The Problem with Selling Digital Products on Squarespace

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let's talk about the problems of selling

your digital product on a site like

squarespace let's walk through that

yes sir because the problems are many if

i could write like an honest tag line

for squarespace right it would be that

they're good for content beautiful sites

right make very nice layouts and

templates are gorgeous really bad for

e-commerce okay when it comes to

actually selling your stuff and having a

website that makes you money how does

your site help you monetize what you're

doing and and create revenue and bring

in sales like that i mean that is really

where squarespace falls off the map so

let's take a look we actually have uh we

have a squarespace site pulled up uh we

recently did a sim card takeover of this

brand right here is becky and chris

great creators go check them out for