How to Make a Lightroom PRESET PACK and SELL it online!

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How to sell presets?

Step 1: Create a collection of presets for a specific niche or theme.
Think about what type of presets customers would be interested in purchasing. For example, you could create presets for landscape photography or for a certain style of editing. Make sure your presets are high-quality and unique to stand out from others in the market.
Step 2: Set up an online store to sell your presets.
Choose a platform to sell your presets on, such as your own website, Etsy, or Creative Market. Make sure your store is easy to navigate and showcases your presets in an attractive way. Don't forget to include previews of your presets so customers can see what they are buying.
Step 3: Promote your presets on social media and other platforms.
Use social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to showcase your presets and share behind-the-scenes content. You can also reach out to influencers or run ads to get your presets in front of a larger audience.
Step 4: Offer discounts and promotions to attract customers.
Give customers a reason to buy your presets by offering discounts or promotions. You could offer a limited-time sale or package deals for customers who buy multiple preset collections.
Step 5: Provide excellent customer service and support.
Make sure you are responsive to customer inquiries and provide excellent customer service. Offer support to customers who may need help installing or using your presets. This will help build trust with your customers and encourage them to leave positive reviews and referrals.


what's happening team now recently I

created a new Lightroom preset pack

which I'm currently selling on my

website links in the description below

and I thought it might be quite fun and

useful to show you some of the technical

side of how to make a Lightroom preset

pack that you can sell online what

recommended settings work for a wider

audience and how to get them to Market

and what platforms to use to get your

Custom Shop up and running so let's

crack on so firstly you're going to need

Adobe Lightroom which I presume you all

have because you wouldn't be watching

this video so go ahead and open up

Lightroom now the first thing you're

going to require are some images how

many images depends on how many presets

you want to make so if you're going to

produce a preset pack consisting of say