Part 1/3: Selling Printers to Businesses

good morning I've got you a to deliver

in here for you oh great thinking goes

fabulous Friday morning big plans this

weekend yes I do actually all right what

are they birthday party outstanding your

local yes

that's your and care for you I've

noticed the last couple times to deliver

that I have not been bringing out toner

for you for your laser machine is there

any particular reason why or something

going on or you know it has been

collecting dust okay it doesn't work

very well does it work very well okay

it's just a bad toner as the machine

needs service does a dude no idea no

idea no idea that's perfect

we have a couple of options for you we

can do a simple clean job on it and give

it a full makeover maintenance kit stuff

like that we do that get this service

that we provide for any of our customers

that have our toner inside we can do

that for you or we have an opportunity

maybe it's time to put this one away and

maybe upscale and get a new one possibly

we have opportunity to get you a new one

if that's something we want to do as


would you be open to maybe getting a bid

on something like that or quote yeah

that would be great okay you have a

piece of paper I just don't wear a

couple notes down so I can be prepared

with the correct thing I do a quick

question for you is obviously this all

this does is block so that's pretty


do you know kind of how many friends a

week you do is it to 300 the best thing

that I can give you is a ream of paper

is 500 sheets so are you using a 1/2 1/4

1/3 1/2 one so you're looking at

probably 250 sheets a week thousand a



okay is speed really important or is it

something not so important because speed

on LaserJet will cost you a little bit

more money so I just want to kind of put

you in the ballpark really where you

want to be fast and slow yeah fast and

slow other than give you two quotes okay

and then obviously on that quote we'll

have a couple different things

the biggest part is how many paid

French weekly monthly which is

considered your duty cycle on the life

of your printer so you want to be put

into a printer that's appropriate for

what you're printing not buying too big

not buying too small so with having that

the speed I'll get you a quote on two

different laser printers and also a

quote on getting that service and

maintenance for you as well and I'm glad

I'm in for that it's come back and get

you those prices okay great

have a great time your dad's birthday

party thank you see you later be on bite