Print On Demand 1 Week Results (Beginner)

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i try to do print on demand for one week

with printful and etsy

let's talk about how it went

before we talk about my results i think

it's really important that we talk about

what print on demand actually is print

on demand is a very interesting business

model it's actually where you create the

design and then you have a fulfillment

center such as printful take care of all

the details behind the scenes so they'll

take your design and print it onto the

hoodie or the crewneck or whatever item

you have that you're selling they'll

also ship it out to your customer and

hopefully they'll get it on time now the

second part to that is that you have to

create a store people usually like to go

with shopify or etsy in my case i went

with etsy and so what happens is when

you get a sale on etsy it's going to be