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printables on EXCI so if you have ever

thought about making passive income by

selling printables on etsy this video is

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go ahead and dive in into the tutorial

and make sure that you wash all the way

to the end because I'm gonna show you

step-by-step how easy it is to create

digital prints and to start selling

those on EXCI to make passive income so

let's go ahead and get started the first

thing I want to talk about and define

for people that don't know what a

digital download is what exactly is a

digital download

so the standard definition is a digital

download is an electronic form of a

document or file that the buyers gonna

receive without receiving a physical

copy so what that means is that the

person is basically paying for a custom

item that you make but they're not going

to receive a tangible item through the

mail they're gonna receive a file that

they could download and print at their

local printing shop so they could take

this document that's gonna be saved in a

JPEG format or PDF format and they could

take it to Kinkos

maybe FedEx Costco staples whatever is

the local printing shop in your area and

you a lot of people what they do is they

either upload it on the actual website

let's say they go to FedEx calm upload

it and do the work from there or they

save it in a thumb drive and take it to

Kinkos to get it printed out so

basically you ask the seller you're not

printing anything out for the customer

you're not sending a customer a tangible

item you're just creating the file or

creating the artwork and sending them

the file now I do recommend that when

you're sending you're providing them

with the final file that you send them a

JPEG and a PDF format the only reason

why I say send them both is because a

lot of printing shops do require a PDF

and then other printing shops they don't

do PDF they just want to do the jpg that

way you don't have to worry about the

customer messaging you later on to

provide them a PDF or vice versa jpg

format so saving them on both formats

and sending it to the customer has been

the best experience for me I'm when

selling digital downloads now the most

common items that are sold mxc as a

digital downloads are wedding invites

wedding signs principal artwork birthday

signs principal wine labels and

principal planners now there's so many

options that you could do as long as

your creative side comes out you could

do anything pretty much with digital

prints it just depends on your niche and

what you're more more interested in

doing but these are the most common ones

that you could do it just basically

depends on what you are more creative in

and what you're interested now I do

recommend that if you do start a second

store or your new store on EXCI selling

digital prints that you keep it niche

related so if you want to do like

artwork just keep it artwork if you want

to do let's say weddings everything

weddings then keep it wedding related

and if you want to do like birthdays

keep it what birthday related now you

could do parties for all occasions which

is kind of like what I do and the great

the great thing about having all

locations is that when you selling a

little bit of birthday a little bit of

wedding a little bit of let's say

Christmas and you have a little bit of

everything in that sense you're always

gonna have sales year-round vs. seasonal

sales so that's the advantage of doing

it however I do recommend niching down

to a specific category because that's

gonna help you

increase yourselves and become an

authority in that niche so that's really

really important to consider now you

don't have to be a graphic designer to

create printable printable artworks of

any kind so with a little bit of help

with canva comm and you purchase license

to use graphics you can start making

printables in no time so keep in mind my

favorite place where I buy majority of

my clipart that I use for commercial use

is from creative market so I will leave

the link below the video on the text box

description and also on the comment

section it's free to sign up so I highly

recommend doing it keep in mind as a

disclaimer whenever you are buying any

type of graphic design fonts or anything

else patterns and templates make sure to

read the license terms on anything you

purchased that you intend to use and

make money from it's very very important

that you read up on the license terms so

I absolutely love canva and you could do

so much with canva the platform is

incredible you could create beautiful

designs with simple drag-and-drop

feature is you know you don't have to

have no experience and it's very simple

to use and the best part is the majority

of the things in canva are free I use

the pay version because I do so many

things not only personally for both as a

freelance and for my clients but it is

an absolutely great tool for beginners

and to create amazing beautiful

templates product social media and much

more so let's go ahead and get started

on the tutorial and I'm gonna show you

step by step how easy it is to start

creating and implementing artwork or

printable downloads that you can start

selling on Etsy so let's go ahead and

head over to canva okay so here we are

on canva calm I will leave the link

below as well just in case and basically

what you want to do is when you go to you sign off for the art for

the account if you don't have one at the

current moment is

to sign up and what you want to do is

start with creating your design so you

just click on create in your design and

what I normally do is I start with

custom the dimensions

I'm normally as a digital download I

usually will give the customer three

sizes and five by seven and eight by ten

and eleven by fourteen you could do as

many sizes as you like I know that one

of the trending things that I've seen is

that many other successful stores that

sell just artwork they provide like five

six different sizes so I I personally

have started doing that now as well so I

provide now four by six a five by seven

eight by ten eleven by twenty-four 18 by

24 and then up 24 by 36 and you can

start you can do any size you like if

you are planning to sell like in other

countries I know that they have the size

a 1 a 2 you could do those as well you

could include those sizes as well if you

like to and all you do is um create um

click on custom design dimensions and

I'm gonna put on a buy ten and I'm gonna

set change this from pixel to inches and

create new design so here you're gonna

have a dashboard and you're gonna have

different options you could use any of

the templates that they currently have

because we're creating a custom design

that you're gonna sell on EXCI I'm just

gonna go down to let's see uploads

because I already uploaded the flowers

that I'm working with so these are the

flowers that I purchased from creative

marketing they have many beautiful

flower bundles and packages and I'm

gonna do a sign for a wedding sign so

I'm gonna take this flower here and I'm

gonna put it right here and it's so

simple as you can see I'm just dragging

it and like making it bigger and then

I'm gonna take this one and put it on

the bottom and I'm gonna measure it it

again as well and then I'm just gonna go

here to flip and flip vertical and it's

gonna flip it for me

and you could just adjust that as you

can see it's very simple to use I'm

gonna put it right there stop I have

enough space to add wording and then I'm

gonna go to text and you could use any

of these that are preset already if you

like and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna

use this text here so I'm gonna say

please take a treat so this is gonna be

for let's say a wedding sign so I'm

gonna change the font

so I can go here and it's gonna give me

all these different fonts that I can use

so I'm gonna go ahead and change it to

something cursive I like this on a lower

Laura so that's a possible one let's see

if we find anything else they have so

many fonts that you could use it's

incredible so the theme I'm gonna stick

with this one here then what I'm gonna

do is I'm gonna change the color if you

have a set color that you need to change

this to you could go to color click I'm

sorry click here on the plus and you can

actually type in the code that you need

for that particular color or you can

just play with it you could move this

around to find the color that maybe you

want to work with so I'm gonna make this

like a pinkish color so right there I

think that's good

and I'm going to Center this a little

bit more as you guys could see has been

doing this like five seconds it was like

very simple process so I put in the

middle I think that looks pretty good

now you could play around up here with

spacing with upper case and lower case

you can make the file PNG wishes on

transparency like if you want to make it

clear maybe somebody wants so you want

to change the color or you want to use

another software to change colors you

could do that here as well so just in

case you could change the background if

you need to by selecting colors or you

can simply just go up here and select

color the new one for the background so

and you could do a gray you could do so

if you were doing this design and you

wanted to create multiple listings but

with different colors it's so simple to

do because you already created the

designs all you have to do is go here

and play with the background so you can

potentially create one with a grey

background with pink letters or white

letters and vice versa

I'm depending on what you're looking for

I actually like it with the white

background but you could definitely

change it and have additional science

with different colors because there are

people that gonna want a white

background and there are gonna be people

that want a different color but as you

guys could see this is a very simple

process all we did was already created

the sign now all I have to do is say if

I'm done with this and I'm happy with

the results um once you're happy with it

all you have to do is click on click on

publish and download and right here it's

gonna give you the option to save it so

I'm gonna do a JPEG and I'm gonna select

quality all the way to 100 and I'm gonna

download the JPEG and it takes a few

seconds to download and then this is

what the file that you saw is what

you're gonna get so this is what you

would get and then all I recommend is

changing the file name and changing it

to 8 by 10 that way when you are

uploading the file on XE each file

should have their own size name so

you're not gonna name the size please

take a treat you're gonna name it 8 by

10 and then if you need to let's say you

want to do this one in 5 different sizes

so when the customer buys it from you

they get already 5 slices included all

you will have to do is go here resize

you create you click on custom

dimensions and we're gonna do now 11 by

14 because we want to create that size

as well it's gonna go ahead and resize

it for you so here is an 11 by 14 and if

you need to resize it again you do the

same thing

so now we're gonna do a 24 by 36 copy

and resize and voila now sometimes this

happens that you see the the end up here

all you have to do is just drag it down

and that's it that's your 24 by 36 and

then you do the same process you

download it and you save it now you have

a 8 by 10 at 11 by 14 and a 24 by 36 you

could include all these different sizes

for the customer and you can sell it for

like let's say $7 and they get six sizes

so it's a really nice way to make

passive income without having to do any

type of work I mean the only thing you

might have to do on a on a shop that you

only use downloads that already instant

downloads that you don't necessarily

have to customize the only thing you

will need to do is occasionally I would

recommend checking your emails every day

being active in your store but you're

not gonna be there working for hours and

you could do science after science after

science because with instant download is

so easy to fill up your store one of my

stores has over 10,000 items on it

already because it's so simple just

tweaking the item you could like I said

earlier you could just change the

flowers around or you could just go back

to the same print and go to uploads and

remove these flowers if you wanted to

right and just kind of be like okay I'm

gonna do something different I'm gonna

put these flowers and I'm gonna create

the same design but I'm gonna do another

design with it right another the same

design with different flowers and you

know you flip it vertical and then you

can flip it horizontal and now you put

it here and this could be another design

that you did with the same one so these

are just easy ways that you can start

making passive income I hope that you

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