Start Selling Print On Demand Products with Ebay and Printful Step By Step

all right what's going on guys we're

back for another quick video and I hope

you guys are having an amazing week as I

know I am I want to make this quick

video just says I've kind of been making

a lot of videos surrounding expanding

from merch by Amazon to on to other

platforms for your print-on-demand

business and the last video was all

about expanding on Etsy I'll put a link

to that one down below in the comments

make sure you guys check that out if you

haven't already but this video is give

me doing something similar but actually

showing you how easy it is to add eBay

as a sales channel using the printful

integration so make sure you guys check

out the description below I'm gonna put

links to all the relevant content down

there and of course subscribe to the

channel if you guys are in the

e-commerce or print-on-demand space my

channel is all about e-commerce KDP


and creating online businesses that

lasts and can help scale your business

to make some additional income on the

side of your full-time job or hopefully

go full-time with doing this business so

with that being said we're gonna go

ahead and hop right into this video and

I'm just gonna show you guys how easy it

is to actually get start with printful

and get your first t-shirt or product

listed on the eBay marketplace so we're

gonna hop over into the computer screen

now and I'm gonna show you guys how to

actually go about getting started so

we're over here on the printful homepage

if you guys don't know what printful is

essentially they are a print on demand

fulfillment company so similar to what

merch by Amazon and you know some of

these other platforms do like custom cat

gear gear bobble gear launch teespring

etc printful is a really great provider

for fulfilling all kinds of different

designs and products so we upload a

design to the printful platform after

we've created an account and you guys

will see you all just show you some of

the products that they do if you're not

familiar with them so let's go ahead and

take a look at some of the products here

and also show you guys kind of some of

the breakdown on pricing but they have

everything in here so printful as you

know men's clothing women's clothing

kids and youth so they even have stuff

for toddlers in here they have hats

accessories you know home and living so

things like these pillows you guys can

kind of see in these pictures you can

even do canvases which are really

popular and you can make a really good

margins on those and coffee mugs and

they have tons and tons of other

so I haven't even played with all these

different things but as you guys can see

I'm just gonna poke around here a little

bit more so we have the normal t-shirts

and that's what I've spent most of my

time in and I'll show you guys a few of

those and you guys can see here the the

kind of we have all kinds of different

products right we have the men's

champion shirt for example which is

$18.50 that's a pretty pricey shirt you

know the ones that I normally stick with

are these two products right here if I'm

doing t-shirts and that's the unisex

Bella and canvas t-shirt you guys can

see that this one starts at 1295 that's

our cost before shipping and fees and

this is available in all these different

colors and sizes now if we're doing

something a little bit more simple I

normally stick to the unisex basic

Gildan t-shirt because it's so

inexpensive for us so it's 895 now with

printful their fulfillment fees for

shipping are about four dollars a shirt

for the first shirt if your customer

orders let's say two products of two

t-shirts from you it's four dollars for

the first one and then it's about a

dollar for the shipping costs on the

additional unit which helps us get a

little bit more room for margin there so

it's always a great you know a great

idea to be able to try to upsell and

sell multiple shirts in an order but

either way if the pricing strategy that

I'm going to show you guys allows you to

still make a good return on your

investment here and actually get a

margin out of this so with that being

said just to take a further look here we

also have you know all-over t-shirts we

have you know sweatpants hoodies we can

even go back and I'll show you guys a

few of the others here but we have I

mentioned that kids ones we have baby

bibs so we can even explore that kind of

stuff we have baby body suits they have

hats you know all kinds of different

styles of hats they have accessories so

you can even do things like jewelry here

iPhone cases home and living now this

really if you guys don't have your

wheels already spinning this is going to

allow you if you have one design think

about how many different products you

can put this design on so if you have a

design that's a winning design and you

can put it on you know a hundred

different products and then put those

products in all kinds of different

places so Etsy merch by Amazon Amazon's

main storefront

Bay etc this is going to allow us to get

in front of more and more buyers and

give our products a higher and higher

chance of being able to be sold which is

why I love print on a man in general

your your one product or your one design

turns into you know hundreds of

different products across different

store fronts so you can get thousands of

you know free views and even you know

work with advertising to get higher and

higher views and conversion rates for

these products so if you guys aren't

already doing print on demand I highly

recommend you get into it and this is a

really really simple way to actually get

start with print on demand and start

selling your products so if you guys

don't already have a print full account

you're gonna go ahead and want to create

a print full account I have a link to

the the sign up down below in the

description so you check that guy out if

you guys want and I'll show you guys

what the process is gonna look like so

once our print full account is actually

created we're gonna come in here and on

the left hand side there's a stores

feature a restores module now I've

blurred some of my stores out just for

to protect my accounts that you know so

no one steals my designs here but all we

need to do is scroll down and click on

the choose platform button now this is

gonna prompt us to choose which platform

we want to sell one so you know I've

used this integration with a lot of

success on Etsy it works really really

well shop if I've played with I've done

a lot with the eBay and all those work

very very well I haven't really played

with some of these other ones

WooCommerce Squarespace but obviously

you guys can see here you know depending

on whatever platform you want to sell on

there's tons and tons of different

options here for us which is another big

one nowadays and these are you know lots

of different places that we can actually

play around with so for this video

obviously we're gonna be sticking with

eBay so we're gonna go ahead and click

connect now if you guys don't already

have an eBay account make sure you go

ahead over to eBay and create that

account it's gonna take you know 5-10

minutes and you just need to put in some

basic information since I already have

an eBay account we're just gonna go

ahead and go through this process to

keep this video fairly short here

printful also I will say has very very

great customer service and support and

they have a lot of walkthrough videos

like this so if you guys you know are

having any issues or any trouble you can

always reach out to them or

watch you know some of the videos that

they have here but step one as you guys

can see is we need to click the connect

to ebay button this is going to redirect

us over to ebay and I'm just gonna log

in with my eBay information so again

guys I'm gonna blur this out but let me

login really quick and this process is

super super quick and easy right it's

gonna take us about five minutes or less

when you do agree to their policies so

I'm going to go ahead and hit agree all

right step one is done next we need to

fill in some of this general info it's

already auto loaded some of my mind from

another eBay store so I'm gonna go ahead

and change that out and I'll show you

guys before I actually get it now we're

gonna go off of our Etsy store which we

have let me just show you guys the Etsy

store we created the other day and I

created this store from scratch just to

give you guys an idea of you know how

how Etsy actually works on how you can

use this same the same print full

integration there so let me just show

you guys that shop so here is the really

simple store we created two many turtles

shop and we uploaded our first design

right here this is a really simple

design I made in canva on my own so I

don't have a lot of design skills but

you guys can either be you know buying

these designs buying pre-made designs

you know hire a designer to do this work

or just create designs yourself but

we're gonna take this product and get it

live over on our eBay store so to do

this again we're gonna hop back over to

eBay I'm gonna do the brand name here as

the same as my eBay want too many

turtles shop and we're gonna put in our

email address

and it's gonna ask for the maximum

handling time in days I think the

default on your guys should be five days

I'm gonna leave it as that for now go

ahead and click continue and that is

gonna take us to the next step which is

the payment policy now we have a few

options here we can create our own in

eBay or you know since my eBay store

already has a few I'm just gonna select

one that I already have here which is

immediate pay so I want the buyer to pay

immediately for these products if we

don't have it we can create a new one

I'm gonna hit continue and now we are on

to step four the return policy I'm gonna

leave it as this default the print full

return policy we wanted to create our

own that's fine but I'm just gonna go

ahead and use the default one printful

is already made for us and hit continue

and as you guys can see here it is

synchronizing some of our product

information again I'm gonna blur this

out because I did already have some

products that are synced into eBay so

the nice thing is if you guys already

have a store that has products in there

you know maybe you already had printful

synced in the past or something like

that it's really cool because they'll

actually pull all of your data directly

back in but while this is synchronizing

we're gonna go ahead and act as if this

is a brand new eBay account and we're

gonna go ahead and upload our first

product in here and it's really simple

to do that just go ahead and click add

product now this is gonna take us to the

choose product area oops looks like it

just refreshed so add product and we're

gonna select the type of products we

want to add so for the sake of this

video we're just gonna do our normal

t-shirts and I'm gonna use the shirt

that I talked about in the first part of

this video now normally how I choose

this is always try to do the a dollar

ninety five cent one just because I want

to get as much as possible out of my

designs and I want to you know pass on

some savings to the buyer the only time

that I'll choose the more expensive 1295

dollar option here is if this design

only looks good or sorry if this design

that looks good on a lot of different

colors or I know that the buyer is gonna

be interested in you know more call

options because as you guys can see here

this $8 95 cent design really only has

three color options it has the white

black and I think this is a navy and

then a gray now on my Etsy store I'll

just show you guys but I you know I know

this design looks good on white it looks

good on black but I also want to add a

few other color options right I know

that maybe I'm gonna have a parent

buying this for a child they might want

it on blue or maybe on pink if it's for

a girl or for a boy we're not judging

these days so I'm gonna choose this one

the Belle in canvas and I'm gonna show

you guys how I priced my shirts as well

this is gonna take us right to the

configuration area and it's really nice

I wish that merch by Amazon would adopt

some of this because they make it super

simple as you guys can see here I can

choose where I want the design I could

put it on the front I can put it on the

back they even do sleeves so I can add a

custom image or design of my sleeves and

you guys can see you know printful they

really allow us to customize this quite

a bit so this is also great a lot of

people say you know there's too much

competition with print on a man well to

be honest there's so much variety that

you can do and find ways to be unique

and set yourself really apart that even

if they're you're going into a niche

that has a lot of other competitors if

you find a way to create a cooler design

or maybe you deliver it you know in a

different style like providing it on the

back or the left-to-right sleeve or

something like that or maybe you want to

add a custom label inside to give that

extra level of you know your brand or

whatever it may be

printful is a really easy way to do all

of that so for this we're just gonna go

ahead and add this design on the front

and let me just grab this over here

let's see if it'll go okay and we drag

and drop now you can also click on that

and upload directly from your computer

your file library and there we go so our

design is right here I'm actually gonna

want to show you guys one thing if you

guys are using a designer like I am the

really nice thing is that we can also go

ahead and click and you'll notice over

here on the right we have the option to

upload from a Google Drive folder or

from Dropbox so my designer for example

he does you know my

designs and then he'll upload them into

Google Drive and so if I want to add you

know a hundred of my designs in dump

them into printful so that I can easily

upload them without downloading them

from Google Drive and then re uploading

I can click this and actually pull them

directly but again guys we're just going

to take that design as it's already in

here so we have our file uploaded and

one other thing I want to point out is

that you can also add text directly in

the printful platform so if you wanted

to add anything add clipart I don't

really utilize this feature but it is

there if you guys want we can also you

know resize our design let me make this

get it back and you know we can drag it

around up and down so it gives us a

little bit more functionality than a

merge by Amazon might next thing we're

gonna want to do is choose our color

option so we know this looks a decent on

white I'm gonna go ahead and choose

black and you guys will see it's making

the mock-ups live for us so we can get a

feel for what the customer is gonna see

as well I like that one let's see what

else we have let's do that blue and

let's do that pink and obviously you

guys are gonna want to spend a little

bit of time in here you know making sure

that you're choosing the best possible

colors I'm just trying to go fairly

quick just for the sake of this video

but I normally spend a few more minutes

in here now one thing I want to point

out as you guys can see is I'm kind of

adding on these colors down here there

are some warnings for us it says

discontinued colors and sizes this does

happen fairly often if you think about

it from a logistical standpoint printful

is actually keeping all these products

you know at their warehouse to actually

fulfill so oftentimes you know they have

to keep pink for example in every size

range so oftentimes they are gonna have

products that are out of stock in

different size ranges so we can see here

the extra small on the heather forest

blue and lilac this pink color is

actually out and same with the lilac on

the pink for three XL and for Excel so

our options here really we can take that

those sizes off and that can solve it or

our other option here would be actually

to choose some different colors so I'm

gonna see if there's a different pink

that maybe still looks good

and is in better stock so let me just

check a few of these alright so this one

you know this one doesn't look amazing

but again for the sake of the video I'm

just gonna leave this on here and then

I'm gonna uncheck extra small because I

want to keep those other colors on and

there we have it so now the next step is

proceed to mock-ups now this is one of

the other really powerful things is

printful automatically gives us this

really simple way to pull in some

lifestyle mock-ups and choose one that

looks good for our products let's see

what they have so you guys can see they

have been male and female mock-ups they

have just plain short ones they have

this one right here which is kind of a

nice has like a nice backdrop to it we

have kind of a gym aesthetic then some

kind of lighter more fun ones and they

even have this one for couples so if you

guys are doing you know a best boyfriend

turtle t-shirt best girlfriend turtle

t-shirt you could add those designs here

or a couples shirt of some sort so in

this case we're gonna stick with

something pretty playful I like this one

just cuz we're kind of in a green

natural theme so I'm gonna do that and

then I normally will try to choose the

main mock-up image as the one that I

think looks best color wise so I'm gonna

go ahead and check this one it's already

checked here then we're gonna proceed to

the description now I've done a lot of

videos on how to actually create you

know product descriptions and keywords

so I'm not going to go into that for

this video you know make sure you guys

check out my other videos in my channel

to see how I actually do my titles and

product descriptions and do my keyword

research but in this case we're

literally just gonna copy the titles we

made the other day for our Etsy store

and what I like to do is put it the main

keywords in the product title then I

copy the title and put it again in the

description just to help with some of

that search engine optimization and then

I've actually created a few few

sentences that also include some

keywords so you know something along the

lines of if you love turtle artwork or

marine animals and this turtle themed

gift idea is great for the beach lover

in your life get this turtle accessory

for your entire tropical vacation crew

you know get sandy with baby took baby

sea turtle lover

in your life this ternal apparel makes a

great gift for men women boys and girls

we just want this to flow we obviously

are hitting on a lot of the key words

here turtle artwork marine animals Beach

lover turtle accessory tropical vacation

sandy etc you guys get the idea so I'm

just gonna go ahead and copy these over

we're gonna go back in here and I'll

plug those in right here and then I also

add at the very end this is something I

normally take from my merch by Amazon

listings but this is kind of your last

chance to sell the person so the sea

turtle blah blah blah put the title and

makes a fantastic present and I like to

include that word just for you know the

holidays as well so we're gonna copy

that and put it in the bottom and then

we can choose if we want the style at

the size guy that actually as an image

in this I always like to because it

helps avoid questions from potential

buyers we want to you know give them as

much information to make that buying

decision without stopping and thinking

about it ahead of time and then I'm

gonna choose the style and normally this

is unisex unless I have a reason to do

men or women maybe I'm only making a

design for men or only for women and

next we're gonna proceed to pricing now

I told you guys I was going to tell you

a little bit about my pricing strategy

here so remember with this that our our

cost for the actual product is 1295 and

then as you guys can see down here the

shipping it's actually I guess the

dollar higher than I thought but

shipping costs for all variants is $5

and then okay what they did is they

actually decrease this one a little bit

so it's 75 cents for any additional unit

so that means that if we just sell one

shirt our shipping cost is gonna be five

dollars if the buyer buys two shirts

then it's gonna be five dollars plus

seventy-five cents so five seventy-five

so obviously you guys can see is we want

to convert people that are gonna buy a

few shirts at a time it really helps us

make a much better profit margin here

but normally what I do is you know we

see this trend that with all the

e-commerce marketplaces these days

people want free shipping they want to

see that shipping is free they don't

want to see a low price and then they

get to the checkout and all of a sudden

they're hit with a five six dollars

shipping fee so I

always tried to create my product

listing so that I'm I have enough room

you know with the the price to charge or

to take that shipping and still make

some profit margin so if we think about

this our cost with shirts 1295 and then

we have a $5 for feet on the shipping so

that's 1795 and then eBay is gonna take

you know it's a fee as well so if you

guys aren't familiar with eBay fees

there are if you just type in eBay

let's see fee calculator similar to


we do have a fee calculator here that's

gonna show us roughly what we're gonna

end up paying the price I like to charge

for my shirts is you know 2195 223 95

and I'm gonna show you guys why I do

that shipping charge let's see we are

gonna do zero shipping cost we pay five

dollars item cost we pay $12.95 eBay

store if you guys are paying a monthly

fee for an eBay store you do get a

little bit of a discount and same if

you're a top rated seller but I'm gonna

seem you guys are just getting started

so you don't have that and you guys can

see down here right we have an ebay fee

of two hours in four cents a paypal fee

of 99 cents so after all said and done

we're gonna make two dollars and 61

cents on this product so now if you guys

factor in you know if we go cheaper out

and we do the $8 95 you guys can see our

profit now goes all the way up to six

dollars and 61 cents so again this is

why I always want to try to do that

basic level shirt the $6 and 61 but I

wanted to show you guys kind of the

worst-case option here of doing you know

the twelve dollar 95 cent shirt a lot of

people there one kind of critique of

printful is that the pricing is fairly

high and to be honest I agree $12.95 is

a decent amount for a shirt but I do

think it is worth it because really they

integrates so seamlessly that I have to

do nothing once I have this product

actually listed on eBay

so you know I'm saving four dollars or

excuse me I'm spending four dollars more

to free up that time of having to go

custom fulfill orders on the backend so

again guys just want to show you this

I'll put a link to this

calculators well down below in the

description but so what we're gonna do

is we're gonna just increase this so

that our prices match that $23 price

range so I'm gonna increase by 495 and

you guys will see that I'll push all the

prices up obviously the larger sizes are

a bit more expensive as well so we're to

go ahead and edit quantities now this is

really important section if you guys are

just starting a brand new eBay store

you're not gonna have the same

capability to list as someone who has an

established store similar to merch by

Amazon eBay does limit you when you're

just getting started fortunately I have

a an eBay account that you know I've

been working on for years now and I've

done a lot of sales volume on so you

guys can see I have the capability a

list four hundred and eighty thousand

products and a value of up to almost a

half million dollars on eBay now why

this is important is if you guys are

just getting started you know you might

only have a hundred slots available so

you don't want to go and put a quantity

of five on every variation because very

quickly that's gonna add up and take up

all your slots and even now you know

even though I do have this volume here

to add more I always just leave the

quantity as one and that's because I

want to give myself room to add more and

more products in here so I'm not gonna

change these for now as you guys you

know start to sell more and more on eBay

you can go in and actually request to

increase those limits in the eBay

storefront and you know if you guys have

any questions about that let me know

down below the comments but the next

thing we are gonna do here is just click

Submit to store and you guys will see

that our product is now processing over

there I'm gonna go ahead and log it into

my eBay account so hang tight while I do

that and we're gonna wait and I'm just

going to show you guys that product in

the eBay account so bear with me for 30

seconds while I get this all going

and guys let me know down below in the

description if you're doing really well

with with printful on eBay

you know eBay is another platform it's

not a huge seller for me but it is a

helpful seller and you know I like to

just again all these are creating assets

that we now have online so let's go

ahead and see if that got imported one

of the other nice things printful is

always adding stuff this is a new

feature they just did add your latest

design a more great product so I can

actually click through and add this

design pretty seamlessly to these other

products here as well now this is

populated in so I'm just gonna go ahead

and pull that up and show it to you guys

so here we are this product listing is

now live on eBay and you guys will see

we have really simply the all those

mock-ups came in it makes it look really

good people see this it's professional

you know we can scroll through these I'm

not gonna spend a ton of time I just

want to see if the sizing charts in here

and I'm actually not seeing it normally

there should be a sizing chart here as

well so that's something I'm gonna need

to look at but you know again guys now

our product is live on here people can

see we have all these different size

options they see 30 days return you know

they see our price here and they see

it's that it looks like the shipping

actually went on here so I actually need

to go edit this but it should be free

shipping to our customers so that's

another thing that we can offer and then

down here okay here's the size guide so

we have our description it's gonna tell

the buyer what they're getting I have

all these keywords in here and we have

the size guide to help kind of you know

make sure that people know exactly what

they're getting here prevent returns all

that good stuff and the brand is

directly pulling in here so this

products live on eBay now you know

someone could go in and buy this and

that you know this video it took about

what 5 10 minutes to actually get this

product in here and so you guys can

really see the power of printful and how

easy it is to actually go ahead and do

this and get your products live and

listed on eBay and add this as a new

sales channel so now we can rinse wash

repeat this process if we have a

thousand designs we can go do this and

put a thousand t-shirts up we could do a

thousand coffee mugs we could keep doing

this over and over again and add more

and more

x2 our eBay account so again guys the

big thing here is get started with this

you know don't put it off yes it takes

time yes it takes work but get your

processes in place start building this

out and start you know making sales and

growing your e-commerce business so with

that being said I hope this video was

helpful for you guys smash the like

button if you got some value and

honestly if you didn't like this video

let me know too I'm always open to

feedback so you can always put the you

know your critique down below in the

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guys check out the description below and

of course subscribe to the channel if

you guys want to continue following my

e-commerce journey and you know learn

more about the tips that I'm finding and

also learning from you guys so we're

that being said we will see you guys at

the next video