HOW TO SELL PRINTS OF YOUR ART (for beginners!!!)

hey everyone so as most of you know I

sell prints of my artwork online and I

have been doing so for about two to

three years now and the whole process of

doing so has been a huge learning

experience for me and I've had to learn

a whole bunch about the printing process

the packaging process shipping all that

jazz and ever since I started selling

them I've gotten a lot of questions of

people asking me how I sell my prints

and like I said I had to learn a lot

about the process in order to start

actually selling the prints let me just

preface this video by saying that this

is not sponsored I'm gonna I'm just

gonna be talking openly about the

different brands and the different

websites that I like to use personally

ones that have worked for me I'm not

being paid by them to say this so yeah

if you want to learn how to sell prints

of your own artwork please keep watching

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out those and without further ado here

is how to sell your prints so one of the

main reasons I was so confused about

this process I wasn't sure how people

got scans of their artwork I make some

pretty big pieces so I was like oh god I

could never fit those on a scanner I

don't know how to do this help how do I

scan my work but you don't have to scan

it in fact I don't scan a lot of my work

I actually just take the camera the one

that I'm being filmed on right now and I

take a high quality picture of the work

and some really important tips to

remember when taking the photo it's to

make sure you get good lighting make

sure to avoid reflections so you have to

really play around with lighting I

prefer natural lighting for

photographing my work just because I

find it illuminates the work and the

colors a lot better but you have to be

really careful that you don't get any

sort of weird shadows or reflections it

just has to be a nice flat frontal light

that captures your work as best as you


the whole key here is to basically just

take a photo of your work that matches

its original state the best


you see you see this reflection you

don't want this reflection you don't

want any of this business you just want

a nice flat like even this lighting

right now is perfect you're gonna want

to avoid direct sunlight like literally

this right now

it's just perfect and it illuminates the

colors so so well be careful because

some lenses tend to warp it and kind of

make it look like a fisheye effect if

you're having this problem you can

actually just zoom in the lens a bit and

take a step back from the work I find if

you zoom in the lens a little bit gives

less of like a warped look you really

want to avoid any sort of deformation or

distortion of the word so yeah you have

a nice high quality picture you upload

the pictures to your computer you open

up the raw file in Photoshop and

actually I recently added prints of this

painting to my shop so you can check

that out if you want something that you

really want to capture and I personally

really like to capture is the

brushstrokes there's a really good

amount of texture to this piece and I

really wanted to capture that with my

photo of it because it kind of just

makes it look even more real even more

painterly so much fun I'll usually open

Photoshop on my computer and I'll have

the painting right next to it so I can

refer to it back and forth because

sometimes and you know we've all been

there you can get a little carried away

with the edits on Photoshop and then

your colors end up being something

totally different than what you started

with and to have the painting right next

to the open Photoshop file as you're

editing is a really good reference point

to have okay now it comes to the actual

print making there's a lot of different

places where you can get prints done if

you even do a quick google search you

can find so many different print shops

near you you you could go into a couple

different ones and you don't get get one

print done on each one and you know see

which one you think is the best quality

my first ever prints I got made at

Staples which is just like a popular

office supply store in Canada I don't

know if you guys have it anywhere else

but the prints were pretty good like I

really like the paper quality and it was

really convenient and close to my house

but now one of my very bestest friends

works at the print shop at my school at

my university so those facilities are

awesome and the printers are designed to

print art like it they're designed to

print beautiful color images so I

started using that print shop instead

and that's been great as well these are

some beautiful beautiful prints and the

quality is just everything like it's

like the exact same as the original

piece you can see every little

brushstroke and it's just such good

quality and I also have able to get

larger prints made I really like this

one I drew this one with marker and you

can literally see all the little a

little marks I made it's the biggest

prints that I've made so far I'm hoping

to make bigger ones if people wanna

place custom orders like if you want

something a lot bigger it's gonna be a

bit pricier but it's gonna be worth it

because looking at quality now moving

onto packaging this was the only

available size of my prints when I first

started out and it's actually pretty

easy to find something to shoot this in

you can either just get a regular

eight-and-a-half by 11 envelope and cut

out a sleeve of cardboard to put in the

longest time staples carry these amazing

envelopes they were like made of

cardstock and cardboard

they were like nearly impossible to bend

and they fit these perfectly and it was

so easy so simple but then they like

discontinued them and I never could find

them again so but then things got a

little more complicated once I got these

different sizes these are 13 by 17 which

is a weird dimension like there's not a

lot of envelopes that like you know fit

these dimensions so I have learned to

make my own envelopes out of cardboard I

don't know if this is like sketchy and

unprofessional but it's been working for

me pretty well I'll basically take the

old boxes from my work

make them into envelopes so I'm gonna

show you guys how I do that it's simple

you know it's all from scratch it's like

homemade envelope I don't know if that

makes it cuter but it does the job


and then the last step is just mailing

it out you go to your local post office

and you just ship out the prints it's a

good idea to get a price estimate on the

shipping costs before you actually set

the price on your website these aren't

that expensive to ship out this size but

once you package something like this up

even though it's not that much bigger it

counts as a parcel instead of just a

simple envelope so the shipping costs do

go up and that's something I had to

learn the hard way because you know I

just kind of took the price of these

knocked it up a few dollars but you know

these ones these ones were quite a bit

for shipping so make sure you get the

price estimate before you actually set

the price online just go to like the

post office and ask them how much it

would be to ship out this then you can

change it on the website and all's Gucci

now let me talk about the website that I

use I know quite a bit of people who

like manually sell their prints if that

makes sense like they will post

somewhere on social media that they're

selling prints and people can DM them

and you know like set up like an

arrangement to pick them up and whatnot

they'll do um their address and then you

ship it out I've been using this website

called Big Cartel ever since I started

selling prints and it's been such a

blast website for me it's so easy and it

does all the jobs that like I don't want

to do and it lets me do exactly what I

want to do which is to get my own prints

done so I can assess the quality myself

it lets me ship them out I personally

always like putting in a little

handwritten note into each of my

packages just thanking the person for

buying and that's just like a personal

flare and like just so you guys know

like I package up all these prints

they're all wrapped with love yes so I

really like having the control where I'm

able to get my own prints done so I know

exactly the quality I want exactly how I

want them done same with the packaging

there's no miscommunications there's no

I'm not left out of the loop like I'm

the one doing the hands

work I really prefer it that way and

then Big Cartel is great for for just

getting the payments through and then

each person who buys one puts their

information so that it like their

shipping address just shows up it's nice

and easy for me I just write it on the

envelope you can get a free membership

you can get like a $10 a month one if

you want some more products and some

more features you can also customize

your website so much which I have been

loving I've made my website all pretty

it looks real good I've really been

liking Big Cartel and you can like

settle the prices yourself and you get a

hundred percent of the payments like

they don't take a percentage of it which

I really like as well when setting the

prices for your prints you have to take

into consideration three things the cost

of getting the print done itself the

cost of shipping it out and then the

value of the actual artwork that you

made you have to just kind of add those

all up you can be realistic with

yourself price it at a point where you

know you'll be making profit rather than

throwing all that money back into you

know costs of materials of printing of

shipping yeah so Big Cartel is a great

website it's been a great website for me

super easy to set up super easy to get

everything organized on there and all

the payments processed through there and

then that's pretty much it you can do a

lot of fun things like you know I like

leaving the handwritten notes in the

packages you can also like get a custom

stamp made for your envelopes that's

something fun to do i something

important that i like to put on me

envelopes is do not bend because they're

delicate lovely prints yeah i wish you

guys the best of luck in setting this

all up and making this happen for

yourself it's a great way to earn a

little extra side cash for making art

which is you know so rewarding and

speaking of that I have to do a

shameless self promo I'm so sorry

link is in the description for my site

where i sell my prints like I said I

hand packaged each one with love and

care these are the two newest ones that

I added to my site we have all sorts of

other ones in the works we got this fun

guy this fun one got a lot of options so

yeah go check it out if you guys liked

any of the prints it would mean so much

to me if you've supported me in my work

and yeah

I hope this was super helpful for you

guys let me know in the comments what

you think and what you want me to talk

about next what do you need help with

what do you want insight on Oh my camera

died that's cool thanks for watching bye