The BEST Sales Techniques to Sell MORE Ads!

how to sell radio and magazine ads so I

got a great question from one of my

YouTube viewers Micheline who wrote in

to say hi ever my name is Micheline

Evans I really appreciate what you are

doing and saying you've really

encouraged me to step out up in my

business thank you so much for insight

and wisdom well thank you for commenting

I'm starting an advertising business for

small business owners and want to help

them go to another level people knowing

what products and service they render

now I started off on radio and magazines

I'm not getting a lot of customers

understand that I can help them I'm not

charging a lot of money for radio

advertisement I don't know what I'm

doing wrong could you please give me

some tips or ideas I would really much

appreciate it thank you so much you

can't wait to hear from you

so Micheline you're selling to

entrepreneurs you selling the small

business owners it's a really tough sell

because entrepreneurs we're tight with

our money right when we spend on an

advertising campaign it's not for

branding purposes we need to see a

result right here's an example so when I

read I work with brands I work with

companies I create a blog post for them

I'll help promote their content when I'm

working with a big brand I'll charge

them $2,500 to create one piece of

content a blog post to their site 2,500

bucks that's a lot of money if I tried

to sell that to an entrepreneur to pay

2500 you better get me some results on

that son because that's a lot of money

that's a big chunk of marketing for me

that needs to generate results so that's

the difference right like this has to

work if somebody spends money with you

that could be their entire advertising

budget for the year so it's got to work

there's a lot of fear so for you my

advice on how to sell radio or magazine

ads to small business owners one target

your market you have to know who you're

selling to right you've got to know the

right kind of people to sell to because

you're not going to sell that every

single entrepreneur and what I would

probably do is go look at competing

magazines look at competing radio

stations in different markets and see

who's advertising on their station what

kind of businesses are advertising there

and then go reach out to your local

market so I don't know where you are

let's say you're in New York I'll pull a

model like la find a similar magazine or

radio station that targets the LA market

and see what kinds of businesses right

you won't have the exact same

franchisor store here but similar kinds

of businesses is it a jeweler is it real

estate people is it you know

manufacturers who is it

that's advertising on the radio chances

are those same types of businesses will

be interested in your local markets you

have to really be specific because not

every person is going to be interested

you're not just targeting small business

owners you got to get a little bit more

niche the second thing is reduced the

risk you have to reduce the risk for

them and this goes for anything in sales

reduce the risk and make it easy to say

yes so I don't know how much it costs

for you to get started on this thing if

I wanted to sign up with you and take

out a radio ID what that cost me you'll

find a lot of business owners say this

is the catch-22 that you're in they'll

say I'm happy to spend on it if it works

right if I know that I spent a dollar

with you and I get five back I'm going

to do that all day long all day long but

I'm not guaranteed it's going to work

and I have you know I don't know

anything on radio or magazine

advertising most entrepreneurs won't

write that's what they'll say so there's

a huge risk so you have to find a

low-risk way to launch this thing you

have to find a way to for me to get it

either for free or to really reduce

price as my first time shot through once

you've qualified right you're picking

the right kinds of businesses that are

the right size at work base in other

markets and give them a low risk way to

get started because a radio station or

magazine once that air time where that

magazine goes out if they don't have the

sponsors in there it still has to go out

right that radio show is airing on this

day regardless if they have sponsors or

not so working with them to find deals

where you can start off small free

ideally or really super low-cost to get

them to try one time and sure that it

works if it doesn't work then they're

not going to continue right and then

that's that's on you because you pick

the wrong client the wrong campaign or

this station or this this magazine

doesn't work right you have to deliver

results when it does work then it's easy

to upsell them and get them to sign into

a full of campaign right so I sell I

sell zuga guides for entrepreneurs I

don't do advertising for I wouldn't go

out and take a magazine ad out or radio

show ad out right I wouldn't do that

it's not part of the model but if

somebody like you came to me

and here's a free way to do it as a

trial and it worked then I would start

spending money with you right if I can

show that hey I spent a thousand dollars

with miss Schilling she gives me five

back I'm going to do that no problem

let's let's ten times that let's keep

going right that's the that's the

catch-22 it's too risky for

entrepreneurs to get into they can't see

the proof they can't see the tangible

results or they're not going to do it so

you have to make it easy for them to say

yes the third thing is helping with the

creative a lot of entrepreneurs even if

they agree to it they don't know how to

make your radio ad they don't know how

to make a magazine ad so how can you

help them give them either tools

resources people a campaign something to

help them make that easy because I might

say yeah I love that but I don't what

does the radio spot sound like I don't

know how to do that so train them work

with them give them people to help them

so that that fear is gone you're you

eliminate all their objections right the

big two is going to be well I don't

think it's going to work it's too risky

for me and I don't have the resources to

make this campaign together you can

eliminate those you get people to say

yes but all is going to come from

targeting the right people you don't

know waste all this time and energy and

the you know the collateral you've built

with the stations your you know radio

stations of the magazines you don't

waste all that time only to have

somebody come through and then not sign

up right if you've delivered them

results and they don't sign up then you

need to do a better job qualifying

upfront make sure you get the right

people who can potentially afford this

thing when it takes off that's my advice

believe I love to hear what you guys

think if you guys have ever done an

advertising campaign with a magazine or

radio station leave it below let me know

what your fears are let me know what

worked what didn't work what you would

change you have other advice for

Micheline leave it in the comment

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