How To Sell Press On Nails | Part 1

our presents a viable business can they

help you put food on the table or just

make some passive income in this video

whether hobby or full-time gig we will

be going over how to sell press homes

including all of the materials to get

things going as a form of income for you


greens and welcome back to my channel in

case you are new here I am Paola Paola

Ponson else calm your toys for Japanese

general education and solopreneur in the

nail industry so after shifting the

focus of manual business from salon only

life to solely education I travelled in

the presence space croissants are

artificial nails that you typically roll

on to the natural nails they can last

two to three weeks when the natural nail

is prepped properly and sometimes they

can be worn more than once

so I started presence because I thought

this would be a great idea for me to

still keep active and busy in the nail

scene and this was not just a thought

for me I actually did a lot of research

and you can see bun all of the supplies

heck I even got more dinners but then I

kind of stopped cold turkey because I

realized quickly that while this idea

was enviable as in having the potential

to succeed I've been taught to do things

right and to do them the best I can

humanly possibly do them or don't do

them at all which meant that I would

have to choose between a press home

business or giving up the nail mentor

education route I also wanted to pursue

so I chose the mentor education route

hence why you get to here for me on the

weekly here on YouTube now there are so

many questions in regards to press-on

nails like what to charge for them what

supplies are needed how to size

customers and how to promote them and

before I begin I want to recommend the

best video on press-ons information just

recently released by Lauren wireman from

wild flowers news this girl is an

outstanding entrepreneur and mentor

whose work and journey I followed for

years I don't hold a candle to her

knowledge in the industry so if after

watching this video I have not

thoroughly answered your question some

press hunts do not hit the thumbs down

button save that click to go and check

out Lauren's video which I will link

below in the description box it is super

important for you to watch both of our

videos for you to make the best decision


potential present business in this video

I want to focus more so on the supplies

and costs so that you can gauge what the

potential profit margins would look like

for you so hang tight for that valuable

information I want to briefly answer the

how to promote presence burning question

the presence you will be making are not

the type you can buy at your local

pharmacy store know your presence are

customized your presence park handmade

your presence offer personal customer

support your presence are your unique

work sold to your own personal and warm

audience all of what I just listed at

the value to the set of nails you will

be selling therefore market each bit of

that information I just told you now

what supplies you need to make and send

your orders here we go to sell your

nails you will need a payment processing

system and a state sales tax license yep

because you are now selling a good not a

service to create the nails you will

need nail gels and our supplies quality

plastic no tips mounting supplies for

the tips files and buffers alcohol and

acetone now assuming your nail tech you

probably already have all of these

supplies minus the mounting supplies

perhaps which will save you a huge chunk

of startup money to send out your nails

you will need mailers cardboard jewelry

boxes small Ziploc type bags glue files

alcohol wipes double sided tape optional

adhesive tabs especially good for flat

nail beds and one day use optional

business card if you already have them I

highly recommend you include them if you

do postage and two safer posters you

might have to cut down on some of the

supplies just mentioned so keep that in

mind so how much should you charge for a

single colors set and an at-home

application kit nothing less than $30

with shipping

I would recommend making orders with

multiple color sets to boost your

earnings for anything more extravagant

charge within the scope of your current

nail prices how to size customers rather

than sending your customers a sizing kid

which is pricey and time-consuming

including more rather than less nails in

your sets your sets should include at

least 20 nail tips but you may want to

double up on size 4 and 5 you do not

want to later be working on mailing one

random nail for whatever reason not the

right fit lost it broke it etc unless

you already know the size of your

customers nail size I would make it

mandatory that before ordering and he

customized an extravagant nail set all

new clients must order a single color

this will not only give them practice

applying and wearing them but also they

will let you know how they size now a

few pointers for creating persons number

one work 5 tips at a time to ensure

proper cure number 2 the more layers you

add the less flexible the tips will be

this is both good and bad good for a

stability but bad for fitting number 3

some a little tutorial on your foam

showing the application and removal

process then email it to your customer

number 4 there is a lot of busy work

with press-ons therefore if you have

little hands put them to work

number 5 wear and take great pictures to

post on your social media feeds with

your presence number 6 if you are

already a niche nail tech you can market

that aspect of your press-ons and sell

them at a higher cost for example I use

Japanese gel no products that's my niche

so I can say design using Japanese gel

nail products to increase their value

and hopefully myself now you have

products that are made in America like

gels you can also say design with USA

made gel polish you get where I'm going

with this design ideas to kickstart your

press-on business and not be at a

stalemate as to what to create I

recommend starting with jelly nails not

only are they super fun but they can

also be adhered with gel in there

or you can even more get them to other

fellow nail techs another design idea is

um no design just watch a whole bunch of

colors and be ready to ship because

let's face it we know you have a stash

of gel polish finally pigment powders

these are easy relatively inexpensive

and again super fun now the wheels are

turning and you can not wait to hit the

floor running with this press-ons

business I want to reward you for

sticking around and having that momentum

and so I created a mega giveaway of all

of the supplies you would need to get

started as you saw in this video we're

talking mailers jewelry boxes adhesives

alcohol pads tips files and buffers

jelly polishes and a load of nail art

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