How I Made $500 on Instagram Selling Photography Prints (2020)


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today I'm gonna go over how I made $500

on Instagram by just selling prints so I

have my notes right here gonna be a

fairly quick video so let's begin

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and now to the video so I had three

factors to help me sell prints the first

one was the following I have a decent

sized following I believe it's at 1010

thousand right now which if you have a

bigger following is gonna have more eyes

on your work

the second factor for me was engagement

if people are engaging more on your

photo you know it's a good one so if you

get 5 mm lights that means people are

engaging with it and they like that

photo factor 3 is interest if people are

showing interest in a specific photo

commenting saying they love this photo

where can I get a print DMing you hey

can I buy a print of this or even

emailing you you know that that is a

photo that you can sell for example at

the end of the 2019 I took this winter

scene photo of my some town city gazebo

this went pretty big going on news

channels up in Cleveland local stations

as well and this photo gained me that

$500 in that one month I was able to

sell about 15 of these prints just on

Instagram and a local coffee shop

reached out to me to have these in their

store so they even generated more sales

so how did I do all this easy let's

start with the products that I use so

first off I'm using the Canon Pixma Pro

100 printer this thing is totally paid

off so I'm not even adding that into a

factor of cost secondly I'm using the

Canon photo paper plus semi-gloss paper

this is 8 by 10 it is only $18 for 50

sheets thirdly the matting kit this

Manning kit is 11 by 14 and fits the 8

by 10

papers that I have this kit comes with

the border the backing and this really

nice plastic casing for tape I want the

inexpensive route and just got double

sided tape and invisible tape and

optional you can add your business cards

which I have right here and also little

labels with their website and

description of the photo lastly if you

plan on shipping like I do I use the

USPS priority mail box I believe these

are 12 by 15 so these are totally free

you can get as many as you want and

we'll talk a little bit about pricing

here in a little bit so here is the

rundown of the process that I go through

to sell these prints I find out which

photo is getting a lot of engagement so

for example that winter scene photo got

a lot of engagement I got a lot of

comments saying they want to print of

this so I knew this was the one so I

started printing a lot I made all the

mats I had probably about 10 ready to go

and ship my pricing is based on all the

cost factors of the paper the ink and

tape and stuff like that so I came out

to about $40 and if I wanted to ship it

would be $8 and thankfully in the US

where I live I was able to ship these

for under $8 to each state that I was

shipping to so again if I find it that a

photo is getting a lot of engagement I

decide to sell it and then I start to

post on my story probably once a day for

a little bit and saying hey I have these

11 by 14 prints available and here's the

price here's the shipping if you're


please DM me once I get an interested

buyer they will DM me I will then ask

for their name their address and how

they want to pay so make sure you have a

lot of payment options I use PayPal

venmo cash app Zelly whatever you want

cash check totally up to you but my

favorite is usually PayPal to protect

myself or venmo and once they have

provided all their

and paid you that's when I go to USPS I

ship it and then I send them their

tracking number so they can track their

prints so I think this process is super

easy not too complicated and all this

stuff just factors in to make this a

really smooth process for the customer

as well and back to the pricing wherever

you live make sure you write down how

much you owe in taxes and your revenue

and expenses and stuff like that so I

hope you guys enjoyed this video if it

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I'll be happy to answer them of course

this is gonna be different from everyone

from every different account so take

this with a grain of salt and you know

good luck guys don't be afraid to jump

out there and get started with this and

I hope you guys make some money