Print on demand for artists | how to sell your art prints online

let's talk about print-on-demand for

artists how to sell your art prints

online now first things first we're

going to talk about everything why how

which services which prints well like

the best tactics everything but first

things first which print on the man's

service do you choose this is this is a

thing that a lot of people struggle with

it's very easy if you're an artist it's

very easy you don't have a choice you do

not have a choice like you don't choose

between print the file and print for

encantado and all of those things no you

choose one that is most qualitative

because that's what you stand for you

stand for quality you stand for amazing

colors amazing visuals amazing high

quality paper and so this notion that

you should go for something cheaper like

print fi because then you can take a

little bit more profit margin it's it's

completely insane

the profit margin does not depend on

which print on demand service that you

choose it depends on your marketing and

the profit margin that you want to take

because it's your decision and so this

is something that you have to not think

about at all just choose the one that is

highest in quality and then go for

marketing and then you will you will

sell like this couple of euros don't

really matter plus there's also this

thing called

lifetime value of your customer if they

have shitty products coming from you

then then they will not buy from you

again then then you probably have even

burned qualitative leads qualitative

people that wanted to buy from you this

is this is just not the way to go

quality over quantity in this scenario

at all at all types so let's talk about

print on demand why would you want to do

that very simple as an artist it's just

it's hard if you want to sell

large-scale prints you're not going to

print them at your home printer or you

need a home printer that costs 5k 10k or

even more and so you will have to print

it in a printing service then deliver it

to your door where you will create a

certificate of authenticity where you

will sign the print and then send it to

the customer this is a lot of work

you know this is a lot of work sure you

can have the best quality there you can

you can have most control most creative

power etc etc but it's a lot of work and

artists are not really organized

creatures it's a completely new workflow

that comes into your week and so the

print on the man's service completely

erases that you don't have to have any

stock you don't have to do any ship and

you don't have to do any transaction you

don't you don't even have to pay

calculate taxes and all that stuff all

of that happens automatically you can

all integrate it into work armors on

your website into everything that you

want it to be integrated in in your Etsy

shop or whatever like it's it's all it's

all automatic and so you you relieve

yourself from all of that burden all of

that stress of all of that like

like real Arthas we don't want to do

that we just want to make art no we just

want to make our market perhaps that's

it we don't want to put stuff in boxes

and all like and then you don't ship it

to the wrong person or something gets

lost in the tracker code and all of that

that stuff that goes into your head and

so that's that's really the advantage of

print on demand services now the

disadvantage in this is huge is that you

cannot sign your prints you cannot write

a personalized note and give it to your

customers with the print that they just

bought you cannot like do insane

certificate of authenticity the

documents in it and so you have a lot of

you you giveaway love the control and so

inevitably what I would recommend

artists to do if you want to go for

print on demand services what you can do

is have on your website print on demand

fairly cheap your art if people want it

perhaps perhaps even your art with with

with things on I don't know what you

want to do you know and then and then

next to that half your printer your

prints that they can buy limited-edition

art prints that are perhaps that are

signed that have a certificate

this is the and half I have perhaps an

artist hand on it you know if you're a

photograph or perhaps not but if you're

a painter may

little brush mark on it make it a little

bit more unique make it make it

something in between an art print an

original piece of art and so in that

sense you can price it much much much

higher than those prints and have much

less people and have to play by those

prints which is not a problem because

your profit margin because you put so

much time and effort in it will be much

higher you know and so if you if you

sell prints that let's say print on the

man dries small prints for 50 euro and

your profit 20 year old debts or 25 euro

and it's a high quality print that's 25

year if you want to make 2500 euro on

those prints you will have to sell 100

prints that's a lot that's a lot that

that's a lot of prints that you have to

sell through marketing that's hard now

if you price your art prints and let's

say it's something in between a limited

edition art prints and an artwork but so

it's red brushstrokes it's not even it's

not even it's not even a series of 10

anymore it's it's kind of an original

piece on itself and you price it 400 or

500 which is definitely doable this is

not insane insanely high then then you

only have to sell 5 anymore suddenly

five five prints you can do that to make

the same amount of money and so so this

is what I would recommend doing both of

those things now another advantage of

pricing your art prints original art

prints original pieces I don't really

know what to call it at 4 or 500 euro

which is for some of you a higher price

point is that you can then discount its

20% 30% discounted 40% like whatever you

want and it still will make you will

make it worth your time and an effort

and everything into it and and you will

still make somewhat of a decent profit

40% that's that's already a little bit

tricky there but but that's that's

possible and then you can play the real

game the honest game you know like like

not like what they do in other

businesses I once worked at

and the way they would discount stuff

was completely different for example if

something costs 1995 cent and they would

want to discount it they would change

the price tag they will put a new one in

that state that it costs 24-year old and

now but discount it's only 17 euro or

something like like I mean that's that's

that's that's lying you know that's

that's just not how that that's not okay

don't do that stuff like it's that this

is not what I would recommend anybody to

do like when you're an artist's you have

mark mavens that are checking you out

they are like collectors are the market

mavens of all market mavens they know

they know those things like don't lie to

them make it as honest and clear and and

with with the most amount of integrity

that you have possible you know like

that's definitely something to to take

serious now there are two things left

there are two things left one being how

to price your friends how to which price

points are interesting for buyers for

collectors and two how to sell them

which tactics to use to sell those

prints for those two things I would want

to recommend you to check out my other

videos I have one video how to sell art

on Instagram those same principles will

apply when you're selling prints when

you're selling anything as an artist

really and then from there on you can

watch some other videos or how to price

your art how to price prints I have a

lot of figures dealing with how to price

your art how to price in order to

attract galleries how to price and like

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