How to Sell Art Prints (Etsy+Squarespace)

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Hi! my name is Madison Mayfield I'm a senior at Ole Miss, Hotty Totti, and I'm

here to tell you about my side hustle today which is being an artist in

creating I'm trying to avoid being a starving artist and therefore and

maneuvering this into a side hustle and trying to make a business out of it

first of all I was just always was creating an art for classes and friends

and different things like that my dad is quite entrepreneurial and so

he always would make comments like hey Madison you should sell this and I kind

of had impostor syndrome like I don't know if people would want to buy my

artwork and a little bit of insecurity there but as I was graduating I was a

senior in high school and my friends are going to the respective colleges and

universities and they asked me to start creating artwork for their dorms and I

thought hey people like it like it's good enough and so that's kind of where

it began I just created a gamut of different artwork the whole live love

last movement was a thing with all the moms and so I taught myself calligraphy

and I would just paint and write these beautiful quotes and did watercolor the

little wreaths and flowers all that sort of thing around the artwork and I ranged

everything from basic calligraphy to large acrylic and watercolor paintings

so really kind of all across the board I didn't have a very big strategy I was

just kind of waiting till people approached me to create this work and

hopefully make a little bit of extra money on the side actually how it

started was I followed different artists on Instagram and it was working for them