Primerica Business Opportunity – How To Sell Primerica Life Insurance – Primerica Presentation

hey guys Brent Blair's here welcome

along to this video have you been

struggling to generate high-quality

responsive leads for your primary key

business if so stick around in this

video because you're going to learn how

you can start systemising and automating

the lead acquisition process by

leveraging the power of the Internet in

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your primary business online guys

traditional prospect and offline methods

it's not that they no longer work it's

just that these recruiting strategies

lack leverage in this digital economy

first of all your trading time for leads

so as soon as you stop the lead flow

stops you've essentially created another

job for yourself your business requires

your physical presence in order for it

to grow secondly it's not very targeted

your friends family co-workers are not

actively seeking a business opportunity

are the Primerica product line this kind

of puts you in the role of a salesperson

and people don't like to be sold also it

is a finite lifespan unless you've got

an enormous family you're eventually

going to run out of leads so it's not a

very long-term business but in the

strategy and also most of these people

you approach are going to tell you

they're going to think about it they're

going to go home and do a search find

somebody else and did not join in them

so you need an online presence otherwise

you're going to get swamped by them

swallowed by the competition guys I

struggled in this industry for over 6

years offline methods just didn't suit

my personality I felt like I was

bothering people and that pain and

rejection tends to stop a lot of reps in

their tracks I eventually took my

business online found the right mentors

who shared remit the right information

in the right sequence at the right time

and within a year guys my business

exploded so for the rest of this video

you're going to hear from a good friend

of mentor friend Lisa buddies he's going

to dive deeper with you on this topic so

I speak to you really soon and enjoy the

rest of the video I remember it like it

was yesterday

get the hell out of my house and here I

thought she'd be a great prospect for my

team I guess not

this is probably an extreme case but

nonetheless during difficult moments in

my network marketing business I would

ask myself the same question you may be

asking yourself do whole meetings

hotel meetings one-on-ones do they still

work this cold market prospecting ie

prospecting strangers in public your

waiter people at the malls literally

anyone with a pulse does that still work

what about making a list of 100 friends

and family well the answer is yes that

stuff can still work but there's a big

problem the problem with these

old-school network marketing methods is

that they require you to burn a ton of

gas driving around town to meet

prospects and attend meetings wait did

they say this was a home business or an

away from home business these methods

they're very inefficient and take up a

lot of your time so say goodbye to

seeing your kids for the next three to

five years if you're serious you got to

deal with a ton of pissed-off people and

rejection anyone here in the NFL Club no

friends left and who the heck wants

strangers at their house for a home

meeting eight o'clock at night I suspect

very lonely people but for the rest of

us who like our personal space or have

family with crazy kids terrorizing the

house oh this becomes very impractical

and even impossible after nine months of

lots of miles driven dozens of no-shows

wasted time and broken relationships

believe it or not I actually had done

pretty well in network marketing but I

absolutely hated what I had to do to

succeed unfortunately my team hated all

this too and they started to put faster

than I can recruit them and then I met

Tim well I actually did it meet Tim I

accidentally found his website where he

opened my eyes to the real possibility

of building my business online behind my

computer or with my smartphone without

ever having to leave home in fact I

built my first six-figure network

marketing business within a couple years

of discovering these methods while still

living at my mom's house from my tiny 10

by 10 bedroom with a computer a dream

and a ravenous drive to quit my cubicle

prison of a job honestly I didn't even

move out of my mom's house until I hit

seven figures in my business that is not

a joke but hey can you blame me living

in California pretty expensive but

joking aside I did have a lot of debt

and a foreclosure to deal with but

that's a story for another day

the point is I need it

and the bottom line is that now I spend

the majority of my time alongside my

mentor and now partner helping other

networkers follow the blueprint I

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