How to get/trade prime parts for PLATINUM! - Warframe

so hey guys my name is play C welcome to

a space pirate ninja school of how to

trade your prime bards for platinum and

I'm pretty sure some new players don't

even know that you can actually do that

you can open the relics and sell the

stuff you get from them to other players

with platinum their premium currency in

this game and I think that's just so

[ __ ] fair of Digital Extremes that

you can do that but the first thing you

need to know is that you need to be over

master rank 2 or Master rack 2 or higher

and then you can start trading so and

you gain mastery by leveling up new

weapons and war friends and so yeah but


there are free ways to trade one of them

is by going to the strata relay in was

it Mars

no Maura sputter I will go by going

tomorrow sputter and set up your well

your warframe basically acts acts like a

stall there so let me show you how you

can do that I don't really prefer this

merit I did

the other two are better one Sundays but

here we are at the Passover let's get

into the actual Bazaar and we seem to be

lagging or dropping frames or something

still loading into the pattern here

because there are so many players so I

wonder how to do this just queue yeah

say that was so here we can say that

also select items we want to sell and

like that but I think it will take

pretty long time because there aren't so

many players here buddy can you accident

I don't know about that if you can

actually trade without them being afk no

I don't think so but let's get back to

our ship so the other two minutes

well though next one is pretty simple

but you just go to the chat here go to

corabeth trading channel and write down

and what you want to say let's say want

to saddle a rhino Walt

well Prime

Casas and you can do that here and yeah

that's pretty simple

and I think that that takes some time to

get the stuff solve - and let's jump to

my favorite and I think this is the best

one of them so welcome to warfare market

here you can say other stuff and sell

and buy stuff and I think it has to be

in the fastest way of selling stuff at

least in my opinion

I could literally spam trade for hours

and not get anything for assault but now

with this sunrise stuff go in within

minutes as I post them here but we need

to take a look about what - we want to

drill let's go to our equipment

inventory and Breitbart

yeah I think I was thinking about

selling this world prime cases open so

they hoping back to the warfare market

called the market here type in world

prime causes what is causes no need to

check it yeah it was carries so go there

as you can see it goes for 30s platinum

and just press place order and that's a

we want to sell it with for a fee

platinum and post one pieces of them so

now there are

and when I turned my profile online in

the game now people can see the stuff

I'm sitting in there yeah that's pretty

simple and I will get back to you when

somebody actually buys something and I

can show you how it's done then so yeah

so hey guys I'm back as you can see it

somebody messages they want to buy our

Turkish Prime receiver for six platinum

I know it's not the thing we listed

there but it doesn't matter the idea is

the same let's go to our dojo and invite

him there so we can make the transaction

without trading team oh yeah

invite him I wait for him he's here

hey Paul diggers prime receiver that's

wait for him the load to our dojo and

his let's call a trading post initiate

trade with him

what was it tigress prime receiver let's

find it in here jinger's prime receiver

offer it to him and as you can see he

offered us platinum in exchange for it

and let's just accept it right so it's

really that simple and of course thank


they always be polite to fellow channels

to answer me

nice so as you see it's not exactly

rocket science but there you have it

no more stuff but I would like to be

there here tell you have it it's pretty

simple and you can make some platinum

without buying it with real money so

yeah hope you liked the video and found

it instructive leave a like or comment

or subscribe bye bye