Private Label Amazon FBA For Beginners - WHY YOU SHOULD Private Label over Wholesale/Arbitrage

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amazon fba stands for fulfilled by

amazon meaning that if i sell this item

on amazon's going to grab

this item once i get a sale they're

going to pack it up and they're going to

ship it out to the end customer and

basically the customer is going to get

the order that is fulfilled by amazon

meaning that i don't personally have to

do any of the work other than sending my

inventory to amazon so they can fulfill

it and send it out to the end customer

there's over 100 000 individuals who

made six figures or more in 2021 selling

items on amazon and me and my business

partner were able to do this our very

first year selling on amazon which shows

you the opportunity is there but you

just have to be willing to fight for it

if you want it with that being said by

no means is amazon fba easy and if you

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