How To Make Money Selling Prints (Graphic Designer’s Guide)

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how's it going everybody i get a lot of

comments on here and instagram about how

to get started selling prints as a

designer so i thought i'd finally make a

guide for you all let's get into it so

the first things first is you got to

make sure you have your artwork set up

properly so this is a collab i actually

did with another artist named archfiend

the ideal size is something like this

four to five ratio which is good because

it's also the portrait size for

instagram to set this up you're going to

want to have your thing in image size

and make sure you're around 300 dpi for

the best print quality and for your

inches 16 by 20. with this resolution

and everything you're good to print at 8

by 10 16 by 20 and even 24 by 30.

another important thing is you want to

make sure you have a clean edge like

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