How to Create Printables in Canva to SELL ON ETSY

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let's create some fun printables in

canva for free so you can finally open

that digital product etsy shop that's

going to bring you passive income

hi if you're new here my name is sandra

and i'm a freelance graphic designer

if you haven't seen my last few videos i

talk all about selling digital products

online to create passive income

if that sounds like something you're

interested in be sure to subscribe to my

channel and hit that bell to be notified

when i post a new video every tuesday

i've been creating and selling printable

wall art and digital planners for a few

months now and i've gotten to a point

where i basically make daily sales

it's a super fun and creative process

and i promise you don't have to be an

expert in graphic design to do it as


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