How To Tell If Your Princess Diana Beanie Baby Is Worth Money

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hey it's Michelle so I believe you've

probably been seeing all over the

internet Halle Princess Diana beanie

baby is worth like we're gazillion

dollars so I of course being the coolest

like nine-year-old ever have a Princess

Diana beanie baby in fact I think we

have to this is the only one that we

could locate last night um living in

it's super awesome beanie baby box but I

have more I have I have some collectible

beanie babies all right let's get to the

point though if you also have one of

these there's a couple ways to tell

whether or not it is one of the first

edition ones which could be worth a

gazillion dollars or if it's worth seven

dollars you know a couple dollars more

than you paid I found this from I think this would be the

good way to tell if it is from 1997 than