How To: Sell your old phones and earn fast cash [AD]

YouTube what's going on Kevin the tech

ninja here and the holidays are upon us

we're already in December which is

pretty crazy this year's flying by so

fast but today we're gonna talk about a

good way to training your smartphone and

maybe pick up a newer phone now of

course you can go online and buy a used

phone but it seems like every person

I've talked to has had a story where

they got burnt and it's one of those

things that you just don't forget maybe

the phone wasn't in the best condition

or they didn't send the phone and you

know those things definitely happen

trade more is here to alleviate this

problem now they're sponsoring this

video they want me to tell you guys how

they're different compared to other ways

you can buy and sell phones online

without further ado let's take a look so

first of all there is a huge need in the

market to be able to sell your own phone

as the newer phones are very expensive

now with you know the iPhone starting at

a thousand bucks the note 9 starting at

$1000 the pixel phone is almost a grand

I mean these phones cost so much money

now you'd have to find a way to sell an

older phone especially if you're a

person that likes to upgrade every year

or even every two years anyway you're

dealing with electronics that are that

expensive it's always scary spending

that much money online for a used

product you've never seen before so the

solution to that is trade more they want

to be the best way to buy a used

smartphone on trade more you're buying a

quality device you can trust the trade

more team does a 30 point inspection for

quality functionality reliability and

cosmetics all phones are graded by

condition from the trade more team so

you immediately know what to expect

before buying now the buying process on

trade more is pretty easy after you've

looked around at their extensive

selection and you chose the right color

capacity carrier and condition you are

ready to check out trade more does offer

free today shipping on all items and

they'll keep you updated every step of

the way

until your order arrives also traymor

does provide free returns if the device

does not live

to its expectation so if you said the

condition is like new and you get it and

it's not what you'd expect you can go

ahead and send it back to them for a

full refund

so that's just one half of the equation

that's buying a new phone but let's say

you want to sell a phone let's say you

want to get some extra cash to upgrade

to the latest iPhone or the latest pixel

so trade Moore is trying to streamline

this process by making it clear and

simple to see what your device is worth

visit the website and enter your device

details under the sell section Traymore

gives you an instant quote based on your

device's condition you have the option

to accept the exact quote given to you

or you can accept a lower amount if your

device doesn't match the condition you

stated if you choose to accept the quote

trade more we'll send you free shipping

supplies with a prepaid envelope to send

your phone in now once trade more

receives your phone they expect it and

give you an appropriate amount based on

the condition what I'm finding is that

trade more's offers are slightly more

valuable than other ones you're seeing

online because you get that sense of

security when you have that middle

person right in between there so you

know exactly what device you're getting

and at what price you're paying for it

and it's just for me I'd rather pay a

couple extra bucks to know that I'm

getting the correct thing rather than

dealing with someone's subjective

opinion trade mores trying to be the

one-stop shop for upgrading a new phone

and with this innovative process with

them sort of being the quote unquote

man-in-the-middle I think that's a great

way of ensuring buyer and seller

confidence that you're gonna get what

you're buying or you're gonna get the

most money for what you're selling so as

you can see let's say you had a Galaxy

s6 in good condition and you're looking

to upgrade to an s8 by trading your old

phone you can get an S 8 in excellent

condition for only 235 so you just

upgrade it two years of a phone for 235

bucks which isn't bad at all so this is

really good for people who are on a

budget and want to have a newer phone or

if you're one of those people that

rather by last year's phone I know a lot

of people rather buy the phone that came

out last year to save money or you can

do it with trade more because you know

exactly what condition the phone is in

you can make sure you're getting

excellent conditions or good condition

phones whether you're buying for a

friend or yourself there are plenty of


options at trade more for both iOS and

Android phones they have phones that are

priced as low as 100 bucks so you may be

considered using trade more to buy

someone's first phone let's say you have

a child and it's their very first phone

use trade more by a use phone for $100

150 bucks instead of just expensive

phone with a plan and just having them

lose it and all that stuff so anyways

guys just want to share with you trade

more and just another option for buying

and selling use phones online anyways

guys I'm Kevin the tech ninja enjoyed

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