How to sell tickets for a reserved seat event and print tickets with a Boca printer

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hi this is Aaron with simple six calm in

today's video I'm going to show you how

you can order tickets for a reserved

seat mode event and print tickets using

a Boca ticket printer this is a boca lee

mercy model alright so here's an event

that's reserved seat mode I'm gonna go

ahead and select it

and now I'm gonna choose which data like

to buy tickets for and now I'll choose

what type of ticket I'd like in this

case I'd like a two regular tickets

we'll find the best available seats in

here they are I'll add them to my

shopping cart by clicking here and now

I'll click checkout now alright I like

to put it in a promo code I can do that


and I'll click checkout now I'll choose

the option to pay with square I'll put