How to Print, Price and Sell Your Photography

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How to sell prints of your photography?

Step 1: Choose your photos
Choose your best photos to sell as prints. Make sure that they are high quality and print-ready. You can also consider organizing them into collections around themes or subjects.
Step 2: Print your photos
Choose a reputable printing service that specializes in photography prints. Consider the type of paper and finishes that will best showcase your photos. Test print before ordering a large quantity.
Step 3: Set your prices
Research the market and set competitive prices for your prints. Don't forget to consider the cost of printing, shipping, and other related expenses.
Step 4: Market your prints
Create an online store or website to showcase your prints. Use social media and other online platforms to market your work. Attend shows and events to meet potential buyers in person.
Step 5: Fulfill orders
Once you receive an order, fulfill it promptly and professionally. Package your prints carefully and ensure that they arrive in good condition. Consider offering shipping options and handling returns.


hi I'm Adam and welcome back to first

man photography where today I'm going to

take you behind the scenes and show you

how to make print price package and sell

your photography it's a big one there's

something in here for everyone so let's


before we get going today though this

video is sponsored by Canon and more

specifically the Canon Image program Pro

1000 a stunning 80 printer that I have

been using for years and we'll talk a

bit more about that in the printing

section okay what we're going to do is

follow the journey follow the adventure

that a photograph takes from inception

right through until it ends up on

somebody's wall and I'll show you what I

do at every stage including how to price

and sell your work it doesn't really

matter what genre of Photography you do