How To Use Printful With Amazon (Step by Step) - Dropshipping with Printful

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however if you want to use printful for

Amazon you are in the right place I'm

going to be showing you what we can do

there's two ways that we can take

advantage of this great great platform

and this one is called printful now here

into printful what you can do is do

things after you have your account after

you have created your account here into

printful what you can do is to create

some templates so for example I'm going

to be choosing open linked in a new tab

so you can see the template that I have

into the store that I haven't created

yet so what I can do is to create

templates I can create my own auditions

my own t-shirts and I can start to make


so what I can do is to purchase these

items and pose them later into Amazon or

the second option that I can use is to