Prescription Glasses Websites Compared! (and must know hacks for getting the best pair)

hey guys what's up I'm Christian Taylor

and today I'm gonna be comparing

different places to buy glasses online

so I'm sure it's no secret to you that

prescription glasses can be expensive my

very first pair that I got as a kid with

no frills or anything was about a

hundred twenty bucks I mean for plastic

really I mean think about it most frames

are plastic ones they're plastic 120

bucks for plastic Wow

so I started researching different

places online to buy glasses and I came

up with four great options that are

popular and specialize in different

things now the first sight is I buy

direct now I got these frames for about

40 bucks on I buy direct and I am very

pleased with them that $40 includes an

anti blue light coating and these frames

have spring hinges yeah a lot of bang

for the buck they fit perfectly they're

super stylish and I am a big fan now I

buy Direct has pretty much what every

other site has with selection and

options but where they specialize is

customer service guys I cannot say

enough good things about their customer


I ordered pair of glasses and they have

a 14-day return or exchange policy and

after about three weeks I decided I

really didn't like the glasses they just

were not a fit for me

they were squeezing my head and they

hurt so I told I buy today I know it's

outside of the return window but can I

please return these and exchange them

and they said absolutely no problems

we'll take it and for that reason I can

definitely recommend I buy direct if you

want the best customer service around

and these glasses well they're my top

two favorite glasses I've gotten from


now next up is glasses shop and I'm

going to tell you a little bit of a hack

if you want to wear sunglasses but you

well you don't have contacts

prescription sunglasses and they're

cheap too you can get a tint on regular

eyeglasses at most websites for five to

ten dollars I got these on glasses shop

last year for $25 and they're working

great my prescription is perfect like

all the websites I ordered them on and I

really love these glasses I mean they've

got spring hinges they're really

high-quality and twenty-five bucks now

they're not the most fancy or sturdy and

definitely my ones from I buy direct or

a little step up but if you're looking

for bang for your buck if you're on a

budget I would recommend glasses shop

okay what do we got next

Zen II optical Oh whole this site makes

them darn good glasses now as any

optical is on the higher end of the

price spectrum these glasses retail at

$70 so they're not cheap for that price

point you are definitely getting close

to just buying prescription glasses from

your eye doctor however I will say that

I really love these glasses they are top

of the line in quality above any other

pair of glasses I've received from an

online website and for that reason for

durability and the highest quality

glasses I would recommend xeni optical I

also want to point out that xeni optical

tends to upsell less it's a bit of a

difference in model most places you

start up cheap on the prices and they

keep upselling you xeni takes a

different approach and they include a

lot of things but their base price is

more expensive so it's a trade-off

okay last in kind of least is firm

ah firm ooh I don't know how I feel

about this site so I got some glasses

from them they sent them to me to check

out and they were funky I'm not even

gonna bother showing you what they look

like on me because they just don't look

flattering however this was their second

try they sent me another pair that I

picked out

and the they're okay you know they're

just kind of mediocre I mean the the

frames are pretty sturdy but then not

the most story and the prescriptions

alright but I you know I just don't know

how I feel about Fermi but I just I

think they can do some improving in all

areas I think there are a Chinese

company so their customer supports a bit

hard to work with because it's all like

broken English and I don't know I guess

it's like a runner-up to glasses shop

it's definitely more on the value side

but firm ooh he's not really doing it

for me

okay so we've compared all the different

places to buy glasses you want best

customer service go for I buy direct

best overall quality gophers any optical

best bang for your buck go for glasses

shop but what are some tips and hacks

that you can use at all of these

websites number one always get the

anti-reflective coating now they're

gonna try and upsell you they're gonna

say hey for five bucks more you can get

this anti-reflective coating it is

tempting to turn it down but you don't

want to why let me just tell you these

glasses have the anti-reflective coating

and you can see light still glaring this

is the improved thing with the coat I

mean can you imagine no anti-reflective

coatings you're gonna be miserable

there's gonna be glares do yourself a

favor and pay the five dollars number to

fit the little numbers inside the frames

of your glasses if you have current

prescription glasses that fit you pay

attention to the

you want to make sure they fit well and

trust me I know it may be tempting if a

particular frame you like is

significantly smaller or larger but you

are taking a risk I've gotten some

glasses online that are just they don't

fit and I kind of knew that when I

ordered them but I did it anyway because

I really wanted that and

it just didn't turn out number three and

this one is very important you want to

make sure they have a stabilizing metal

bar and the arms your public English

please okay well in glasses most of your

prescription ones you buy at the eye

doctor they have this stabilizing arm

you can see it in there in these clear

glasses it's just metal and it

essentially well it stabilizes it it

makes it so it can stand up stuff now

the first pair of glasses I got from I

buy direct the frames were only 11

dollars and they were 11 dollars I did

not realize that glasses without the

metal stabilizer were a thing but they

were terrible you can take a look at

this b-roll they were flimsy floppy they

squeezed my head because they make the

plastic really tight and curvy to try

and hug your head to compensate for

there not being metal get them out now

how do you know well you don't you

either have to get lucky and choose a

set of frames that has a clear option so

whether you're ordering clear or not you

can go to that clear color and see that

there's a metal bar or you just have to

take a risk maybe you can contact your

support but here's a hint you know if

they're 10 15 bucks for the frames they

probably don't have that stabilizer bar

so I would go for frames around $30 I

think you'll be much happier with them

last but not least is to get spring

hinges if you can now spring hinges

aren't too popular and I'm not sure why

as I

really do like this I mean they're just

they fit on your head so well they're

flexible they're comfortable these

glasses have spring hinges I really like

them I like that pop you know when you

close them they just really pop in

compare it to glasses without spring

hinges you have to like push all the way

and they just feel a little bit cheaper

so if you can get glasses with spring

hinges a nice added bonus but not really

a must so those are all the tips and

tricks I have if you use all the promo

codes in the description based on the

appropriate site you can probably get

your first pair for around thirty to

forty dollars a really nice slash decent

pair so go ahead and check that out

which site do you guys use for glasses

I'd love to know in the comments below

and let me know if you agree with me on

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