How to get/trade prime parts for PLATINUM! - Warframe

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so hey guys my name is play C welcome to

a space pirate ninja school of how to

trade your prime bards for platinum and

I'm pretty sure some new players don't

even know that you can actually do that

you can open the relics and sell the

stuff you get from them to other players

with platinum their premium currency in

this game and I think that's just so

[ __ ] fair of Digital Extremes that

you can do that but the first thing you

need to know is that you need to be over

master rank 2 or Master rack 2 or higher

and then you can start trading so and

you gain mastery by leveling up new

weapons and war friends and so yeah but


there are free ways to trade one of them

is by going to the strata relay in was

it Mars

no Maura sputter I will go by going