Gumroad Tutorial 2023 - (STEP BY STEP) How Sell Digital Products(2023)

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today's online tutorial I'll be telling

you exactly how you can create your own

products on gumroad and exactly how you

should customize your profile get your

first followers and make your first

sales get your payouts and actually how

you can set up your first email blast

this is a 2023 tutorial so without

further Ado let's Jump Right In so let's

start by creating our first product so

when you head over to the dashboard this

is what you're going to be presented

with if you haven't actually created a

product before this is what you're going

to see now what we're going to want to

do is not do this stuff of course we're

going to want to create our first

product so essentially this what this is

what the screen that we're presented

with now there are different types of

products that you can actually create