Top 5 Ways to BOOST SALES of Sublimation Phone Cases Printing Business ( 2020)

hey there varoom here from Joseph

permission in this video we are going to

talk about top 5 ways to boost your

sales or phone cases so let's get

started the first way here is to sell on

Amazon with advertisements if you have a

sublimation business and you're still

selling offline this is the right time

to go online and start selling online

and as far as our experiences Amazon is

the best place to sell on time so for

the new sellers just go online and start

selling on Amazon and after a couple of

weeks start running ads for people who

are already selling on Amazon and now

and are not getting enough sales I

suggest you to try experimenting with

ads with limited budgets and see what

campaigns are working with you and start

investing more and more on the campaigns

which are giving you good results the

second tip here is to sell on Instagram

with multiple accounts as you know that

creating accounts and Instagram is free

you can create multiple accounts on

Instagram with different brand names or

different SEO efforts so that your

Instagram account appears on the top

when someone searches for phone cases so

creating multiple accounts on Instagram

is like having multiple stores you get

customers from different parts of the

country in different search results so

your sales automatically increase

who'd be here is to do your work for

other sellers on Instagram as you know

there are plenty of sellers or Instagram

who do not have a printing setup they

take orders from the customers and get

those covers printed with other

sublimation business owners who have no

manufacturing facility so you can search

for people selling cases on Instagram

send them a message and ask them whether

they have the facility of printing in

case they don't have the facility you

can offer them your services of CHOP

work bring the cases on their behalf and

ship it to their customer you can give

them a discounted price a wholesale

price for them so that they can add up

their margin and sell it to the ultimate

customer the fourth way here is to do

job work for offline gift shops and

other mobile accessory stores as you see

that there are lot of gift stores around

you and a lot of mobile accessory stores

there are people coming to this gift

shops and mobile accessory stores and

asking them to print their photos on

their phone cases

so you can offer them the facility of

job work and tell them to take orders on

your behalf from the customers and you

can do the printing and give it to them

by doing this you can expect about

twenty to forty cases a day if you are

able to capture a good amount of shops

in New York City v in the last way here

is to start selling on eBay

you've seen a lot of people talk about

Amazon and Flipkart and eBay as a

website is completely ignored but our

experience is that eBay is also a great

place to sell all the people coming onto

eBay expect the price to be a little

more economical when compared to the

other websites but looking at the

marketplace fees what they charge and

the search results algorithm in which

eBay works you can get decent number of

sales on eBay - so that's all for this

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