Clients Say, “I Am Not Interested.” And You Say "..."

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- Oh my goodness, the good old,

"I am not interested," now how many have heard

of this one before, comment below.

"I'm not interested,"

"Well, we are happy with the vendors

"or suppliers that we have right now,"

or, "We're not thinking of switching anytime soon."

Have you heard of those objections, right?

But basically, it's a variation of "I'm not interested."

Now, most salespeople, when they hear this objection,

what I notice the most, the dumbest thing

they will say is this, "Why are you not interested?"

Who gives a damn, they're not interested!

Why are you arguing with a prospect?

It's like the worst thing that you could say,

because now you're getting into a fight!

Why does the prospect have to justify to you

why they're not interested?

Although, chances are, the prospect is lying.

Prospects lie all the time.

But that's not how you handle it.