How to Create AND SELL Lightroom Presets (Tutorial)

in today's video we are talking about

two of my absolute favorite things

photography and generating passive

income streams chances are if you aren't

Instagram or on YouTube and follow other

photographers you've probably seen

people selling or promoting their own

Lightroom presets there's quite a few

people out there doing them some are of

high quality there's also a ton

tutorials out there that'll teach you

how to create presets but I couldn't

find one that'll show you how to

actually create and export the preset

and then sell them which is in my

opinion a pretty awesome part I mean

fantastic to have a preset but if you

can actually have that preset making you

money in the backgrounds while you're

sleeping now that is awesome and that is

the type of tutorial that I want to

watch so I'm gonna make it you so let's

just jump into Lightroom and get after

this so what we want to do is we want to

go ahead and select a minimum of ten

photos right here I've already created

the collection this is what we were just

looking at a moment ago of ten photos

that I've used to edit now let's just

jump into let's just jump into this

beach photo right here so if I double

click it that'll bring up the full view

and then we want to go into develop mode

now I have the before and after mode

turned on which I really like to work

when whenever i'm creating these presets

because a strong before and after photo

when someone's about to purchase the

preset pack is very compelling so I want

to make sure that my before and my after

have like a really nice and noticeable

transition you don't want to go crazy

with it but you definitely want to show

off the power of the preset so that's

why I like to edit with this before and

after turned on you want to turn it off

just go ahead and click Y and that'll

just take you straight back to the

normal edited

photo mode but I'm gonna go ahead and

turn Y back on and so we're good now we

are on the developed tab which is where

we need to be to manipulate and create

all of the edited parameters that are

going to make up our preset what we can

do here is we can simply go down adjust

the temperature the exposure the

highlights all of these aspects here

over on the right side panel now I've

already done this for the photo and I

have another tutorial that I will link

up here or down in the description about

the basics of Lightroom if you're not

familiar and you can go through that

separately but for all intensive

purposes let's just say that you've gone

through and you've already edited your

photo and you're like this looks awesome

I'm ready to create a preset from it you

are going to scroll right up over here

and then there's this little plus button

we're gonna go ahead and click the plus

and then create preset you don't already

have a folder for your presets we want

to go ahead and create one so I can go

ahead and select my existing folder

which I already have my presets loaded

into or say new group so I'm just gonna

go demo preset pack 2020 I'll create

that and now I will give this preset a

name and naming is in my opinion pretty

darn important

I like clever names that hint to what

the preset will actually do but the

names and why I think they should be

clever is so that as people are using

them they're gonna remember like oh yeah

that filter daydream was awesome I need

to use that again on this photo because

it's gonna work really really well so

get creative with your names but if you

can kind of hint to maybe what its gonna

do extra points so I'm just gonna go

ahead and name this demo preset can I

even spell preset PR yes okay got it now

one other thing to note is if you notice

that any of these are not checked you

want to come down here and say check all

that way

you save the preset it is ensured that

you're gonna get all of your edits go

ahead and hit create and it's as simple

as that

if you just scroll right over here

you're gonna see now we have our new

demo preset pack here's another trick

for you and I love this trick because

I've used it a ton just yesterday when I

was creating this preset pack let's say

for example you're looking at this photo

and you're like ah you know what I just

saved a preset pack but there's a little

edit that I want to make I actually I

want to bring the highlights up just a

little bit more here's what you need to

do if you want that subtle change to be

included in your preset you're gonna

come right over here to the preset

itself right click it and then say

update with current settings this is

gonna give you that same dialog box just

hit update and you're good to go

that little minor change now is applied

to that preset it's awesome right and

that's how easy it is to actually make a

preset does it take some artistic nough

sand some creativity to dial in a preset

and get the colors right and get it

looking tight absolutely and that is

probably where most of your time in this

entire process is going to be spent

because you want your presets to be

quality and you want to test those

presets with other photos once all your

presets are looking super tight what we

need to do now is we actually need to go

and get after those preset files so that

we can zip them up in a file and add

them to our store so here's what we're

gonna do come down to our preset that we

just created and we're gonna right-click

it and then we're gonna say show in

finder now that's gonna bring up our

Finder window where we have all of our

other presets we just did this demo one

so there's not too many but if we look

into my preset pack you can see that

there are a whole bunch all of the

presets with the cool little preset name

that I gave it

so what we're gonna do with that preset

folder we're going to right-click it and

then we're gonna come down to compress

that pack which is going to give us the

zip file that we need to upload now that

we have that we are in good shape I'm

just gonna drag that over to my desktop

hit spacebar pop this into my pack and

put it right there so that we're keeping

everything organized and that is it for

Lightroom that's all we have to do now

let's jump straight over into selfie and

see what it takes to create an account

you may or may not have already heard of

selfie it is a great platform to sell

all types of products especially digital

products so go ahead and jump to this

link yet dot selfie com4 slash let's do

this or there's a link in my description

if you just want to click that and jump

over there beside note I am an affiliate

of these guys because I know and I

believe in this product I've used it

before so if you click that link that is

going to hook me and this channel up so

I would really appreciate it if you did

once you get into selfie you'll see that

they do have a free trial it's a 14-day

trial for you to set up a store and in

that time you could probably make some

pretty solid sales after that you're

gonna be paying a monthly fee of I think

their low point is like 30 bucks a month

which is not too bad especially if

you're selling products and they are

starting to sell which I hope they do

for you so go ahead set up your free

accounts and then once you do we're

gonna jump into the dashboard and I'm

gonna show you the few simple things

that you need to setup in order to get

your store off the ground and link ready

for you to promote on your Instagram or

on your YouTube channel or on your email

list or wherever you want to promote it

once you've created your account there's

a few key things and I'm gonna walk you

through to help you set up your store in

a snap really this is like they can take

no time at all first and foremost let's

go down to our store settings and then

our general settings what we want to do

is set up your store link this is

basically like your unique you are

as you can see here I just used my name

Kevin Fremont you can also set up a

custom domain I'm not worrying about

that for now and then you want to set up

your support email so add your support

email hit update it's gonna send you an

email to confirm that that email is

actually your email and then you're good

to go

on this page next we're gonna go down to

our payment settings if you have a

stripe account awesome I love stripe I

use stripe so I linked my stripe account

here if you have a PayPal account you

can also use that right here so that you

can get all of your earnings transferred

from selphie over to either one of these

accounts next what we're gonna do is

we're going to go up to the

customization tab and this is where

you're gonna start customizing your

storefronts and there's really only a

few elements that you need to worry

about in order to get this off the

ground there is a header or cover image

I'm gonna come down here and upload my

avatar we have our store name and this

is what's going to show up in the header

here so I just added my full name I

might change that to say something a

little bit more descriptive but that is

your call so we can go ahead and exit

out of this and then click back over

here to go to dashboard next what we're

gonna do is go you want to go down to

products and then add new products add a

digital product and go through this

process again this is so

self-explanatory so I'm not gonna spend

a tremendous amount of time here this is

where we're going to drop our zipped up

package that we had saved so that would

be this guy right here so we'll open

that this is basically what someone's

gonna download should they go through

and purchase your products next we're

gonna give this a name we're gonna call

it demo Lightroom preset

k-f and then we'll cruise down here and

add a description it's important to add

a short but punchy description you want

to list out how many presets are inside

of the actual pack name the presets and

things like that then down here there is

a product preview page where we can add

all of our images that are gonna make up

our storefronts now I'm gonna jump over

to the preset pack that I already

created so you can see what this looks

like filled out we have our cool little

banner at the top we have the Lightroom

preset package my cool little thumbnail

as I click through I have my before my

after I before my after and you can see

that it's really awesome to be able to

know what you're getting into and that

is the tutorial that I have for today if

you're interested in these presets and

you want to support me beyond using the

link to set up your selfie account but

you want to buy these presets and check

them out for yourself feel free I

definitely appreciate the support again

if you have any questions at all about

going through this process creating

presets or setting up the store hit me

in the comments below I'm more than

happy to help you create this digital

product so that you can start earning

some of that sweet sweet passive income

while you sleep based on your creativity

and with that I'm out and I will catch

you later you can almost see it right

now you can't see it what if I do this

you can see it literally you can watch

this tutorial and within a couple hours

cream project table product product

products some cool that you can

sell I'm gonna make that passive income

we're gonna make that passive income

we're gonna make that passive income

because you watch this tutorial


yeah god I could never have a career in

singing ever karaoke me we are not