How to Sell Art Prints on Etsy : 2021 Beginners Guide

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hey what's going on youtube it's your

boy rico and i'm back with another video

today i'm gonna tell you how to sell art

prints on

etsy so whether you've never touched an

art program in your life or you are

artist or graphic designer

by the end of this you're gonna know

exactly what you need to do it

and how to start doing it so like always

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that's enough of me talking let's get

into the video y'all came to see


so i'm sure you've seen those people on

etsy selling art prints and they

probably making the killing right

and there's a couple of ways you can go

about doing this now you can do it

yourself at home with printers or

you can have another company print them

for you which will probably result

in more overhead costs but it would be a

less of a headache so doing it this way

is technically print on demand and i