How to Sell Princess House

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hey everybody my name is Linda Bradley

and I'm with princess house and I want

to come to you today to show you all the

advantages of you joining the company as

a representative do you love to cook do

you love our products would you like to

get them at a discount would you like to

earn a little bit extra money would you

like to earn a lot of extra money this

could be an opportunity for you and I

want to tell you everything about it so

when you join princess house the first

thing that you do is you buy a starter

kit and this gives you a bunch of the

different items that we have so that

even if you don't have a lot yourself

you'll have items that you'll be able to

show others so let me show you what

comes in your starter kit so number one

we're going to give you some of our

famous cookware all of our cookware has

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