and then they

have an FBA fulfillment fee which is

basically what it cost them to package

their product and send it out to the

customers so if you're on the free

account you're just paying more in fees

per sale and you're not really gonna

make a ton of money if you're only

selling 40 products per month anyways so

I recommend going to a professional

account right from the get-go I also do

want to mention that when you're on a

pro seller account Amazon does require

you to have commercial general liability

insurance and they want you to have an

insurance policy that covers up to a

million dollars now our amazon doesn't

verify this as at least as of right now

so I do know a lot of people that start

out without having that but legally I do

have to tell you guys that that is a

requirement as a pro seller on a pro

seller account and I for a minimum


I mean it's there's a huge range of

different budgets I could tell you but

I'm going to say a very very minimum of

$2,000 you

and I think that's really just limiting

you a lot just because when you're

looking at products you want to order

anywhere from about 200 to 500 ish units

for your first order sometimes even more

in order to make the price worth it

right to get in bulk so you can sell it

at an affordable price and to actually

sell consistently without running out of

inventory before your next order because

running out of inventory is not a very

good thing because you want to show

Amazon that your sales are consistent so

they favor your products but with $2,000

it really limits what you can sell

because keep in mind once you find a

product you also have to pay shipping on

top of that as well and just expensive

to ship from China if that's where

you're shipping from TV United States 3k

plus is a little bit healthier of a

budget in my opinion to be completely

transparent I started this business with

eighteen hundred dollars Canadian which

is probably like fourteen hundred

dollars u.s. but that was two years ago

that was quite a while ago and I had a

really cheap product so I got kind of

lucky with that but now I say two

thousand US is my very very minimum I

would even recommend 3k and if you have

more than that the more the better just

gives you more options for the products

you can afford so you're not so limited

with your product selection you also

need a willingness to learn and you need

to be able to invest time a lot of

people hear that this is a passive

business model which I did say it is

fairly passive but starting out it's a

lot of work you're learning a new skill

and you're learning a new business so if

you're not willing to put in time you

can't make this business work especially

at the beginning when you don't know

anything you're gonna have to watch a

lot of YouTube content if you're in a

course you're gonna have to watch that

and there's gonna be a lot of trial and

error because you're gonna need to

figure out what works and what doesn't

and then lastly an EIN self-employment

identification number for tax purposes

in the US if you're selling in the US

might be necessary if you're in the u.s.

already and you have a corporation or

LLC you're probably having AI an already

if you're an individual it might they

might also use your social security

number but if you're from outside the US

selling in the u.s. a lot of times

you're gonna have to provide an EIN to

import products into the country

sometimes you won't ask for it but other

times you will so that might be

something you need to consider getting

later on as well it's not urgent but I

just know that that is something you

might need

so let's talk about product research

here for a second because this is the

most important part of the business in

my opinion product selection is

everything if you have a great product

but you don't know how to market very

well you can still make money on the

other hand if you take a absolutely

terrible product that's just not meant

for Amazon private label no matter how

good of a marketer you are it's not

gonna do well performing on Amazon you

might be able to drive external traffic

if you know how to do things like

Facebook ads but as for the Amazon

ecosystem if there's no demand on Amazon

just not a good Amazon product

it won't six succeed or do very well on

Amazon so like I mentioned a bit earlier

you want a product that has high demand

and ideally low competition so high

demand you want to see there's a lot of

revenue and a lot of sales spread

throughout the market which there are

software tools you can use just show you

that stuff which I'll show you guys in a

minute and low competition ideally

especially for beginners you definitely

want low competition once you're a bit

more experienced and you have some more

capital it might be okay to enter a

little bit more of competitive markets

I'm entering some more competitive

markets right now but I do have the

experience and I do know a lot more than

the typical person about Amazon FBA and

how to rank a product how to sell a

product you also want to make sure that

the market as a whole looks good so if

you just saw one seller doing really

well selling stainless steel water

bottles let's say there was one guy and

he was doing a hundred thousand revenue

per month but every other seller on

Amazon was doing $300 $400 well that's

not very enticing for you that's

probably not a good market for you to

enter instead I would rather see maybe

one got even one hundred thousand

dollars but everyone else doing ten

thousand dollars in that market as well

that shows me that a lot of people are

wanting to buy this product and there

are a lot of brands that can do very

well with this product so I just also

want breach briefly mention this before

we actually go into the product research

just so you guys have an idea

you know actually I'll first show you

this before we go right into the product

research I want to show you guys what

I'm talking about with the software so

one of the tools that I use for product

research is called Jungle Scout there

are a lot of other ones as well out

there there's viral launch on helium 10

those are the only two others that I

would really recommend after which one

should you use helium 10 viral launch or

jungle Scout it really doesn't matter

they're all fairly similar yes some are

going to be slightly

more accurate but it's not like one is

gonna show you that a product is not

selling the one is gonna show you that

the product is doing a million dollars a

month they all have a pretty good data

they're all well-known software's used

by a ton of users and I use all of them

they've all worked so it's really just a

matter of preference don't get too hung

up on your actual software that's a big

issue I see you with a lot of new

sellers is they can't find a product

let's say and they they blame it on the

software they think oh maybe the

software's not good should I try the

software and you'll see people posting

their Facebook groups asking questions

about which software is best and should

they switch software because they're too

focused on that rather than actually

just doing so I'd recommend you guys

just choose a software stick with it and

just babe whether it's helium 10 viral

lunch or it's almost gout they all work

and just jump into it and just get going

with your product research don't worry

about what school you're using the tool

is only as good as the user so let's get

right into this so this is jungle scout

this is the one that I use and as you

can see when I run the Chrome extension

there was this little button right here

it actually shows me each listing on

this page in a row so I can see this

first one hydrocele that was if you look

behind or like this listing down here I

might be blocking if I'm on the screen

but you can see like each listing you

can hover over and see the picture but

it tells you the brand name the price of

that product the category it's in on

Amazon the rank so this is out of all

products in this category on Amazon so

in this case you can see all sports and

outdoors products this is ranked number

19 which is awesome

of course the closer is number one the

better they're selling and there are

millions of products on Amazon so a lot

of millions of products on Amazon in

this category disguise rank number 19 so

he's doing really well it so easily

shows you the monthly sales volume so

this is the number of water bottles the

number of units they're selling per

month you can see they're selling seven

thousand four hundred forty to it which

is crazy you can see daily sales you can

see their monthly estimated revenue and

just so you guys know with private label

what I tend to see as the profit margins

per sale is anywhere from about 25 on

the low end to I'd say around 35 most of

my products are just over thirty percent

profit so that means of this only thirty

percent of that is actually money that

you've profited the rest is going

towards cata cost

and she

in your product and so on Amazon fees as

well now you can see the number of

reviews and all that sort of stuff so

when we're looking at products when

we're looking at any market with this

Chrome extension you can also use like I

said viral launch or helium 10 these all

do cost money by the way I do have some

links down below if you guys want to use

that there are affiliate links but they

do cost money I think this cheapest one

is jungle scout which I believing in

this Chrome extension that one that I'm

using for about $30 a month sort is the

cheapest that's why I like it I actually

bought it when it was a lifetime

membership so I never have to pay for it

again so that's why I still use it but

when you're looking at a market like

this let's talk about how to analyze the

market how do you know if this product

is actually good well when you're

looking at a product here's some ideal

criteria or some criteria that I would

recommend to you guys so you want to see

that eight of the top twelve sellers

have this matching criteria now it

doesn't have to be exact it can be

slightly different

don't stress if it's not the exact same

but this is what I kind of look for when

I'm launching new products especially

for beginners I might change it up a

little bit because I have more

experience but for you guys I think this

is a good starting point so first of all

you want to see that the sales volume or

sorry that the selling price is between

twenty and fifty dollars so at least

eight of these top twelve sellers so one

to twelve are between twenty to fifty

dollars in this case I see one two three

four account $19.99 five only five of

the top twelve are in that twenty dollar

plus range usually if you go lower than

twenty dollars it becomes pretty

difficult to compete because your profit

margins by the time you actually ship

the product to Amazon add an Amazon fees

and all that sort of stuff it usually

eats up most of your profit so that's

what I say twenty dollars plus plus so

in this case like it doesn't tick the

box for pricing as much as I would like

maybe I'll try a different product and

see an example that might be good so

let's go with silicon food food storage

bag on this cross I always tell you guys

right now it's too saturated because you

can't differentiate this product

everyone's selling the same

but we'll talk about that more in a

minute but the numbers do look fairly

decent so in this case if I looked at

the top 12 sellers through eight of the

match that $20 plus price range so I see

one two three four five six seven eight

nine ten ten of the top twelve matched

my criteria so price is good now I want

see sales volume minimum 200 monthly

sales now this varies a lot depending on

the price point as well because if you

were selling a hundred dollar product

you don't need to sell as many units to

to make a good amount of money right but

I like to say around two hundred monthly

sales it's a good gauge or a good

estimate just because anything less than

that it's not maybe not as consistent

but if everyone's selling 200 plus that

shows you a lot of consistency so keep

in mind it does depend on price and what

you're exactly looking for but just as a

general rule of thumb I say around 200

units per month is good because if you

were only selling like let's say ten

units per month

well if five less people buy next month

there goes half your revenue right so I

usually look for 200-plus so eight to

twelve eight of the top twelve sellers

have to match that criteria in monthly

sales volumes so number of units sold

and there definitely are enough here I

only see in this top 12 one seller that

doesn't meet that criteria which is

perfect that's great monthly revenue I

want to see five thousand-plus

like I said to you guys you're usually

looking at profit margins are around 30%

in this business so anything less than

5,000 is usually not a bunch of money

that you're going to be taking home so

it's probably not worth your time

considering how many other great

products there are out on Amazon there

are a ton of products being out other

times on every day there are millions of

products to choose from so I wouldn't

settle for something that's not that

great and just because you can find so

many other out there so in this case

revenue over 5,000 it looks like

everyone here is grabbing you over 5,000

in the top 12 just except for this one

guy which doesn't matter if you even

look further we can extend line look

past this but I just had a general rule

of thumb the cop 12 was kind of where I

look only one guy here though not making

over 5,000 which is still really good

there's some really good revenue here

each of these guys making like fifty

thousand dollars per month in the top


well over 20,000 some of these guys

7,000 all really good revenue that's

life-changing money for for most people

review quantity I like to see under 100

reviews because if you're in a market

where everyone has thousands of reviews

then it's very difficult to compete

because as a new seller imagine you

coming on to a market with a very

similar product and someone else who has

a thousand reviews

why would someone that has or why

someone buying this product buy your

product that has zero reviews over

someone with let's say a thousand

five-star reviews it doesn't make sense

they're gonna go with the more trusted

product so if you're going to a market

where there's too many reviews and

everyone has too many reviews then it's

not gonna be a good market for you to

enter because just too hard to compete

where if you join a newer market where

people don't have you know

well-established reviews then you can

still come in and people will be willing

to do you a try because you're because

no one's too far ahead even if there was

just a few sellers in the market where

they had low reviews and they were still

doing well on the first page then I'd

say maybe you can still go for it even

if it doesn't match our criteria

perfectly but if everyone had a ton of

reviews then it becomes very challenging

and usually once they hit a little bit

over a hundred reviews that's when it

gets pretty hard to compete with them in

this case let's see one seller doesn't

had only forty four two seller under 100

three sellers under 100 four five six so

this is not a perfect match right it's

not eight out of twelve matching but

there's still quite a few sellers here

that are doing pretty well

with lower reviews so I could say this

could still be an option if this if I

knew this product was actually good then

based on these numbers even though it's

not eight out of twelve it's close

enough all the other criteria checks the

boxes so I probably still pursue it I

just to elaborate more on this product

though like I said again don't go for it

it's too saturated there's too many

different variations of this product in

the market that it's tough to compete

even though the numbers look relatively

good and then rating let's talk about

that for a second so rating is the five

star rating so out of five stars what

are they rated if there's a low rated

product like a three stars two stars and

that's like the whole first page there's

a lot of room for improvement so you

could actually come in with a better

product and beat out a lot of those

competitors so how do you actually know

what you can do

prove the products well number one we'll

talk about differentiating your product

but number two you can read how to make

product improvements by reading some of

the negative reviews if someone said

their bag had a hole in it you can make

sure your products are inspected so

you're not going to run into that issue

if someone said oh I wish that had a

different had a ziploc container thing

with it you could add that right so

there's a lot of different ways you

could do that and differentiate but if

their market is like this works a pretty

positive market a lot of four and a half

stars and five star products that's

still okay as long as you're bringing in

a different product to market so I don't

want to say come in and sell the exact

same bags as someone else but you

usually bundle that item with another

complementary item or make some type of

change to your product to make it the

superior offer on the market and that is

something that a lot of people overlook

but it's an absolute must if you're not

differentiating your product there's no

way you're gonna be able to win I'm

telling you right now

make sure you separate yourself from the

competition so you're offering better

value and more value to make a more

enticing offer so that's basically what

you need to know about rating there's a

couple of other notes so under if you

look if you're looking at products that

are under two pounds they're generally

easier to work with just because

shipping you can ship by air and it's a

lot faster to ship where if you're going

with heavier products you typically have

to ship by sea which involves hiring a

third party should be company called a

freight forwarder they can help you get

your products from China to the Amazon

warehouse so just under two pounds

easier to work with but over two pounds

are still a lot of great opportunity

there as well I'd also recommend

avoiding the electronics market just

because there's a lot that can go wrong

with electronics especially cheap

Chinese electronics just because if

people are unhappy they're gonna return

it and if you get a high return rate

amazon's not gonna be happy with you

they might pause your listing or try to

remove your listing if it's not doing

well and there's just a lot of pieces

and a lot of parts like where things can

go wrong so even non electronic products

if there are a ton of pieces there's

more opportunity for mistakes and

unhappy customers so I try to avoid

those as well unless you're more

experienced or you're willing to accept

the challenge I also want to mention

that topical products medical and

health-related products probably require

approval there are a lot of products

they require approval for

example topical means things that go

like on your skin so creams hairspray

things like that they're all gonna

require at some type of approval from

Amazon if you've never sold these

products before you're likely not going

to be selling them as your first product

on Amazon and there are other categories

as well that are gonna have issues

anything that's like a medical device

for example posture correctors those

were a really big product on Shopify but

if you try selling those on Amazon

they're gonna require documentation to

make sure that your product actually

does help people so I probably avoid

that and then some of the other category

you can just search Amazon products that

require approval or dated categories

restricted products all that sort of

stuff and you will be able to see those

as well as well as like consumable

products food I wouldn't recommend

selling private-label unless you have

more experience and then don't sell

media products and DVDs CDs music things

like that because you're not gonna own

the rights to where unless the original

content but in that case there's

probably no demand for it so let's talk

about some of these product research

methods because we looked at a product

but how do you actually find these

products now there are a million

different methods out there I'll leave a

link down below to a playlist I have

just with a bunch of different product

research methods but here are a couple

of ones that I'm gonna go over very

quickly so number one Amazon bestsellers

and new releases so I could actually go

on Amazon right now and type or on

Google right now and just type Amazon

bestsellers and search and it'll bring

you to a page bestsellers

where you can see the bestsellers for

any category so if I want to sell a home

and kitchen product I click that I can

go into subcategories as well you can

see they're just the ranked products 1

to 100 let's go with let's say wall

decor and now we could choose any of

these products and then we want to look

at the market for these products so what

I usually do is I would run the jungle

Scout Chrome extension or whichever

Chrome extension I'm using and just see

what products are available for sale and

how much money they're making so let's

say I saw let's say I saw this tween

well magnetic poster hanger the price

points too low maybe I wouldn't like


something like also I didn't mention the

seller column

these amz means Amazon and selling this

product it's a market was dominated by

Amazon and every seller with Amazon or

even if there was more than five Amazon

sellers on the market I'd be a little

bit worried to join that market because

you don't want to compete against Amazon

on your own platform unless there's like

five Amazon and you know the other seven

to ten sellers on the first page are all

doing really well as well then maybe

it's still okay but just be cautious

when entering markets where Amazon is

dominating let's try let's see okay

there's nothing really here that's

catching my eye let's say like these

canvas wall art right so now all you

want to do is instead of just look at

that one product you want to still make

sure the entire market looks good so now

I would go search canvas wall art I

guess that would be the keyword you're

kind of gonna look at the title and

you're gonna find out what this product

is called on what people are probably

searching to find this so at this point

I'm just gonna guess canvas wall art

because their very first thing in their

title so I'd search that and look at the

market just because this one product is

doing well doesn't mean everyone who

sells this product is gonna do well

which means you might have a challenge

selling this product if you launched it

so let's go canvas wall and you can let

autofill kind of show you if you're

right so like I can see wall art was a

recommended word here so that's good so

I'm gonna click that I can see there are

a lot of different variations here but

now this is the market right there's

different products but they're all

relatively the same product you want to

make sure that they're all kind of

similar in this case they're all

canvases that go on the wall yeah maybe

they're different styles but they are

all canvas wall art so now we check the

entire market here and now we'd run

through the criteria and see if our

criteria matched what we were or this

matches our criteria again so we go

price do eight of the top twelve sellers

master twenty-two $50 price point we

look at that the rank we do same thing

for every category I was sorry for rank

I actually didn't even mention it

usually if the majority of the market is

under 40,000 or 50,000 rank then they're

doing pretty well because this is their

rank out of all products I didn't

mention rank but usually under 40,000 or

under 50,000 is pretty good again if

it's if it's higher and the price point

is high they may they might not need the

best rank to still sell and make a lot

of money because this guy look he's only

selling for sales per day

but that translates to 13,000 revenue

because he's got the $40 price point or

like this guy here

$60 price my only selling 3/2 per day

but that comes out to almost $7,000 a

month so keep that in mind so I can look

at this market but that's how you look

at best sellers right so you can just

look at any of these products like I say

okay now maybe I want to go check I can

go to a different category like I could

go back to home in kitchen look at the

top sellers in bath products okay shower

curtain maybe I go start shower curtain

now or maybe it's the word could be

mildew-resistant shower curtain so you'd

want to make sure that people are

actually searching that and there are

keyword tools to make sure their search

volume there because if you use the word

mildew-resistant shower curtain and the

market looks really good

what if it doesn't matter if the market

looks good if only three people are

searching that per month because i means

those sales are coming from somewhere

else not from that particular keyword so

you want to be aware of that sort of

thing as well don't worry about that too

much if it's confusing I'm sure you'll

learn about that as time goes on if you

look at any of my other content so now

that is bestsellers another thing you

can do is you can go to new releases so

I go on Google again Amazon hot new or

just new releases I believe and you can

see newly released product so this could

be a good option for you I'm gonna make

sure I choose calm defaults to dossier

because I'm in Canada but here I can go

into let's say maybe I want to go arts

and crafts same thing you can look at

the different subcategories as well once

you find a product you like let's say I

saw this yeah I'm gonna run the numbers

on here see if there's anything that

sticks out to me let this load up for a


it's definitely taking a minute here but

let's see okay so let's say I saw all

these products are doing really well cuz

they're on the hot new release list is

it's duplicated here so I'm just gonna

refresh that again so I don't see the

duplicates okay that's better so let's

say I saw these let's make sure the

price point is okay like heat transfer

vinyl let's say heat transfer vinyl

that's a product look for it just

because it's one product right is doing

35,000 per month doesn't mean everyone

in the market is doing well so now we'd

go search heat transfer vinyl and check

out that market and make sure it matches

our criteria we can look at

subcategories switch out the categories

and look for products there there's just

two quick ways another way is looking at

seller storefronts so let's say we saw

this seller was doing really well with

this particular product right maybe he

has other good products that he's

selling as well so you can actually

browse the other the other products the

seller is selling so when you click on

the listing because he says one knew

from 29.99 you can click that seller and

go on to their seller store and click

their name there and you can look at

their other products you can click

products there or a storefront here

let's click products now you see this is

all the other products that this seller

is selling they all look like some type

of vinyl transfer heat transfer tape but

maybe the black color one is we don't

want me to think of before maybe now we

can search black heat transfer sheets

and that's gonna be a different market

that we could enter right so it's a

different variation of that market we

can run the Chrome extension on this as

well so we can see like what his

products are doing well so in this case

heat transfer 20 foot roll that's

interesting that's a different product

right so now we go check out the market

for heat transfer let's see I'm looking

at although feel to see if anything

comes up I don't see 20 foot roll so

maybe it's not as popular but he

transfer vinyl rules maybe that's one so

it's a little bit different now these

are all kind of different their role

products then we would run the numbers

here again

analyze the market so we're always

searching the market before we're seeing

if it matches our criteria let's go

couple more very quickly so seller

storefronts now it's going to autofill

so I could just also type in random

letters so I could say a and Amazon is

recommending you the top search words

right now let's start with that letter

just like when you taken out something

on Google it auto fills with something

that it thinks you're most likely to

type so we can try different letter

combinations and try these products like

file folders flash drive you want to

avoid trying to sell products like for

example Fitbit like brand name products

you're not selling that would be

something like Amazon wholesale where

you sell brand-name products but you

want to sell your own brand of products

so you want to make your own brand and

sell more like generic products not

well-known brand names and you don't

want to compete with well-known brand

names so let's go file folders for

example this could be a market looks

like there's a lot of reviews without

even putting the Chrome extension and

the price points really low so we'd move

on but that's all I'll just type in

different letters and see if you can

find products that way some beginners

also like database tools so there's

other tools like the C's I think it's

called product discovery viral launch

has where you pretty much can put in

your criteria so it hot yeah mm-hmm it

actually has sections like let's see if

this shows what it looks like but you

can actually see like you can choose

your categories you want look for

products in you can set the monthly

sales of all you want so if you only

wanted to see products that are doing

5,000 revenue plus per month you can

input that there and it'll generate a

list of products on Amazon that match

your criteria so you can say like under

100 reviews over 5,000 revenue and it's

going to show you a list of individual

products that match that then of course

you got to go check the market and see

if the entire market works well I'm not

a fan of these database tools I know

helium 10 also has one and jungle Scout

also has their product database as well

but I don't recommend using those just

because everyone who's a beginner is

using those and they're all finding the

same products meaning there's a lot of

new competition always entering the

market so it just makes it challenging

more challenging for you if you're

trying to sell those products and said

if you use the method that I'm talking

about right here or that I've covered

right here you're probably gonna have

a little bit more luck finding unique

products or check out the video down

below that are the playlist down below

there'll be a lot more in-depth product

features videos because just did breeze

over these relatively quick and then

lastly I did want to also mention social

listening so sometimes it's not about

just finding the product research step

by step method but sometimes you can

also just pay attention to what's going

on around you if you notice that

winter's coming up maybe you want to

sell scarves there's scarves or

something like that like something that

would fit in with winter if you notice

there's a big trend maybe you want to

jump on that trend but a thing is keep

in mind trends do die seasons do die but

if you notice like there's a new

revolutionary way of cutting a

watermelon right this is this new

watermelon cutter that came out maybe

you could sell that product you saw a

Facebook ad for it and you saw the

comments we're going crazy people loved

it maybe check the amazon market and try

selling it there if the market makes

sense as well of course you'd want to

look for it to still match our criteria

or be relatively similar to that but

social listening is something that's

highly overlooked and I'm gonna make

future videos talking about that in more

depth ok so once you find a product you

want to make sure you can validate that

product and you want to come up with

your brand so I'm not gonna go super

in-depth with this but number one make

sure you can differentiate so for

example if you were gonna be selling

let's say let's see what products you

have pulled up the file folders here you

don't want to come in and sell the exact

same file folder as everyone else you'd

want to sell something a little bit

different or if you were gonna be

selling let's say a heat roll let's go

let's go with something that's a little

bit more interesting mmm let me see if

there's any of these that I really want

to show you guys maybe we'll just go

with I'll go with the silicon food bags

I just want to show you guys an example

or something food storage bags hey let

ro Phil show me the right keyword there

but like if everyone was selling a four

pack you'd maybe you want to try selling

a six pack or doing something to

differentiate if everyone was selling

black pack maybe you want to sell a

rainbow pack in this particular market I

did want to tell you guys not to sell it

because there's no way to differentiate

if you look at the market there's so

many different variations already

that it's hard to stand out here like

everyone here is selling like you see a

six-pack with the bag holder we see

here's a four pack with the silicone

lids and these other kitchen tools this

is what a six pack and six pack of lids

so there's so many different variations

is an eight pack all different sizes

there's so many different variations

already of this product that it's hard

to stand out because you want to be

thinking about when you list this

product you want to stand out right from

the get-go in this market it's pretty

hard because there are so many

variations but let's say if you are at a

point where everyone in this market was

just selling a four pack then maybe you

could do something to stand out but

because there's so much competition here

already trying to stand out it makes it

that much harder for you but it's to

differentiate you could be thinking

about like who's using the product what

else would they need to go along with

this product you can also do things like

if you click a listing you can see

frequently bought together products so

these are products that other Amazon

customers are buying when they buy this

and Amazon is telling you this because

if you're a shopper they're trying to

recommend other related popular products

so you could consider bundling these

together in this case these are two big

upsets and like I said they've already

all these different sets and bundles

have but didn't been done already so

you'd wanna do something different with

the different products but you can look

at frequently bought together that's

just one of many different ways to find

a good bundle item or differentiate or

you could look at where the product

needs improvement and make improvements

that way as well let's go back here you

want also want to make sure there's no

seasonality and trends for example you

don't want to start selling a Christmas

tree in the beginning of January right

you don't want to jump on that that's an

obvious one because everyone knows when

Christmas is but you want to make sure

that if you're gonna be selling your

product ideally you want a product

that's gonna be year round you can sell

long term but if you are targeting a

seasonal product you want to know when

to start selling that product so you

want to check seasonality you want to

check trends and you can check that on

the jungle Scout software you can check

it using Google Trends I'm not gonna get

into all that right now you want to make

sure there are no restrictions on the

products for example you can't sell

things like weapons drugs alcohol but

some products are not as obvious like

some medical devices you think you could

sell maybe you actually can you also

make sure that there's profit potential

so if you want to check how much you're


you know to sell a product for and how

much you can make off of it let's take

this let's take a random product for

example let's go with I'm just gonna go

with one that's a little bit different

let's go to the wall canvas art again

like here let's say you want to sell a

product like this but maybe you want to

sell it a different flower or maybe you

want to sell these three big pictures

but you also want the add in you know a

couple of little picture frames because

you know this person is decorating they

want art for their house you added a

little something different what you can

do is actually grab the identify the

product identifier for this particular

product so in this case it's right here

this is called the ace in the Asin and

every product on Amazon has a different

Aysen so when you can you can grab this

or if you scroll down on a listing you

can see the product information box and

get the asi and ace in right here and

then you want to search on Amazon or on

Google sorry Amazon FBA revenue

calculator and you can calculate your

estimated profit with this product so

it's this first link right here so I'm

just gonna put this in search this

product and now we can see here's the

product right it's pulled up and you

want to fill in this right column don't

worry about the left one that's if you

were gonna be shipping this to customers

on your own but with this right column

what you're gonna do is you're gonna

search the item price so that's what

you're actually to be selling it for so

let's pretend we're gonna sell it for a

similar price to this guy so maybe we'd

add a little bit extra to it you sell

for a little bit of a higher price I

usually price at a premium price because

I differentiate and offer more value but

let's say we're gonna sell it like 29

1997 and our ship to amazon cost you got

you have to talk to a freight forwarder

or your supplier on Alibaba and just

find out what it would cost to ship that

to the US so let's pretend for this

product it's a pretty big and heavy

product but let just imagine those five

dollars realistically because this is so

big it's probably more and this would

maybe be a product that you could source

in the US because just a print right

maybe you could talk to a local printer

and get it printed there but I'm just

gonna say five dollars just to show you

guys an example cost of product let's

pretend this whole cost was five dollars

that's the price we got quoted from

talking to an Alibaba supplier you


and let's see now we can see our net

profit so taking away Amazon feast

shipping cost and everything is eight

dollars thirty four cents per sale of

twenty seven percent and ideally you

want this to be around thirty percent

plus because keep in mind you are going

to be paying for advertising later as

well so that's gonna eat some of your

profit margin but just to break this

down for you guys selling on Amazon fees

this is like their referral fee be so

because you sold on Amazon they take a

cut of your sale which is fifteen

percent of your sale price your

fulfillment by Amazon fees the seven

dollars right here that is the cost of

them shipping out the product to the

customer so seven dollars thirteen cents

and then of course your cost

so your total fulfillment costs are

twelve dollars your Amazon fees for

fifty so you subtract those from your

sale price and there's your seller

proceeds my extra cost of product eight

dollars thirty four cents so you want to

make sure that makes sense as well

before jumping into a product I'm not

gonna go into it too much more but you

also want to make sure that the keyword

you're looking at like there's actually

people searching for that product like

if there was only three people searching

wall cameras are per month maybe not a

good product but if there are 50,000 or

100,000 or a million then maybe that

means that shows me that there are a lot

of people who want this type of product

once you decide on a product you also

want a logo and brand name so you can

make any type of logo or bad name you

want as long as it's not trademarked you

just hire someone on Fiverr or up work

as a freelancer to design your logo

fiber comm this right here and you can

just hire someone to design a logo in a

bunch of different services or if you

know someone or can do it yourself

that's another option I'll I'm not gonna

go into depth with that either yeah but

you can come up with them don't spend

too much time with your brand name and

logo people get overthink that but just

execute once you have a product just go

for it execute don't worry so much about

it like all the nitty gritty fancy stuff

okay so once you've found a product

you're gonna want to source it from

Alibaba and get it shipped get a sample

all that sort of stuff so we're gonna go

through this relatively quick but let's

say I wanted wall canvas art we go to

Alibaba calm or you don't have to source

some Alibaba a lot of people are looking

for other countries as well you can look

India which actually there is an Alibaba

India or you could try searching in the

u.s. just do Google searches for

manufacturers of the product are looking

for in your area but let's say we wanted

wall canvas art you can search for that

here and there's all these different

suppliers we contact the ones that were

interested in working with as well and

just message them find out what the cost

is to get the product and get it shipped

to Amazon in bulk you can see it that'll

they'll actually be like usually minimum

order quantities in this case it says

ten this guy wants to order you to order

a hundred minimum and so on so you can

just browse down here if it does like

five or one it's actually probably a lot

higher than that approach trying to bait

you in but usually you'll expect minimum

order quantities to be somewhere between

100 to like two thousand is what I've

seen most common ok so then once you

find a product you contact them get a

sample other product so get it shipped

to your house this is not the best

example because it's a massive product

but let's say it was something like I

don't know like some type of like let's

pretend it was a fridges fidgets spinner

fidgets spinners are completely dead

don't try selling these but like if

you're the smaller product you get a

ship to your house get a sample and then

once you're happy with the sample you

can place your bulk order let's go back

into this so once you find your supplier

on Alibaba or wherever you find them

usually I recommend contacting a minimum

of five because you don't want to become

reliant on just one supplier you want to

see what the other offers are how the

other prices are

but you want to negotiate with them as

well try to get the price down don't

just go for the price that they tell you

there's gold and verified suppliers are

best so if you look at these suppliers

they'll have like this little gold logo

this just means that they're part of

like a paid program basically like a pro

seller and then there is verified true

started trader shrines as well you want

to make sure that if you pay through

Alibaba your money is protected most

Alibaba sellers should have this logo to

pay through trade assurance but you can

also say you want a verified supplier

those are sometimes the best because it

means Alibaba has actually gone to their

warehouse and checked out there

products and checked out the facility to

make sure they are legitimate you don't

necessarily have to go with versa

verified suppliers but it is a good plus

if you do use them so then once you've

done that you order a sample right pay

through PayPal or through Alibaba that

way your money is protected in case

let's say they tried to scam you or

something you have an extra protection

later once you built a relationship with

your supplier you can do things like

Western Union or wire transfer but for

the beginning stuff always paid through

Alibaba or PayPal and that same goes for

your first order as well so usually you

pay fifty percent or thirty percent

upfront once you place the order then

once they're done you get an inspection

on the products and then once inspection

is complete before they ship it out

you'll pay the balance whether that's

50% or 70% a couple of bonus things here

for you guys if you're talking to

Chinese suppliers from Alibaba once

you're happy with them and you know

you're gonna work with them ask them to

add you on WeChat and just download

WeChat on the app store because that's

like their iMessage in China that's

their main form of communication so

you're gonna get faster responses you're

gonna stand out from the other people

contacting them on Alibaba and yeah it

just shows that you're more professional

you know what you're doing

lastly I also do want to mention that

you could consider buying products from

other countries like India is really

good if you're selling textiles you can

look in the US if there's local products

that we specialize in the US if you want

to look in Vietnam that's another good

option if you're worried about the

tariffs importing Chinese goods to the

US so you don't have to rely on that but

most of the time for private label

you're looking at Alibaba and Chinese

suppliers so just go over shipping

quickly you can ship your products in

bulk by air or by sea waiting ship the

sample to yourself it's usually just

gonna be Express shipping through DHL

but when you go to your bulk order

you're probably gonna ship by either air

or you will ship by air or by sea and

air shipping usually takes anywhere from

about five to ten days through DHL or

UPS and usually the way that works is

your supplier will give you the shipping

quote and you'll just pay them directly

when you pay for your inventory as well

see shipping is a little bit more

challenging because you do have to hire

a freight forwarder which is like a

third party shipping company

to help you move your product from the

Chinese warehouse to an Amazon warehouse

in the US or whichever other marketplace

are selling on but I'm not gonna get

where you guys too much about that or go

to in depth with that just common

shipping terms you're gonna hear our DDP

shipping fo be shipping and exw the most

common one for beginners if your

shipping by air it just DDP shipping

meaning delivery duties paid so when you

pay your supplier upfront for the

shipping you're not gonna have any

unexpected duty fees when you import

those goods into the US the most the one

that I use a lot at the beginning may be

DDP if it's a lighter product but then

later on I usually move over to exw

shipping which stands for ex work where

basically once my supplier is done

manufacturing the product they leave it

at their doorstep and my freight

forwarder goes and picks it up and gets

that product all the way to the Amazon

warehouse for me so I pay my freight

forwarder separately which is not a big

challenge don't worry about shipping by

sea if it's your first time it is one

more thing to worry about but it's not

really that much more work so don't shy

away from a product just because you're

worried about sea shipping so we're not

gonna go too deep into freight

forwarders but you also will need to

know about creating a shipping plan

within Amazon so because you have to

tell Amazon that that shipment is coming

so once you actually have your listing

created in Amazon you can go do

something called create a shipping plan

and you pretty much tell Amazon how many

units are sending how much that was

products weigh dimensions of the

shipping cartons that they're coming in

just so Amazon can prepare for them and

then they know your products are on the

way and then while your product is

shipping you can optimize your listing

so you would have had to actually create

the physical listing first but once

you've created a listing you don't have

to make it all fancy and make it pretty

until your product goes just a form your

product is live so you can do while

you're waiting for the shipment you can

make it all fancy put in your nice

pictures right a nice symbol of points

and write about the products but

initially it can just be like just a

listing with a very brief title and

that's it

until you ship the products or until you

have time to really make your listing

good so creating your listing you wanna

make a listing that helps you sell your

product so to create a listing you'll

need what's called a UPC

which is a prod

identifier code the global product

identifier code that's like the bar code

you see on the box of cereal walk when

you're walking down the grocery store

but all you need is that 12 digit number

so this is the barcode and then under

the barcode there's a number to get your

barcode to create your listing I usually

buy from nationwide barcodes but the

official place to buy them and where I

recommend you buy them is gs1 personally

I've been ok with nationwide barcodes

but go to gs1 if you do want to be a

hundred percent compliant with our

amazon Terms of Service and then once

you create your listing you have to

convert it through an FBA shipment and

you'll get a new label called an FN SKU

so they just click on your listing

convert to FBA now amazon knows you're

gonna be sending products to their

warehouse for that product and then you

aren't gonna be just shipping out that

out yourself so I don't wanna confuse

you guys too much but if you refer back

to this later you might have a better

idea of what that means or what you have

to do next then you want to use relevant

keyword tools or sorry you want to use a

keyword tool to find relevant and

related keywords to help optimize your

listing so like I said if you want to be

discovered for particular keywords and

in order to be discovered for them you

want to make sure that they're accurate

to your listing right so if I was

selling a stainless steel water bottle

look at all these different listings and

all the different keywords I can

potentially rank for so stainless steel

water bottle might be my main keyword

right there might be the most searches

there that's the word I want to target

but I also might want to be found for

the word blue stainless steel water

bottle or metal water bottle or anything

else related that people that people

might be searching so in order to do

that there are a bunch of different

keyword tools viral launch has a tool

helium 10 has a keyword tool as well I

wouldn't recommend juggling Scouts

keyword tool but you could also use

something like merchant words is a good

one this tool if you guys want it it's

only nine dollars a month it's the

cheapest you can just use markzware's

comm slash derrick not an affiliate link

but it can't help you guys out or when i

actually create my listings I usually

use word tree dot IO but you can

actually just put in links to your

competitors listings or put in there a

si n their product identifiers other top

ten competitors and you'll generate a

list of keywords for you that you could


you're listing so I'd highly recommend

this tool but this tool on its own is

not really enough you'd also want to

make sure that you analyze your

competitors listings and see if there's

any other keywords that you think might

be list missing from this list that you

could potentially include and then of

course you're going to want to write

sales copy and make your listing

appealing sell the benefits of the

product not just the features because

when you're selling the benefits like

you want to make it exciting for people

you don't want to say this water bottle

is great because it has a rubber padding

on the bottom or it has it's made of

metal you want to kind of sell with

benefits of the product you know you're

gonna stay hydrated you're gonna be able

to keep your water colder longer so you

can enjoy fresh water longer right this

quick saying I want to include here

which is people don't buy a drill

because they want to drill they buy a

drill because they want the hole so sell

the hole sell the benefit of the product

and this point you'd also get

professional images taken or you can get

3d renders as well which is basically

like a digital drawing another product

it looks very realistic

okay so launching your product now this

is when you aggressively push your

product so you can get increased sales

volume and land yourself on the first

page so sales volume is the most

important factor when launching your

product you want to outsell or match the

sales of some of your top competitors

for at least eight days and then by that

point you should be ranked if not

continue to keep that sales volume up

and then you should be able to rank but

you don't want to run out of inventory

you want to make sure that you can keep

up those sales well past eight days as

well so let's say this was the product

we're looking at I would want to make

sure that my sales volume number of

units sold is higher than someone on

this Chris page usually I look towards

like the middle of this first page so in

this case I see in the middle of the

first page 22 29 19 so I'd say if I sold

like 25 units per day of this product

for about eight days straight that

should land me on this first page I also

want to mention that reviews help your

rank and conversions if a customer sees

your product and you have a lot of

positive reviews on that product they're

gonna be more likely to buy so they're

more likely to convert and it helps your

overall ranking

so how to increase sales volume

initially you can use Amazon advertising

so within Amazon there are options

you can choose to promote your product

so that's like on the first page of this

product here these little sponsored ads

this is like a banner ad you have to

have a trademark in order to be able to

run one of these but like these right

here they say sponsored this one

actually just the first one right here

these are ads and you can pay for

placements on Amazon so more people can

see your product before you're ranked so

that's how you boost your sales volume

other options are things like Facebook

ads or using tools to create rebates to

get more people to buy your product and

get more units sold per day so I'm not

gonna go into the other methods right

now but just know there are a ton of

different ways to rank a product next

getting reviews so you do want to get

reviews for your product one of the most

important things right now in my opinion

is to have a product insert so this can

be a little card that basically asks for

a review there are rules to what you can

say you can't ask for a positive review

you can't incentivize reviews but if you

know what you're doing you can word it

correctly to make customers feel happy

and want to leave you feedback that's a

great plus what I actually do with my

inserts is I redirect them I give them a

website link and get them to go through

a funnel where I can collect more of

their contact information so I can

follow up with them again later but

we're not gonna go into that in this

video but with that I go do I do go to

chat BOTS and email campaigns once I've

collected their information if they

follow the link on the product insert

email campaigns are another thing that

you can do separately or you can do it

with Amazon's a different software that

work with Amazon like you could

basically have when someone buys a

product there's an automatic email that

goes to them and says thank you for

buying this product would really

appreciate a review there's a lot of

reasons why I don't think these are as

effective anymore but you can still use

that you might pick up a review here and

there with those and then there are

blackhat methods methods that are

against the rules that I'm not going to

touch on right now but are fairly common

with a lot of Amazon sellers so that's

pretty much it for the bulk of it now

just talking about marketing and scaling

briefly so this is when you want to

ignore this part aggressively push your

products from the last bit but marketing

and scaling basically trying to reach a

larger audience and get more exposure so

at this point you want to expand your

audience with social media or maybe even

some traditional advertising but you

want to try to expand outside of Amazon

because let's say on Amazon you're the

top seller you're doing thirty thousand

dollars per month with your product I'm

not sure about you but I would probably

think it's a good idea to try to reach

more people so you could increase that

sales so whether that's Facebook Ads

Instagram ads influencers maybe even

you're running like I don't know is some

type of TV commercial if you really

wanted to you could do that sort of

stuff as well but more importantly you

want to determine the brand or the goal

with your brand or product like is this

a product that you want to build an

entire brand around and really build out

the social media for it or is this

something that you just want to be on

Amazon it's your passive income and

that's it what I would recommend is kind

of figuring out you know if you're

passionate about that product and if you

see a larger potential for it if you do

then you want to go a lot further than

just selling on Amazon maybe you want to

build out your own Shopify website you

want to drive sales to your own website

as well or maybe it's just something

that you're gonna just do as a as a

hobby maybe you want us to be your

full-time job so you have to figure that

out and figure out if this is like a

turn-and-burn product or something

long-term if you want to build it out

long-term there's a lot of extra steps

and work you can do to grow your brand

if this is something that you just want

to you know sell while it's hot and then

kill it off that's completely fine as

well a lot of people say you have to

build a brand on Amazon but there's

still a lot of opportunity in these you

know trendy products or products that

last five months six months you can

still make a lot of money and then move

on to something else and you'll gain the

experience there may be old gamers

experience in one product and then take

those skills and then monster brand

you're actually excited about later on

so don't get too worried about building

the brand right from the get-go my

advice to anyone just starting out you

just find a product that sells get

experience from that and then decide if

you want to build a full brand around

that or if you just want to or what you

want to do next there's a lot of

different ways you can go with it but

don't be afraid to you know think you

want to start a different brand after

that brand that's completely fine then

you can build a customer list to

retarget these people all that sort of

stuff and consider launching new

products like I said if you have one


doing really well or one product that's

doing really well maybe you want to add

variations at that product maybe if

you're selling a toothbrush now you want

to get into the toothpaste market so

think about all those sort of things

that's pretty much all I wanted to say

and that pretty much wraps up the the

bulk of it I know that's a lot of

information there's a lot of stuff that

I would still like to go into but I

don't want to overwhelm you guys with

content there's still a ton of other

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