Where To Sell Digital Downloads | Make Money Selling Printables Online

are you looking for a way to generate

passive income video design skills then

selling printables or digital downloads

online is the way to go it's mean again

chat and today we will be talking about

where to sell your digital downloads or

printables so stick around till the end

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so where to sell your printables first

things first you don't have to be an

expert graphic artist to create art as

long as you have an eye for awesome

designs you can create printables and

you don't need to invest a lot of money

to start this online business either

there are tons of free resources out

there in a portable ecommerce platforms

to sell your creations on so what

exactly are digital printables these are

digital files that people purchase

downloaded and can be printed endlessly

for their personal use today people need

help organizing and planning and they're

buying printables to make these tasks

easier depending on the item it can be a

PDF or JPEG file format samples of the

digital prints are different types of

planners and journals calendars trackers

logbooks Digital wall arts coloring

books stickers checklists workbooks and


templates wedding invites greeting cards

ebooks patterns and so much more now to

the best part where to sell your

printables with so many online platforms

you can easily set up a shop and start

making money online question is do you

open your own shop or so on another

platform no reason why you should not

sell on multiple platforms if you want

to get your digital files out there and

earn a real living then you could have a

store and multiple platforms if you can

manage it my advice is to stick to one

fat firm to start when you sell on

another platform that is not your own

there's a benefit of reaching their

large audience they of course will

charge you with some fees so they can

make money and are likely to take a

commission from its transaction too so

you have to research on each marketplace

that you want to sell your prints on

when you sell in your own side you have

to grow your audience on your own but

you get to keep all the profits yay so

where to sell

I have serious options for you to

consider from 3 you need some techno

hell or 2 paid but with a full customer

support and there are options for every

budget and tech service so first is the

Facebook group probably the quickest way

to start selling printables is to create

them for other bloggers and the fastest

way to do this is to join Facebook

groups where they sell content why is it

the fastest

well this means you

we have an audience and the group is

already full of people who are ready to

buy any fear selling trainers or

journals and join the planner groups

there are tons out there next would be

the Etsy site size like this is a lot of

competition but if you are wise and

savvy with your keywords and pricing you

should be okay and as a seller you will

have to pay a listing fee transaction

fee a payment processing fee for item

you sell so please take this into

account when you're pricing your items

the benefits of selling on a marketplace

like like Etsy is first a trickle of

traffic from the deluges of traffic the

marketplaces site gets each day the

second you don't need to purchase

website hosting or a website builder

most marketplace lets you build a

storefront for free and third technical

issues are handled by the marketplace

next is Teachers Pay Teachers this is a

marketplace where teachers buy and sell

original educational materials you can

create an account for free and this

means you can set up your account and

get started right away familiarize

yourself in a platform they do have a

small transaction fee of each product

sold and you'll get about 55 percent of

your sales if you saw anything well on

the basic account you can upgrade to

premium anytime and get more sales

percentage and much smaller transaction

fee and you don't have to be a teacher

to sell here either

next would be creative market you can

sell once here themes photos graphics

templates add-ons and a lot more next up

is your blog or shop when you have your

own site you can do all this for a lower

cost but you will be responsible for

setting up everything all the technical

aspects of your site and then

troubleshooting any tech issues plus

paying for your own hosting of course

you can outsource this to the good thing

with having your own site is you get to

keep all the profits but just what can a

standalone business website offer you

that a marketplace page can't among many

other things the price of selling from

your own size include you can direct

visitors to specific sections or

products on your website instead of the

marketplace guiding

two similar products from competitors

you can also customize your website so

it was memorable and reflects your

brands color style personality and you

can also sell unlimited products

next is Shopify it's not going to be

hosted in your own website but you can

choose your own custom domain like your

name shop calm or sharp your name calm

you can then link to the shop from the

website there's a 14-day free trial to

get your store setup and they offer

different plans but the basic is fine as

you get started the basic Shopify

account is about twenty nine dollars a

month and this will get you going and

they offer a customer service as well if

you have tax issues so it's a win-win

podia podía allows creators to sell

unlimited digital downloads including

printables membership plans and online


it comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop

builder so no techie skills required and

lets you create customized storefronts

without the hassle of troubling tools

odious storefront comes to the landing

sales page builder email marketing tool

and best of all no transaction fees next

would be the KDP or Kindle direct

publishing buy which is owned by Amazon

if you're doing planners journals

notebooks coloring books ebooks this is

one of the place you need to get your

hands into Amazon has a massive audience

already and of course you need to do

your keyword research to get your

notebooks seen and please do not create

something note is going to even search

if you want me to create a step-by-step

tutorial and this one let me know in the

comments below

other sites also would be Lulu and blurb

for your ebooks planners and turtles so

this is it for now and I'll see you in

the next video so are you ready to start

selling printables let me know in the

comments below which platforms you're

starting with or where you've had

success and if you haven't subscribed

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